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Sri Lanka's Violence Toward Tamil Minority Continues

Sri Lanka regime thumbs its nose at the world after Genocide; allows occupying soldier's physical and sexual abuse of Tamil Hindu and Christian population to continue. When is enough, enough?


(SALEM, Ore.) - Like a terrible scene from a past world war, the problems for the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka; victims of a massive Genocide just over two years ago, are far from over.

Reports dispatched to our news desk inform us that suffering is rampant among refugees who are still experiencing daily physical and sexual abuse from occupying soldiers.

Visit the: Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance

What we know is that The Tamil Alliance's Parliament members were holding a public meeting last Thursday in a place authorized for Tamil people, 16 June 2011, when more than two dozen Sri Lankan Army (SLA) soldiers entered the area and attacked the Tamil people in attendance.

The uniformed government soldiers are said to have entered the hall and attacked the participants with rifle butts and batons. We're told 25 SLA soldiers also "used poles to beat up people" at the meeting.

Other information from various sources filtering through to the west and Salem-News.com specifically, describes the massive human rights violations that the Sri Lankan army is continually perpetrating against the survivors.

It is, from the sounds of it, a real 'free for all' with no no holes barred for Sri Lanka's marauding soldiers, whose acts are being compared to those that took place in Bosnia, where women and girls were savagely attacked, raped and killed, and clearly no recourse for Tamils.

It truly is a wicked game and the world without question, has really neglected its duties again.

Which begs the question; what happened in Sri Lanka to create such inhumane practices? Calls for expedient world attention are circulating.

During the 2009 Genocide, these Sinhalese majority Buddhist military forces under orders of the Sri Lankan president, Majinda Rajapaksa, may have actually murdered more than a hundred thousand civilians and the govt. highhandedly refuse to accept responsibility for the highly documented crimes.

However there is a lot of video that the Tamil people shot as the brutality and killings took place, and the SLA soldier video clips and photos begin immediately after the Tamil cameras end.

The Set Up

Sri Lanka's president militarized rule of Tamil areas after taking office in 2005. It has all been part of a broad based and highly planned ethnic cleansing program that Hitler himself would likely have admired. All to make Sri Lanka a Buddhist country.

Prior to carrying out the brutal Genocide, the Sri Lankan government murdered and disappeared one reporter after another. Even Sinhalese reporters who were friendly toward the Tamil cause for liberation were targeted.

Then when that phase of their Tamil elimination plan was complete, Rajapaksa's henchmen told United Nations teams on the ground that their lives would be in danger, which is curious because the Tamils were who the UN observers lived with, and they were by their own account never threatened by Tamils.

That clearly means the government warning meant that the UN would be in danger of being killed by the SLA soldiers and rather than object, the UN left and the killing sprees began and then went on and on and on.

Like the Horrors of WWII

Beyond the fact that I am in contact with so many Tamils; or the hundreds of hours I have been spending researching and writing about this tragedy; I am like so many other people, most haunted by the images.

You can't shake some of them and those replaying scenes have to be making big appearances in the dreams of the perpetrators of these crimes.

Shoba Isaippiriya- Sri Lanka Genocide victim

The SLA made some critical mistakes.

One was killing a beautiful and popular Tamil journalist, Shoba Isaippiriya, whose nude and surely sexually abused body was gratuitously photographed after her death on a soldier's cell phone cameras. (I wish Channel-4 would have at least partly restricted the images of her nudity out of respect, but that was their call.)

Another was obviously allowing soldiers to photograph events and then release them to the public. Perhaps some still don't fully comprehend the whole YouTube phenomena.

The worst, one that plagues every Genocidal government, is a belief that they can get away with something this bad without anyone finding out.

Our reports that detail this massive genocide carried out against Tamil Hindus and Christians in Sri Lanka will continue until the day justice is served, and that may be a long time from now.

All of the SLA's horrors have been carried out against their own country's men and women and children.

UN observers packing up to leave the Tamils to their fate raised objections, but were
pulled out by the UN. This girl's face was the image one of those officials said he could
never lose. Her look is tragic and resigned; as if she knows here fate will be sealed and
there was no one left to save them from the SLA or even record what would happen.

It seems minimal that sanctions should be enacted by the world body and the UN needs to send their people in on the ground in northern Sri Lanka where impoverished refugees are partly reintegrated and partly still the victims of rampant and egregious human rights abuses.

They deserve their day in court, at The Hague.

An independent observer with the United Nations Human Rights Commission, says the widely circulated video and photos of Tamils being executed by the SLA are indeed real. Channel-4 in London brought much of it forth. Their work deserves a Pulitzer, and at minimum they are in a light with the finest electronic journalists who ever lived.

And because of this media group in the UK, the matter has gained a great deal of momentum, particularly when world focus was called upon last week by Channel-4's debut of the highly anticipated documentary "Sri Lanka's Killing Fields" showing more obscene footage of the suffering and human slaughter than had ever been shown.

There are links below that will take you to the documentary, and also to a number of prior reports that convey many details that, as unpleasant as they are, scream for justice. If you have film or video evidence of the genocide that has not been released yet, send it to Jon Snow at Channel-4 or to Salem-News.com and we will get it in front of the right people at the UN.

Special thanks to http://jgladvin.blogspot.com/

Some of our past reports on the Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka;


Tim King: Salem-News.com Editor and Writer

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Gowri June 20, 2011 1:46 pm (Pacific time)

Hi Tim Thank you for your articles. UN is a body that can be compared to the exclusive men only clubs where rich and famous meet and discuss things, where, to get acceptance you need to be part of the old boys net work. Only difference is that we are (tax payers of the west) paying for these men and their various travels (first class of course) and accommodations (5 star what else). When was the last time that UN stepped in before a tragedy occured? Un recently signed an agreement with Sri Lanka so the very soldiers who committed these horrible acts would employed as peace keepers, in war torn areas amoungst vulnerable women. This was after a Sri Lankan contingent was sent back from Haiti after being involed in the abuse of the women they were supposed to protect.

Saro June 20, 2011 11:18 am (Pacific time)

Tim King, You rightly identified the continued killings of Tamils as 'Genocide' while many NGOs and international community feel shy as this will lead to consequent and logical actions at UN SC and ICC. When is enough is enough, after the annihilation or marginalisation of minorities one after the other.

Sri June 20, 2011 10:54 am (Pacific time)

Thank you Salem News and many thanks to UK Channel 4 for opening the minds of the public to butchery and carnage unlimited under cover of an ethnic psuedo-Buddhist state. For UNSG San to say he is helpless after extracting "accountability" from Mahinda Rajapakse, and hiding his head in the sand afer reading the Report of his own Advisory Panel belies comment. After all, how on earth did he manage to refer the case of North Korea to the ICC over the deaths of just 4 of his fellow country men from S.Korea just 4 days after an encounter with N.Korea when he seems to have closed his eyes to the carnage of 40,000 civilian deaths in the north of Sri Lanka over 5 months in 1990 alone even after having visited the area? Hope he will view the premiere of the UK Channel 4 film in New York. Seeing is believing and then ACT.

Velu June 20, 2011 7:50 am (Pacific time)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to humanity.

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