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Steroid Use, Subpoena Refusals, and Dead Federal Agents

Holder's 'Fast and Furious' supplied some of Mexico's deadliest criminals with untraceable firearms.

Darryl Issa and Eric Holder
Darryl Issa and Eric Holder

(SALEM) - Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the top Democrat on the House committee, apparently believes he is obligated to pursue Darryl Issa (R-Ca.) over the claim that Issa is planning "an election-year witch hunt" against Eric Holder. If this is true, considering that Issa is seeking justice for families of federal agents murdered as a result of Holder's botched 'Fast and Furious' gun smuggling operation to supply deadly Mexican drug cartels, then I suggest that Cummings is little more than a firebrand leading a gang of torch bearers up the hill as well.

The nation's top cop, that's Eric Holder. He is an attorney who absolutely dismissed what was right and he fought like an animal for ruthless clients who deserved to be locked up and have the key thrown away. His actions typify why lawyers have such a bad reputation in society.

Issa says Holder is not fully complying with a subpoena and he recently threatened to hold the attorney general in contempt of Congress if he did not produce more documents.

If anyone believes Holder has not gone to a great deal of effort to be evasive in the case, they are wrong, very wrong. Holder has not been forthcoming with Darryl Issa, we proved it. exposed the truth of Holder in an article last year that went viral, titled: Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling.

Long story short, Holder stated under oath in July of last year, that he had only known about the gunrunning project for a few weeks. We proved via a memo the DOJ issued in Spanish only during a press visit on 2 April 2009.

    Issa: "When did you first know about the program, Fast and the Furious? To the best of your knowledge what date?"

    Holder: "I'm not sure of the exact date but I probably heard of Fast and Furious the first time in the last few weeks."

Fast and Furious is part of an even larger project to ship weapons from the USA, into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

More than two years earlier, Holder's office issued this statement in a press release:

    "... My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner".

Holder knew all about it, he knew that his agency was involved in this clandestine effort to supply some of the most dangerous criminals in Mexico with untraceable firearms.

The reason it came into public view at all, is because whistleblowers within the ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) came forward. They couldn't stand what was taking place. The weapons smuggled across into Mexico, were used to kill at least two US federal agents; Special Agent Jaime Zapata with Homeland Security, who was shot and killed outside of Mexico City, Mexico, and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was shot and killed near Rio Rico, Arizona, while attempting to apprehend a group of armed subjects. A prominent Mexican attorney was also murdered with one of Holder's guns.

Operation Gunrunner had been moving these weapons across the US border into Mexico prior to 2009, according to our Photojournalist Robert Plumlee in New Mexico who tried in vain to bring his concerns about this project to the attention of officials, through proper channels.

They dismissed his reports, and it makes little sense as Mr. Plumlee is a former longtime CIA Asset; a multi engine pilot with a lifetime of accomplishments for the federal government under his belt.

In fact Mr. Plumlee was initially contacted by a member of the joint U.S. / Mexico military joint task force which Mexico vehemently denied the existence of to (then the program was fully outed by a Wikileaks cable). The reason the soldier contacted Mr. Plumlee in the first place, was to draw public attention to the fact they the joint task force existed, and that their operations against drug cartels in Mexico were being thwarted and compromised by someone within the US federal government. If we could name that entity, then we would know perhaps about the US politicians allegedly funded by Mexican drug cartel money, in exchange for what else, but weapons.

Robert Plumlee, or 'Tosh' as his friends call him, told me a story one day about how the Mexicans receive the weapons from the American side. They use a trick that Navy SEAL's employ in the new hit movie 'Act of Valor'. They launch a remote control airplane with a video camera in the nose, and they fly in circles at an altitude that allows them to see if any vehicles are approaching. When they know they are clear, the two sides approach the short border fences and toss the contraband weapons over, and it is done. Sadly, considering the length of the actual border; there is almost no possible way to stop this type of high tech 'eye in the sky' smuggling.

It has come to our attention that our report from July of last year is being used in a Mexican political campaign; we believe it is an extremely important fact that Holder claimed to not know of this program, under oath, when being examined by Darryl Issa.

Issa, by the way, is now refusing to comply with a subpoena that has to do with the Roger Clemens case. The athlete is accused of lying about steroid use. Obviously in collusion with Holder, Cummings is using this refusal of Issa's as a comparative note. He believes Issa is guilty of what he has accused Holder of, that is fighting a subpoena.

However, I go back to the root of the problem. Cummings is comparing apples and oranges at best. An athlete's steroid use, and the worst black eye this nation ever gave itself with federal assistance?

These hardly compare, and with Holder as a role model, getting away with murder quite literally, in the opinion of millions of Americans, why on earth would Issa comply? Holder is setting the standard for above the law behavior, is he not?


{1] Eric Holder negotiated an OxyContin settlement in West Virginia - working for Purdue Pharma! - Marianne Skolek

{2] Oversight Committee Outlines Case Against Eric Holder, for Contempt over Fast and Furious -

{3] Holder Lied: DOJ News Release Shows Obama Admin Approved ATF Mexico Weapons Smuggling - Tim King


Tim King in 2008, covering the Iraq War

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June 1, 2012 9:29 am (Pacific time)

good article...thanks. By the way, they run drugs too. The CIA and the western owned leaders of Afghanistan are making billions off the opium trade. And the banker owned "pay for profit prisons" are the only place you can get a job, and the bankers make billions off imprisoning simple non violent drug users.
 Thanks again for reminding readers that the CIA and TSA are not here to help us, but to make money and control us. They were going to use fast and furious to nullify our second ammendment, and it didnt work thanks to the whistleblowers.

Anonymous June 1, 2012 9:10 am (Pacific time)

Cummings and his associates are simply attempting to distract. It will work for some, but because of the criminal behavior by Holder, my guess is that if Obama loses in November, Holder will receive a blanket pardon. This will not work because national security will trump the pardon process. This is a very serious criminal act(s), and must be dealt with in a transparent and highly public process. Those media outlets that do not report on this matter clearly demonstrate their inherent danger to the public.

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