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The Prudent Reply of E.N.D.L.F. to the Wicked Monk Ellawella Thero Who is Trying to Distort History

Opinion statement from the Political Wing, Eelam National Democratic Liberation Front (E.N.D.L.F.)

Ellawella Thero
Ellawella Thero photo courtesy:

(COLOMBO Sri Lanka ) - The wicked man Mr. Ellawella Methanka Thero, who is congratulating the Defence Secretary belonging to the Sinhalese Race, has again proved himself as the heir of the inhuman rogues. Because of their savage deeds, the Sinhalese alone were outlawed by their native nation in Vanga (Bangladesh) and they reached Sri Lanka seeking refuge for their livelihood as the immigrants. But today the wicked man Thero has spoken loudly that the Tamils only have been the immigrants in Sri Lanka concealing the historical truth. The ancient Tamils, who are the real hereditary natives of the Island Nation need not at all become surprised on hearing his trumpeting comments.

To contradict the utterance of this Thero, historical scholars are not required. Even ordinary Tamils are enough for that rejecting purpose.

First of all, the Monk Thero should read 'MAHAVANSA' - the book depicting the history of their Sinhalese Race. In chapter VI of that book, written by the Buddhist monks against the Tamils, it has been stated that Vijaya and his companions, after their heads were half tonsured, were tarnished from their country and departed through ships; After a long voyage, such persons landed on the sea-shore of EELAM i.e., the Sri Lanka; They alone were the ancestors of the Sinhalese Race.

How these writings in the book of 'MAHAVANSA' have been forgotten by the present Buddhist Monkey? When the father of Vijaya himself had tonsured his son and banished him, how their inheritors could be expected to speak about justice and historical truth?

Even the story stated about THUTTA GAMUNU in the same book of 'MAHAVANSA' was distorted by these Buddhist Monks and the same was included in the school text-books. That too, only after Sri Lanka attained freedom from the Britishers, this distortion was brought into effect. As soon as the ruling power came to their hands, the Sinhalese autocrats began the work of twisting the history with inner motive to subjugate the Tamil people.

We furnish below the statement of GAMINI(Gamunu) as written in page 87 of the book 'Mahavansa':

The mother of the princes followed Gamini and caressingly inquired him:

"My boy, why not stretch thyself on thy bed and lie down comfortably with your legs and hands?"

From his confined bed itself, Gamini replied:

"On the one side, the Tamils are living beyond the river Mahaveli Ganga and on the other side, there is the unyielding ocean. Then how can I lie down, comfortably stretching my limbs?"

The Mahavansa denotes the age of the above incident, as the year 161 B.C. Is not the utterance of Gamini that the Tamils have already been living beyond the River Mahaveli Ganga, known as the historical evidence to this Buddhist Monkey? Have not the Sinhalese rulers and the buddhist Monks distorted the expression of Gamini about the Tamils in the educational text-books?

After 1948, the year of Sri Lanka's independence, in all the published text-books, the distorted history has been finding place and the same is given below:

The mother of Dutta Gamini, posed a question to her son:

"My boy, can you not sleep by stretching your hands and legs comfortably?"

Gamini replied thus:

"Mother, the Tamils are dwelling in the North, there is the ocean in the South. When such is the situation, how myself can sleep by comfortably stretching my limbs?"

While such a twisting of the historical truth has been made in the text-books by the cunning Sinhalese, there can be no wonder in their question: " Where the Tamils have been living in Sri Lanka during the past age?"

Gamini's actual expression as "Beyond the river Mahaveli Ganga" has been distorted by inserting the words "Northern-side". Is there not an inner-motive in the erroneous twisting?

At that period, the Tamils had been living in the Central Province of Sri Lanka according to the version of evidence in the book of 'Mahavansa' only to conceal this truth, the Sinhalese have endeavoured to make the distortion in the text-books. The reality is that the book of 'Mahavansa' was written with the only intention of opposing the Tamil Race. The answer to the question with whom the Sinhalese have all along been fighting is definitely the tamils and this fact cannot at all be ignored.

Denying the past occurrence that the Tamils alone provided shelter to the beggars who came from Vanga(Banglades) to Sri Lanka, Thero is trying to give a new exposition.

These persons should recall the real past history. The first human race Tamils were living throughout the first earthen continent of Lemuria. After its immersion into the deep ocean, some thousands of years ago, Sri Lanka has been surrounding as its remnant.

For an argument sake, let us take the opinion of Thero that the Tamils are the immigrants from India to Sri Lanka. Recently Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse(brother of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse) has announced that the distance between Sri Lanka and India(Tamil Nadu) is 18 (eighteen) miles. As such, whether the fishermen who sailed through Catamarans from the nearby Tamil Nadu(India) for fishing, could have first found the city of Jaffna(Yaalpaanam) in Sri Lanka? or whether the inhuman brutes banished from the far away Vanga(Banglades) could have first sighted that city after their voyage through ship? which was initially invented - Catamaran or ship? Even before the ancient age during which the sea divided India and Sri Lanka separately, the Tamils have been living in this Island Nation. NAAGARs' and IYAKKARs' are the two groups of the Tamil race. Afterwards, numerous castes were segregated among the Tamils by the intrusion of the dominating doctrine spread by the alien Ariyan Race.

Destroying the ancient Tamil Race and their glorious history, has been the only strategic scheme of the Sinhalese Buddhist Monks for the past many centuries.

There was a very famous huge library with the name of 'SARASWATHI MANDAPAM' in Jaffna city and it possessed lakhs of books on various subjects of literature, science, medicine, industries, biographies etc., including the very age-old histories of the Tamil Race and their language.

But in 543 A.D., one jealousy wicked Sinhalese King invaded upon Jaffna and destroyed completely that internationally reputed Tamil Library by setting it on ferocious fire.

The same beastly wicked man demolished numerous Sivan temples including the Thiru Koneswarar Kovil at Trincomalee. The main malicious work of this Sinhalese savage was to intrude forcefully into the Eelam Tamil Regions for destroying the histories and memorials pertaining to the Tamil Race.

Thereafter, even during the Portuguese rule, the temples of Sivan deity were demolished and the Nallur Library was ruined entirely. For all such havocs, the Sinhalese Buddhist monks were instrumental offering every assistance.

The same ruinous support was jointly granted by Gamini Thissa Nayaka and Cyril Mathew in the year 1981. There could be no doubt at all in the burning of the great Jaffna Library also by these inheritors of the Sinhalese rogues.

Hiding these events, the wicked man Ellawela Thero has childishly babbled an historic point. He has stated: "The research scholar VELA KANDHA SASTRY has recorded that the Tamils have immigrated in South India from other parts of the world"

The name of this person is not 'VELA KANDHA SASTRY' as quoted by Thero. The real name of this perverted man is 'NEELAKANDA SASTRY'. He was a Brahmin by caste. It seems that this Buddhist Monkey Thero has not got the opportunity to know that the Brahmins viz., ARYAN Race people alone have been the immigrants to India; because Sinhalese man do not know his history. When such is his poor knowledgeable mind, how can he get the opportunity to know about the true history of the Aryan Race called Brahmins?

Neelakanda Sastry has always been an enemy to the Tamils. While he accepted that the Aryans came from the middle region of the Asian Continent to India as immigrants, he erroneously stated that the Tamils had also come to India as immigrants, contradicting the historical truth. However he withdrew that wrong version in his later years.

Because of his confidence in the burning of the Tamils' history by his ancestors, this Buddhist Monkey Thero has thus spoken, misquoting Neelakanda Sastry.

The erection of Sivan temples at all the four directions throughout Sri Lanka itself, is a thorough proof to establish that the Tamils alone are the original natives of this Island nation and the Sinhalese are the alien immigrants.

Thero now says that there were Buddhist Shrines in the regions of the Tamils and upon them only, Hindu temples were constructed in later periods.

This Buddhist Monkey should understand that SANGAMITHARAI and MAHINDA who came from India for propagating Buddhism, had not invaded Anuradhapuram and defeated the Tamils. They arrived at Sri Lanka only as begging mendicants. The Tamil Kings alone granted permission to them for reaching Sri Lanka through Thondai-Nadu and Chozha-Naadu. On landing at this Island Nation, they were given admission to travel through Jaffna and Vanni, only by the then Tamil authorities.

Of course, certain Tamil people followed Buddhism for some time. They offered permission to construct Buddhist temples. Even after the erection of Mahabothi temple, the Tamil King invaded Anuradhapuram and ruled it. Despite achieving that great conquer, the Tamils did not resort to destroying Buddhism. But whenever occasions occur, the Sinhalese Buddhists have been destroying the Tamils and their histories.

Now, the Sinhalese rulers have begun to undertake the research of antiquity. The Tamils being denied the administrative power, cannot involve in such sort of researches. There are abundance to prove that since the immemorial age, the Tamils have been dwelling in innumerable places like Anuradhapuram, Polanaruwa, Dhevenuvara, Kathirgamam, Sivanoli Paathai malai and so on. Will the Sinhalese rulers allow to undertake antiquity- researches on these Tamil stone-inscriptions? But with the cooperation of the Buddhist Monks, they are trying to crush the weakened Tamils more and more. There is no evidence at all in the history that the Sinhalese have been living in the North and East Provinces with nativity.

Buddhism is not a property of ownership to the Sinhalese Race. It is assumed that Buddhist temples in all the places belongin to the Sinhalese, then the Buddha Gaya in Bihar province of India, will belong to the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka.

In Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu State there is one road under the name 'BURMA BAZAAR'. On account of this, can the country of Burma(New name: Myanmar), claim the ownership right over Tamil Nadu State?

Buddhism does not belong to the Sinhalese at all. That religion of ethics and philanthropy, originally founded in India by the Great Gautama Buddha, have reformed numerous culprits leading life as rogues and thieves among Sinhalese Race as the real righteous men. Though such persons embraced Buddhism, that religion does not at all belong to the Sinhalese race.

The Sinhalese have never resided in the Tamil areas like Neduntheevu, Nainatheevu, Oorkaavalthurai(Kayts), etc., The Sinhalese regime is now undertaking the research of antiquity. Through this the racial frantic Sinhalese Government is attempting only to destroy the Tamils. We need not give cognizance to their erroneous versions of findings. However, when a lie is said repeatedly again and again, then that lie may become the truth! the Tamils need not answer the Sinhalese savages. Yet we have to give proper advice for their reformation.

Now, we want to offer an advice to this Buddhist Monkey Thero: "First of all, you burn the historical books pertaining to the Sinhalese race - such as 'Mahavansa', 'Dheepavansa' etc.,! As long as those history books exist it will be proved that the Tamils alone possess the nativity - ownership right over the lane of Tamil Eelam. Therefore, You - the Buddhist Monkey, conceal the history of your Sinhaleserace!"

At present, there can be no doubt that all of you will speak lie that the Tamils have been the immigrants to Sri Lanka, misquoting the Brahmin Scholar Neelakanda Sastry. The reason is that the Eelam Tamil people will not become untied with real racial affinity. When there are Tamil leaders who with no shame are prepared to carry 'KAVADI' (A bending semi-circular wooden article of religious surrender to Gods) to the Sinhalese race as slaves, it is sure that your autocratic principles will definitely achieve the victory. In the context of the present times, it is possible to purify the history of the Sinhalese rogues and disgrace the Tamils.

But, the Great Buddha. Whom you worship, will speedily punish you - Sinhalese, for your killing of your own 'CONSCIENCE'! Just wait and see!

The Tamils will definitely awaken and attain all their fundamental Human Rights by achieving their independence!


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