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Israeli Morality

Freedom Flotilla II - their calls for peace are translated falsely as something they are not. This in fact may be the supreme sin.

Palestinians live at the discretion of the Israeli military
Palestinians live at the discretion of the Israeli military

(ATHENS) - This poem by a Gaza peace activist who uses the name, Eva for Equal Rights, cuts to the heart of the matter of human misery pitted against militant determination.

We hear in these verses the frustration of human beings filled with love, seeking to end suffering; who their own governments, in many cases, have turned their backs on.

Here we glean the expression of feelings that are highly misrepresented by those who seek to continue the killing, continue the subjugation, continue apartheid, and Genocide.

Their calls for peace are translated falsely as something they are not. This in fact may be the supreme sin, because it is intentional and specifically created to favor the interests of Israel, which exclusively supports the interests of Jewish Israelis, yet not all. Even the Jewish people of Israel face discrimination if their skin is dark or if they speak out for racial equity at home.

These are the citizens of the earth who possess the imperative knowledge, that we are all a single human race and entirely dependent upon each other for survival.

"Full of love" That is the best way to describe these Freedom Flotilla II participants. Special thanks to Eva for Equal Rights.

- forward by Tim King

Israeli Morality

“We have to prevent this flotilla from sailing”
The Israeli authorities cried,
“We’ll do whatever it takes to stop them
Like last year, when nine people died.
We simply can’t let these activists through
They mustn’t deliver their aid.
To make the Greeks stop them from leaving their ports,
Threats to the workers we’ve made,
And to render the boats unable to leave,
Many huge bribes have been paid.
No concrete, no chocolate, just nothing at all
Is allowed through our naval blockade.
Our list of banned items for Gaza is huge,
No pianos, no cellos, no toys,
Not even a football can pass through our siege,
Or it might provide fun for their boys.
And we do not allow teddy bears to get through,
We Israelis have carefully made plans,
We all know how dangerous those teddies can be,
If they fall into terrorist hands.

We’ll cut their propeller - now there’s an idea,
While the Greeks are not guarding their boat.
A diver can go underneath with a tool,
To ensure that their vessel won’t float.
The Irish boat too – we’ll sabotage that!
With so fewer boats, their plans will fall flat.

We also have plans to discredit the group,
Producing a video of ‘Marc’.
Our very own actor – his real name is Omer
But no one will guess he’s a shark.
He’s going to pretend he applied to join
The flotilla, and told them he’s gay,
And the reply that he got was, “no you can’t come,
Only straight guys are welcome” they’ll say.

And we’ll put out reports that they’re carrying weapons;
What rumours we’ll spread – oh my lord!
We’ll say they have "dangerous incendiary chemicals"
And all sorts of nasties on board.
We’ll make up such stories of what they are carrying -
Like buckets of sulphur to use
On our IOF soldiers, those poor little souls,
With all of these lies, we can’t lose!

By Eva for Equal Rights, Wed June 29th 2011

Americans for a Stronger Israel

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Agron Belica June 29, 2011 8:03 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, That poem was deep! Wow! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!

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