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Israeli Settlers and the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians in Hebron

Israeli settlers have been stealing land in Tel Rumeida, a Palestinian neighborhood, since 1986. Their prejudice and their behaviors should not be allowed to continue.

Armed Hebron settlers
Armed Hebron settlers on patrol for Arabs with deadly weapons in their hands; the Nazi stormtroopers of today.

(HEBRON / SALEM) - The name of writer Alison Weir's Website, If Americans Only Knew, increasingly makes sense, particularly after watching this video showing the behavior that Israel allows to exist.

On a comparative standard, their politicians are living like Americans in about 1877. That was a time in the U.S. when rampant bigotry allowed the virtual extermination of entire Native American cultures. African-Americans lived with complete and total discrimination, pieces of Mexico were stolen, and laws were passed to eradicate the population of Chinese immigrants who came to North America to build railroads.

However, for the most part, Americans have been able to stomp out destructive racial bigotry. It is far from perfect, but prejudice in this nation lives in a closet for a great deal of the time. In that context, most Americans can not fathom the treatment the Israeli Zionists dole out to Palestinians; it is something between a childlike playground conflict and sadistic old world intolerance. Many people here are busy and don't want to know about it, but they damned well should.

The group B'Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, produced this special documentary that shows in gut wrenching detail how terribly the Zionist Jewish settlers have been treating Palestinians, who until recent years, occupied all of the area themselves. Today Zionists have encroached to the point that only a small number of Palestinian families remain.

Try to imagine living in the worst, gang-infested parts of LA, New York or London. Think of what it would be like to board the subway, or ride the RTD, and always wonder if you would be attacked because you are the only one in the crowd who does not belong to a gang; the gang.

Welcome to the world of Hebron's Abu Eisha family, the lone Arab holdouts of the "Tel Rumeida" neighborhood in occupied Palestine.

B'Tselem shows the horror imposed by Israel and its colonizing thieving settlers; religious extremists who are not required to work because they study the Torah all day. (Good thing American taxpayers send seven million dollars a day to Israel, or these guys might have to actually work. First they would have to put their Torah's and their rifles down. It is so sad that religion is the tool of division.) has carried a number of items from this special group in Israel and we also conducted a series of live interviews with B'Tselem's Gila Svirsky. They are heavily challenged as a peace group based in a nation with apartheid laws.

Tel Rumeida, in the center of the city of Hebron, was peaceful until 1986, when the Zionist settlement was established at the heart of the neighborhood and problems for Palestinians have gone from bad to far worse in the ensuing years.

At B'Tselem states, "The settlers of Tel Rumieda, who known as particularly extreme, live on one side of a dead-end street... The Abu Eisha family lives on the other side".

This video shows the reality taking place that America is funding:

Source: btselem


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Anonymous June 14, 2011 12:56 pm (Pacific time)

And the entire world looks the other way... I watched the video and it was extremely pitiful. Not only for the way the settlers are acting, but because the Isrealis forgot why they were allowed their "homeland" by the generous Americans and Europeans after WWII. I am disgusted. They have to use steel screens to protect themselves from the stones. Pitiful existence.

Anonymous June 12, 2011 9:02 pm (Pacific time)

Foreign policy of American-Zionist politicians for over sixty years has as surely put Palestinians to the 'back of the bus' on the plane of international diplomacy and the U.N. as was done by the racist-elitism policies of America's white political hegemony of the twentieth century; a time when African Americans were in fact put to the back of buses for decades in many U.S. states!

Bigarab Allah June 12, 2011 8:29 pm (Pacific time)

A Ladder for the PA, Please? The PA is a disappointment, Israel just needs to be flattened.

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