June 5, 2023
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Salem-News.com (Jun-19-2014 23:27)

Plumlee`s Thoughts for Today... A friendly note to our elected officials

"We the People of the United States want our country back. We demand changes in the White House."

(LAS CRUCES, NM) - american flag I am sorry to say that the President of the United States and his Administration has demonstrated to the American people, on more than one occasion, that they are incapable of running the affairs of this Nation.

Collectively, they have demonstrated to the American people that they are not leaders. They have shown the people they can’t think on their feet.

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Salem-News.com (Jun-17-2014 22:38)

Proxy Wars

Today we have a new crop of Messianic warriors who have taken on the mission in the name of western democracy.

(LONDON) - General Wesley Clark The Messianic warriors are at work again. Their mission is not to spread the word of God, though that is their cover, but to serve their own God; the God of Mammon, greed and avarice.

This is not new. It’s been an ongoing process since the advent of the Industrial Revolution when the British ruled the world and the English firmly believed that God was an Anglo Saxon. It was the Empire on which the sun never set or, as some said, the blood never dried.’

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Salem-News.com (May-24-2014 00:17)

After 4 Years in Coma Mavi Marmara Victim Passes Away

The death toll has now reached 10. Ten humanitarians killed in international waters.

(ISTANBUL, Turkey) - Salem-News.com Mavi Marmara activist Uğur Süleyman Söylemez, who was heavily injured by the Israeli attack on May 31, 2010 and was left in a coma for four years, has passed away today at 51 years of age.

Mavi Marmara was on its way to bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza in May 2010, when Israeli soldiers attacked the ship in international waters leaving 9 dead and 30 wounded. The death toll has now reached 10 after Söylemez died in a hospital where he was receiving treatment.

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Salem-News.com (May-10-2014 15:09)

The War on the Elderly and Disabled - 18 USCA 4 Report

If you need more convincing as to our own holocaust check out the Alice Gore case. After she was railroaded into one of the nursing home 'death camps' the miscreants mined her teeth for their gold filings! Across America this outrage continues!

(CHICAGO) - War on elderly The evening news reports the kidnapping of several hundred children by terrorists, and the anguished statements of our political leaders; however, these same pols are silent as hundreds of elderly and disabled people are kidnapped and herded into abusive guardianships to be ravaged, stripped of their liberty, stripped of their money, and denied all rights of American citizenship.

The hypocrisy is amazing!

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Salem-News.com (May-10-2014 13:40)

The Obama Administration May Be Our Least----Not Most----``Transparent`` Administration

Traditionally, secrecy has been vital to effective intelligence. But now secrecy is causing some of our most significant intelligence failures.

(WASHINGTON DC) - Obama, worst Pres. ever President Obama promised to provide us with an open and "transparent" administration. In April 2010, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs declared that the The administration was, in fact, the "most transparent" in history.

The current press secretary, Jay Carney, repeated this claim in April and the president himself declared that, "This is the most transparent administration in history...I can document that this is the case."

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Salem-News.com (May-09-2014 14:21)

Reactor Reax Top Stories - Media Calls Out Nuclear Industry Front Groups

"Reactor Reax" is featured on www.NuclearBailout.org, a Web site maintained by Physicians for Social Responsibility

(WASHINGTON DC) - Real face of nuclear power Today in Reactor Reax, Media calls out nuclear industry front groups, Senators take stand on nuclear zones, and a group again knocks nuclear cost law as it seeks hearing on FPL's St. Lucie plant. FPL St. Lucie nuclear reactor not run by the book, group alleges, and Toshiba writes down value of stake in Texas nuclear project...

These stories are part of today's roundup of the latest news articles covering the dangerous and complicated subject of nuclear energy and welfare.

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Salem-News.com (May-08-2014 16:59)

The First Casualty of War is Truth: April 25, 2014 was the 99th Anniversary of the Disastrous Battle of Gallipoli

Gallipoli was just another example of the many shameful episodes in the history of warfare that were lied about or unreported by the war correspondents, military leaders and politicians...

(DULUTH, MN) - Battle of Gallipoli A number of years ago I read portions of a book entitled The First Casualty: From the Crimea to Vietnam: The War Correspondent as Hero, Propagandist and Myth Maker by Phillip Knightley.

Knightley points out in that book that in order to start (and then perpetuate) a war, a nation’s leaders have to lie...

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Salem-News.com (May-08-2014 15:09)

Community Members Say Officer Bob Owings is a Hazard for Salem Residents

Salem-News.com made an effort to reach the chief of Salem Police for an interview. Salem Police Lt. Dave Okada says the chief declined the opportunity as there is an investigation into the officer's actions.

(SALEM) - Stop Police Violence Salem Police Officer Bob Owings has a temper. We all saw the video last week of Owings tasering a young man with Asperger's Syndrome, it wasn't cool.

Owings has been making a name for himself on the Salem downtown beat, the taser incident is just the latest bout of reported violence from this man who could potentially target anyone he doesn't like.

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Salem-News.com (May-08-2014 14:47)

Head of OSP Office of Professional Standards Placed on Administrative Leave Pending Criminal Investigation

The reports of that investigation are now being reviewed for possible criminal charges by Senior Deputy District Attorney George Eder of the Linn County District Attorney's Office.

(SALEM) - Oregon State Police Oregon State Police has placed the head of the Department's Office of Professional Standards on administrative leave while a criminal investigation is being conducted.

Captain Jeff Lanz, age 39, assigned to the agency headquarters in Salem, was placed on administrative leave April 29, 2014, after a criminal investigation was begun. An OSP major from outside the Salem area was assigned to conduct the investigation.

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Salem-News.com (May-07-2014 09:57)

Talk Nation Radio: Rebecca Gordon on Mainstreaming Torture

Catch Dave Swanson's show on the Pacifica Network

(SAN FRANCISCO) - Mainstream torture A new book called Mainstreaming Torture argues that torture has been with us for a long time and remains with us and has been mainstreamed and increased in acceptability in the years since Bush and Cheney left office.  We speak with the author, Rebecca Gordon. She teaches in the Philosophy department at the University of San Francisco.

Previous publications include Letters From Nicaragua  and Cruel and Usual: How Welfare “Reform” Punishes Poor People. She is an editor of WarTimes/Tiempo de guerras, which seeks to bring a race, class, and gender perspective to issues of war and peace.

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