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Victims of Israeli Attacks in Gaza Contaminated with Uranium

Tests show strikingly similar results to Fallujah's uranium victims.

Death by uranium in Gaza
Photo courtesy: Team Palestina

(SALEM / GAZA) - Israel is accused of using weapons that are highly illegal- internationally banned, during its latest attacks in Gaza. Palestine's Ministry of Health says the Israeli attacks lasted four days, more than 100 people were wounded and 25 killed.

Dr. Medhat Abbas, General Director of Crisis Management Unit, Ministry of Health in Gaza, said, "Israel has used a heavy metal in the 33 weapons against Palestinian civilians during the aggression, including uranium." *

Israel is not alone in this accusation. Professor Chris Busby, from the School of Biomedical Science, University of Ulster, believes that the United States used Weapons-Grade Enriched Uranium against the resistance in Fallujah, Iraq.

He said:

This was not depleted uranium, it was actually slightly enriched uranium, which was fairly astonishing, it was not something that we really expected, and it led us to believe that the modern military systems use a whole new set of weapons which contain or produce enriched uranium, for various reasons we're not entirely sure about.

Professor Chris Busby live on RTV

Dr. Busby maintains that the United States severely overstepped the boundaries of international law by using not just deadly depleted uranium, but actual U-235 enriched weapons-grade uranium from a neutron bomb - weapons that kill biological life but leave structures and landscape otherwise intact.

In Gaza, Dr. Abbas stated that the effects of weapons of the Israeli occupation "banned internationally," appeared clearly in the bodies and body parts of martyrs of the bombardment.

He added: "Israel has used a heavy metal in the 33 weapons against Palestinian civilians during the aggression, including uranium."

He says the crews of the ministry conducted a medical examination of 90 cases involving victims of the military aggression, all of which had signs of the illegal weapons.

Dr. Abbas continued: "We took samples of hair for 90 cases, and found uranium in the bodies and body parts of 60 cases of them." He describes weapons used by the occupation in the recent escalation on the Gaza Strip "non-traditional."

In the Fallujan incident, Prof. Busby analyzed hair samples taken from the parents of 25 mothers and 25 fathers of children with heart defects in Fallujah. All were born after the alleged nuclear incident in 2004.

Busby said:

We looked at 52 elements, all of the possible elements that could be in the hair, and we found high levels of strontium, calcium and aluminum and various innocuous substances, but what we did find was a high level of uranium

As a result of the testing, he concluded that children in Fallujah face, "Extraordinary high levels of cancer, extraordinarily high levels of birth defects, and a change in the sex ratio, the ratio of boys to girls, which appears to begin after the battle of Fallujah in 2004".

International law expert Dr. Iyad Nasr, says the examinations, medical tests, evidence and documents of the institutions and human rights organizations, should be used to criminalize Israel and the leaders of the army. If proven, it would remove Israel's last justification for its violence; that any military action conducted by the occupation army does not, "target civilians directly or indirectly."

It is not the first time that Israel has been charged with using illegal weapons; this was a big subject with regard to 'Operation Cast Lead' in 2008 and 2009 that left well over 1400 Gazans dead, more than 400 children among them.

The Jewish state simply relies on the United States 'super veto' power in the United Nations which Americans invoke each time Israel is charged with war crimes for killing civilians. In fact depleted uranium was one of the weapons used by Israel in that attack, the internationally banned weapon contains toxic and carcinogenic materials on top of uranium, according to a study conducted in Italy.

* Statements from Dr. Abbas and Dr. Nasr are translated from Arabic

Nov-04-2011: Birth Defects Reveal Weapons-Grade Enriched Uranium Used in Fallujah, Iraq - Tim King


Tim King in 2008, covering the Iraq War

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The truth shall prevail! October 8, 2012 9:35 am (Pacific time)

OMG! Pure Israel bashing and absoluely false. There is no scientific basis for the false accusations made in this article.

Editor: Truth is not Israel-bashing, it is truth.  This story is about scientific testing. 

Jennie Rielly March 23, 2012 11:05 am (Pacific time)

Hmmm.. life is sometimes like this..

Editor: Yeah, sometimes Israeli commits war crimes.

Jeffrey Kirkman March 14, 2012 8:54 pm (Pacific time)

Well done.

Time to pull the plug on their nuke program funded by us.

Tim King: Thanks so much Jeff!

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