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'BETTER DAYZ,' May Your Dreams Come True!

New song unleashes rage on capitalism, Palestine, and Monsanto GMOs, or “genetically modified organisms.”

Ace - Agron Belica

(TUCSON) - With the world in a state of chronic crisis, are there better days ahead? Jamal Belica and his crew at Aldin Entertainment think so.

On the surface, the prospect looks bleak. With the United Nations’ dismal record in ensuring world peace seemingly destined to make that organization as historically irrelevant as was its predecessor the League of Nation, the hope for better days seems audacious, to say the least.

What about the festering wound of Palestine in the Middle East? The United Nations, after legitimizing the situation in 1948, has proved impotent in dealing with the predictable aftermath. Blocked at every turn, by the world’s greatest superpower and its allies, Palestine and Gaza have become essentially the world’s largest outdoor prisons: bleak, walled in, and without hope…

Then there is the resurgence of freewheeling Robber-Baron capitalism in combination with money-hungry politicians rapidly perverting democracy and returning our country back to the economic and social levels of the 19th century. What would Thomas Jefferson say were he to return to comment on our distortion of democracy?

"A contribution for the cause...

This new song by Ace unleashes two barrels on the people who are walking us close to the edge of disaster. Monsanto, the corporate rapists, and the warmongers who attack out of some fake moral code that claims to sanction murder. We're dealing with political leaders who have the IQ of a scratch pad. They have to be stopped and it isn't going to be easy. The determination of a new generation can be found in this incredible new song. Haters beware!
- Tim King, news editor

With the establishment quick to adopt the tools provided by technical innovation, we have Big Brother snooping in our conversations and social intercourse. We have giant chemical corporations testing genetically modified organic foods on unsuspecting populations. Remember when we thought asbestos and glow-in-the dark radium-painted watches were good things? And do not forget the greatest gift of deranged science to mankind in history: the atomic bomb.

In “Better Dayz; On My Way,” Jamal Belica & Co. know what they are up against when confronted with these realities, but they smile with a secret knowledge. They know that there are countercurrents and people are speaking out and acting. When attacked on their own territory, they will defend themselves. They have harnessed technology to spread their ideas of Truth, Justice and Peace. They share with us the vision of a day when justice will not be for sale, but for all; when swords are beaten into ploughshares, when perhaps even the United Nations will be unshackled and allowed to do what it was established to do.

I say, “Godspeed and God bless.” May your dreams come true and your visions reflect reality.

—Jay R. Crook, PhD.

PS: I have been informed by Agron Belica that “Better Dayz” will be the last of his productions for an indefinite period. He is taking a sabbatical from current endeavors in order to recharge and rethink his role in this critical era and in this art form. He does not know how long it will last, but be prepared for something new when he returns to the helm. Let us pray for his speedy return to active creativity. Again, Godspeed and God bless, Agron!


Please visit the Website for Encore Directors, Patrick Dreier and Lisa Ostrow - Lisa is a Voting Member of the Recording Academy, the organization responsible for the Grammy Awards; Patrick Dreier has been a driving force behind the commissioned album, Newsic Revolution


Dr. Jay R. Crook spent his formative years in the New York metropolitan area, where a chance acquaintance awakened his interest in Islamic culture and civilization, and he soon embraced Islam. After military service and saving some money, he ventured to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) to study and ultimately, spent most of his working life in the Middle East, especially in Iran and Saudi Arabia.

He received his Ph.D. in 1978 in the Doctoral Program of Persian Literature for Foreigners at Tehran University. His doctoral thesis was A Comparison of the Quranic Stories of Surabadi With the Bible. Subsequent to leaving Iran in 1980, he worked as an English teacher in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia before retiring in 1997. He now resides in Arizona and has translated several books from Persian into English, including Kashifi’s The Royal Book of Spiritual Chivalry and Ghazzali’s The Alchemy of Happiness.

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