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Road Warrior Crossroads: Taking Veteran's Issues to the Street

Announcing Tim King's plan to visit different regions of the U.S. to raise awareness of Veteran's health issues and motorcycle rider's civil rights.

Tim and his Dad, the late Charles King, around 1996 in Yuma, Arizona.
Tim and his Dad, the late Charles King, around 1996 in Arizona.

(SALEM / SACRAMENTO) - Tim King is taking a new military reporting assignment and you can help. He isn't reporting from Iraq or Afghanistan this time, Tim's covering an ongoing war here at home where Veterans are fighting for their rights, and he'll be checking in with motorcycle riders who are busy defending their civil rights in regard to club membership and other issues.

Tim is the co-author of BETRAYAL: Toxic Exposure of U.S. Marines, Murder and Government Cover-Up, and one of the few online journalists who served his country in the U.S. Marines before beginning his life as a reporter.

For more than nine years in his role at, Tim has worked with countless people to raise awareness of their suffering, they range from mothers of Marines fighting in Afghanistan, and Veterans suffering the effects of PTSD on the verge of tragedy, to survivors of brutal domestic abuse, and inmates suffering from racism and hate crimes in prison.

That brief synopsis offers only a snapshot of Tim's advocacy for his fellow human beings. Last year he was flown to Baltimore and honored in front of 3,000 people for his reports on war crimes in Sri Lanka.

Tim King and Bonnie King of, received the national 2011 Silver Spoke Award in Albuquerque, N.M.

"In appreciation for improving the image of motorcycling- Media 2011".

The award was presented at the 26th Annual National Coalition of Motorcyclists Convention. Tim says it is a rare and special honor for a writer to receive that type of accolade.

It isn't the only award Tim and Bonnie King have received for their motorcycle reports. They also received the Excellence in Journalism Award in 2010 from the the Oregon Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs.

"In recognition of their thorough, careful and lucid reporting on issues of concern to veterans and motorcyclists along with the public at large. Your contributions will not be forgotten."

Both Kings are among the few journalists in the U.S. today who advocate for motorcycle clubs and riders and their civil rights.

They also have a Documentary on PTSD titled "War and PTSD" under production that will air on Public Broadcasting. This is a vital program that will leave the viewer with essential information that they can put to work for their own needs.

WATCH because this is what it's all about. Shot by Tim King. Produced by Agron Belica

Tim interviewed soldiers and Marines serving in Iraq for this program, we're told they are the only interviews about this subject with active duty military deployed in war.

These interviews break the stigma of PTSD, yet they are only one aspect of this important documentary.

Other parts of the program are already recorded, but it requires more footage and interviews, and Tim will use this opportunity to get those missing elements so that the program can be completed for television broadcast.

If you support what we support; U.S. Veterans, then please get behind this important mission to use our wide ranging highly-ranked Internet presence at, to save as much of the American Dream as we can for people who first served this country, and now need our voice.

Businesses that back this important cross country mission will be mentioned in all reports, both on and on YouTube. Tim will stop along the way throughout the U.S. giving talks on military base contamination, PTSD and the rights of American motorcyclists.

Sponsors will be promoted at every opportunity.

The company or organization that donates or provides a motorcycle for the trip, will receive first-rate billing and people will know that the company or organization, cares about helping motorcyclists and Veterans, it is a win-win plan to help those who truly receive too little advocacy from the media.

Tim, working as a reporter for KATU Channel 2 News in Portland, takes time out during a story to ride a Harley with a suicide clutch, owned by
Tim's good friend Mike Kondash, 'Tattoo' with the Oregon Gypsy Joker MC. Photo credit: Gypsy Joker MC - 2003

Tim King in California, 1982

Tim reporting in Iraq, 2008

Tim says he has a lot of respect for Harley Davidson's and has owned two. He also believes a 4-cylinder sport bike in the 750 range would probably work well. Tim is open to other ideas for motorcycles, so let us know what type of bike you have available for this extremely important mission and then prepare to receive valuable promotion that will last for months. You can either lend the bike to the project, or simply donate it.

You can write to Tim with questions at For Bonnie the address is Tim King can also be reached at 916 682-3393.

Sponsors will also also be acknowledged in the upcoming documentary, War and PTSD. Tim will participate in radio and other media interviews and mention the sponsors at every opportunity to acknowledge their support of AMERICAN VETERANS.

People in different communities were already getting on the destination list before we had publicly announced the mission, word gets out fast about efforts to help Veterans.

Along the way Tim will be writing stories and posting photos and videos of the places and people he visits. What he is setting out to do is vitally important, because Tim will go out of his way to reach people who are suffering, that's how he rolls... The problems faced by American Veterans are almost infinite, the Internet is the key, along with's years and years of advocacy for Vets.

You'll be able to track Tim's progress at and also via this dedicated Facebook page. We plan to have a tracking map that shows where Tim is in the country at any given time.

Documentary from Oregon FOX 12 on Tim's Afghanistan war coverage.

What We Need:

  • A mid-size sport bike, manufacturer and year not important, in good running condition.
  • Donations for fuel and insurance (Just use our PayPal or send a check, info below.)
  • Accommodations (Those willing to open their doors will greatly be appreciated).
  • Camera upgrade: Tim's television camera is too heavy to transport on a bike, he needs a low cost DLSR camera to shoot photos and video, around $500. Tim says if it is possible, a wireless microphone would be an extremely helpful addition.

Please send your donation via the PayPal icon below, which is also located at the top right side of This is a SAFE and secure way to help.

Support this important mission
to help Vets via PayPal:

If you want to send money or a check then please just write to: P.O. Box 5238 Salem, Oregon 97304



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Laurie Bushman June 14, 2013 10:53 am (Pacific time)

Tim I have contributed to thru PayPal in the past and I plan to do it again. I want people to know that it is a simple and easy process and it makes me more than happy to contribute, what you all do is amazing and this trip will make a big difference to Vets, in fact I think it will save lives.  I send best wishes to you and all of the crew you work with, all 115 writers!  I also want to say that I was a huge fan of Henry Ruark, he was a gem of a man and he stood for peace and accountability which we all should do every day of our lives. I hope people REALLY get behind this project, I know it will be good either way!  See you on the road Marine!

Dexter June 13, 2013 7:44 pm (Pacific time)

About time mate


Alan Walsh June 12, 2013 10:13 pm (Pacific time)

This sounds like a fantastic plan!  You will truly make a difference, my organization will contact you to provide support, go get em Marine! 

Tim King June 8, 2013 1:17 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you for your comments, the best way to get on the list is just to write to me, please use, or my regular email,, though the first is most easy for me to see.

Once we make contact in that regard, your town will be added to the map and then a final version I'm quite sure, we will publish before I hit the road.

Thank you!

Sean Fletcher June 8, 2013 9:21 am (Pacific time)

Tim, with your lifetime of experience, you are set to make a real difference.  Most people just punch the clock, spend their lives in the rat race, but you obviously have a special calling, so I hope people GET BEHIND this effort and hit your PayPal to ensure you are covered and able to go through this mission with safety and to reach the people you want to access, I don't think you'll have any trouble with that, just ride safe and EVERYWHERE you go people will be lined up to hear your message.

Sandy Flynn June 8, 2013 9:21 am (Pacific time)

This is very exciting, how do we put our town on the list?  There are many veterans here who need help and encouragement and I know they will be touched by this, what a pleasure it will be to see you roll into town Mr. King.  We'll keep a light on for you! 

Anonymous June 7, 2013 11:16 am (Pacific time)

I imagine all those various veterans organizations with those millions of combat veterans going back to WWII to the present conflicts must be excited that you are coming to their town to share the years of research you have to your credit.  Having been a Marine, knowing you covered both the Iraq and Afghan wars.... they are going to have an experience they'll remember for life.

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