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Scott McAlister: Child Porn-Related Conviction and Practicing Law

Meet Scott McAlister, a man who very well may know who really killed Michael Francke. Part 1 in a special Exposé on corruption in Oregon prisons.

Scott McAlister in 2005 with Tempe, AZ Municipal Court Judge Michelle O'Hair Schattenberg
Scott McAlister in 2005 with Tempe, AZ
Municipal Court Judge Michelle O'Hair Schattenberg

(TEMPE, Az.) - Oregon's number two law official in 1989 was Assistant Attorney General Scott McAlister. He was later convicted of a crime related to possessing child pornography and yet is still a practicing attorney, in Tempe, Arizona.

Pretty crazy isn't it?

It gets worse; for 17 years, McAlister had provided legal counsel for Oregon Corrections. This is when Oregon showed up on the radar locally and nationally for an extremely corrupt prison system.

To lead the charge for justice from within, Oregon Gov. Neil Goldschmidt hired Michael Francke in 1987. Francke had earned a national reputation as the prison director who cleaned up New Mexico's Correction Dept. after rioting that left over 30 inmates dead.

Francke found the corruption within Oregon's system, but we'll probably never know exactly what or how much. We do know he was in the middle of the investigation, and that he was starting to dismantle the infrastructure of the problem, "cleaning house", as he said.

It is also documented that Francke became very disillusioned after attending a retreat with Scott McAlister and several top corrections officials. It was a several-day event, but Francke left after the first day.

Scott McAlister left his position in mid-January 1989 and headed for Utah, as it was clearly established that he hadn't met Francke's approval.

As it turns out, Michael Francke only had a short time left to live. He was murdered in the parking lot of the Corrections Department on 18 January 1989.

Scott McAlister, former OR Asst AG

According to, "Francke had been critical of McAlister’s day-to-day legal advice to the department, also noting that McAlister was prone to spend his time in court rather than seek alternative remedies."[1]

In fact, Francke addressed his concerns about McAlister's work habits to Oregon AG Dave Frohnmayer[2].

Oregon's prisons were suffering from corruption; this is the man who guided their legal defense for almost two decades. Scott McAlister was arrested for child pornography by the FBI, shortly after arriving in Utah and resigned from his position there in December of the same year.

In 1990, the Statesman Journal published:

"A former Oregon assistant at­torney general had no valid reason to check out two child pornogra­phy films from a Multnomah County court in 1980, according to the Portland defense lawyer in­volved in that case. More than 10 years after the case closed, Scott McAlister is scheduled to appear Friday in a Utah court to face a second-degree felony child pornography charge for giving the two films to a woman there.

"McAlister worked almost 17 years for the Oregon Justice De­partment, mostly representing the Department of Corrections in legal matters. He left Oregon in January 1989 and became the in­spector general for the Utah De­partment of Corrections."

According to the case against McAlister, "In or about September 1980, the Accused came into possession of two video films which the parties agree constituted child pornography..."

McAlister had snatched the tapes from evidence in a case he prosecuted. He was still packing them around almost ten years later.

Court documents state:

"In or about June, 1989, the Accused delivered a box of video films to Linda Dreitzler, an acquaintance of the Accused's in Salt Lake City, Utah. The two pornographic films were among the films delivered, a fact of which the Accused was aware."

McAlister was charged with second-degree felony sexual exploitation of a minor, after authorities obtained two films that reportedly contain child pornography. Interestingly, the term 'child pornography' is used little, though that is specifically what it was; simple 'pornography' is repeated over and over again in the charges. In the end they got McAlister for Moral Turpitude.

"{T}he category of misdemeanors involving moral turpitude is fixed with reference to the nature and elements of the crime and without consideration of the specific circumstances of a case. Interpreting moral turpitude in this way avoids the difficulties of lack of notice and definitional precision which attend the variable, fact-specific alternative."

This top state official dealing with the most severe types of crimes, including crimes against children, was slapped on the wrist and allowed to remain practicing law. After all, he had become the Utah Corrections Department inspector general.

Standard Operating Procedure: Current Research Shows Corruption Continues is launching a special series beginning with the saga of former Oregon Dept. of Corrections Officer William Coleman.

Coleman was falsely charged by his superiors after experiencing blatant and repeated racism in the Oregon State Penitentiary and blowing the whistle. They drug him to court and told him he was facing 40 years in prison.

Forty years in prison on trumped up charges from the state of Oregon - that he beat hands down, with a unanimous not guilty verdict; thus proving that the weak case against him was nothing more than a series of false claims constructed by police and prosecutors and other state officials, clearly in collaboration, in an attempt to discredit his claims of racism.

He was found not guilty by a unanimous jury.

40 years for a black prison guard who stood up against racism is a long stretch from the meager seven days in jail that McAlister was ultimately sentenced to for Child Porn and he is still a practicing lawyer.

This is but one example of preferential and discriminatory behavior at the highest levels of Oregon's judicial system.

McAlister is still a practicing attorney, with a nice house, nice life. Anyone else very likely would still be rotting behind bars, and certainly expected to register as a sex offender.

In the main photo, courtesy of, McAlister is pictured with a current Arizona judge. They appear to be friends, motorcycle riding buddies.

But worse about McAlister, is the obvious connection that he likely had to Oregon's internal corruption. If a man with 17 years behind the scenes doesn't have inside information, no one does. However, just days before Francke's murder, on 12 January 1989, McAlister testified before an Oregon Legislative Committee looking into the charges of wrongdoing at the Corrections Department.

McAlister said he was "unaware of any such activities." It is unclear whether he was under oath.

"If anyone is out to get you, they can get you." --Michael Francke about Dome Building security on the day he died

Michael Francke's investigation of serious in-house corruption suffered a violent death along with him on 18 January. His murder was about all it took to end that investigation. Mysteriously, absolutely no files or documentation regarding the massive case were found after his death[3].

McAlister resigned as the Utah inspector general just months later amid sexual harassment allegations. In January 1990, The FBI searched McAlister's Salt Lake City home and seized pornographic videos, in addition to the two kiddie porn videos that had been removed from Oregon evidence files by McAlister.

According to a report on "McAlister was arrested in Jan­uary after his former secretary, Linda Dreitzler, reported to feder­al authorities that she had found the films in a box of 30 movies that McAlister had given her for safekeeping. She said McAlister had shown her some of the movies depicting adult sex in hopes of convincing her to participate in group sex."

Dreitzler was paid $95,000 by the state in an out-of-court settlement for a sexual ha­rassment suit that she filed against McAlister and the Department of Corrections, an expensive tab for taxpayers to pay for his 'indiscretion'.

Typically, a crime that crosses state lines lines becomes federal. McAlister only had to appear in Utah state court, because "officials feared that it would be difficult to prove that child pornography had been transported across state lines for the purpose of exhibition, as outlined in federal law."

This was a difficult explanation to accept for those involved, as those most trusted are usually expected to lead the best example, not find protection when they break that trust.

Lady Justice never sleeps. The state of Oregon convicted a man named Frank Gable for the Murder of Michael Francke, though it is commonly believed that Gable did not commit the crime. A movie about the case called 'Without Evidence' says it all in the title.

Gable is currently serving life without parole.

The Francke murder case is considered as wide open as any cold case in the world, according to many. Certain reporters in Oregon have kept the torch burning for many years, along with the Francke family.

The story of William Coleman, referenced above, is going to be Hell on Oregon Corrections. They tried, lied and failed. It is all a matter of record, not theory or innuendo, and leads into the depths of what was never meant to be revealed.

Michael Francke would have brought the crooked down but they killed him first. New information that will be published in the coming weeks just might lead Mr. McAlister back to Oregon after all.


A 1995 film Without Evidence, written by Gil Dennis and Phil Stanford, an Oregon columnist who has investigated the case extensively, was based on the Francke murder and subsequent investigations by Kevin Francke, Michael's brother. In the film, Francke was portrayed by Ernie Garrett, also starring Angelina Jolie.


[2] Francke's confidential letter to Frohnmayher about McAlister

[3] A killing that won’t go away By Phil Stanford

Watch PART TWO in this series: (Jun-18-2010) Exposé: Skeletons Falling Out of the Closet of Oregon Corrections


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disheartened citizen February 19, 2020 3:10 pm (Pacific time)

What’s this sorry excuses contact information? Would like to send some hate mail his way

Anonymous April 9, 2013 12:36 pm (Pacific time)

So, Rob Taylor. Are you still trash talking Kevin Franke, Frank Gable, threatening witnesses, using meth with Shorty, and beating your wife? Beware of Rob Taylor.

justice February 25, 2013 2:53 pm (Pacific time)

hey how can i get ahold of rob?

Tim King: I haven't talked to Rob in a couple of years, but if you write to me at I will send you what I have, thanks.

Rob June 27, 2010 8:32 am (Pacific time)

@friend of Paul know I have deep respect for you, but enough of the games. I've endured this nonsense for far too long and I'm quite frankly sick of it. With all due respect, put up or shut up, and do so using your real name withut tossing out little one line teasers.

BTW, my horoscope the other day read...You have to show others that the road ahead is safe -- and the only way to do that may be to head out on your own. You don't mind that so much, but you do wish your friends weren't such cowards.

I know, typical aries horoscope, but sometimes they really hit the head on the nail.

friend of Paul S. June 25, 2010 8:43 pm (Pacific time)

Maybe, Francke started to piece together how the NW drug smuggling trade was coming out of Nevada and got McAlister and certain guards, etc...real nervous.

Duke of Earl June 20, 2010 8:37 am (Pacific time)

Luke why stay here then. If you find America so corrup...

Editor: Duke of Earl?  David Samples?  Multiple names and a jab of deleted racism, you are truly less than a man.   

Rob June 19, 2010 9:15 pm (Pacific time)

Much has been made of what occurred at that Lake Tahoe retreat which caused Michael Francke to abruptly leave early and return to Oregon.

It began with Eric Mason's 1999 televised interview of Evelyn Meeks, Mr. Francke's personal assistant. The interview is viewable on the freefrankgable website, and if I may suggest to Mr. King, the link to the video should be included with the
other links listed.

Yes, something happened there, and Ms. Meeks was one of the first to take notice of the changed relationship between McAlister and Francke afterwards. Whatever it was that happened it's unfortunate that Michael Francke chose not to share it with anyone.

Whatever happened there, business seemed to go on as usual for the next six months or so until Francke shot off his confidential memo to Frohnmayer regarding McAlister in mid October, just three months before he was murdered. That memo
actually praises McAlister in areas Francke felt he stood out. Why bother to sing this fool any praise at all if Francke was privy to some indecent, immoral or illegal activities waged by McAlister? The memo should've been used to point out only the inadequacies of McAlisters repesentation of the DOC as well as the request to meet personally to discuss the situation further.

That would be the time to get into the dirt if there was any to discuss, and the primary reasons Francke wanted McAlister out.

Francke did request a meeting at the end of his memo to discuss the situation further. So does that imply Francke trusted
Frohnmayer? I seriously doubt I would have in Francke's shoes at that time. I tend to view Francke's memo to Frohnmayer as more of a "feeling out" process. Test the waters. See what kind of action or response the memo generates. On that note Frohnmayer disputes ever hearing anything about Francke's displeasure with McAlister. So is it Frohnmayer's position that he never saw Francke's memo? That question has never even been posed to Frohnmayer. His statement was just accepted and left at that.

The Tahoe issue really had McAlister squirming for a bit after I flew to Arizona and snapped that picture of him in front of his home standing with that Tempe judge. A couple of months later two Oregonian reporters showed up to interview him for their
big "Francke expose" which they published mid 2005, and he complained to them about having to endure being harrassed and having
his picture being taken outside of his home by some ex-con friend of Kevin Francke's. Amusingly, after the reporters interviewed McAlister, they or him had come up with a travel itinerary document that suggested Francke and McAlister traveled back to Oregon together. The document was official looking enough, but in no way proved those travel plans were adhered to. But
for the Oregonian, that was enough. Case closed on the Tahoe issue. McAlister and Francke traveled home together like two buddys returning home from a vacation. Evelyn Meeks just had it all wrong. Chalked it up to a confused woman in her senior years I guess.

I personally spoke with McAlister on the phone not long after that Oregonian article was published. I've always wondered why he took my call and dodged my questions for 15 minutes. I mean, why bother to talk to some ex-con who you complained was harrassing you, and who called you a pedophile in front of your peers/friends? Especially if he's as detached from the murder as he claims.

A link is also available on the freefrankgable website of the entire opinion by the Oregon State Bar determining McAlister was guilty of moral turpitude and the sanction decided upon should Mr. King wish to include that with the other links in his article.

Tim King: Rob, thank you so much and I really appreciate the ground pounding you have done on this; the years of work.  I will be publishing numerous articles and absolutely will get those links in place and tie it all together. 

Luke Easter June 19, 2010 2:27 pm (Pacific time)

John and Robert were killed as were Martin and Malcom. Cain killed Abel. Hell, even Jesus was killed. So, Michael Francke? Why not? BTW, I still have a sandwhich I made 10 years ago. I use to like carrying it around. I'm going to eat it tomorrow. Corruption is what this, "great nation" is built on. Why change it now?

Jimmy June 17, 2010 7:35 pm (Pacific time)

People need to know how corrupt these pigs are, and this is just the place to get the information that noboby else has the courage to report on, keep up the fight SNC!

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