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US Health Care Reformed, A Better Bad System

The rabid right may have all the press with their Teabagger shenanigans and hate filled demonstrations, and they may want to lay claim to being the voice of a majority of Americans, but it isn't so.

Actual Healthcare Bill signed
Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy

(GOLD RIVER, B.C.) - The US Congress finally passed a health care bill, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As health care programs go, it holds no candle to the Canadian system or some of the other public systems around the world.

However, compared to the free market nightmare that the US was suffering under, it is a step forward. The insurance companies and other big corporations still rule, but now with a bit more government restraint on their rapacity.

What is amusing about this whole affair is the rabid reaction of the opponents to the bill. One wonders about the intellectual level of a great number of Americans, and about the disingenuousness of some who do have more than average intelligence.

One friend sent me a cartoon from the US showing an American flag with the Maple Leaf sewn over the Stars. How uninformed are they to think that the US program resembles anything remotely comparable to the Canadian one.

I read a wide variety of news stories every day, from right, left and out there somewhere. The so called conservative information sources are often a hoot.

Rabid frothing at the mouth and inane fantasies pass for news and commentary. One commentator on the health care bill said that the Democrats "decided to ignore the citizens and pass the legislation that furthers the road to socialism and communism." Wow! Passing a bill that still leaves a private, for profit health care industry in place, albeit with a few more regulations, is hardly a sign of impending socialism or communism. This tells us how far off of the deep end on the right that the commentator is.

The day before the same commentator said "Even though a majority of Americans are against the health care bill, and an even larger majority think it should be scrapped and started over from scratch, the Democrats think they can pass this obscenity." One must either come to the conclusion that this is propaganda spin a la Joseph Goebbels or the commentator is operating under the influence of some mind bending substance.

A majority of Americans, barely, may have been against this particular bill, but the inference the commentator would have you make is that they opposed any health care reform other than that which the conservatives might put forward. Fact is that earlier in the year a majority supported the bill in its initial stages, and dwindling support may be more a case of people believing that it was not progressive enough, particularly without a public option.

The rabid right may have all the press with their Teabagger shenanigans and hate filled demonstrations, and they may want to lay claim to being the voice of a majority of Americans, but it isn't so. A CNN poll conducted this month found that seventy-two percent of those polled favoured increasing the federal government's influence over the health care system.

A number of polls taken by various organizations over the past few years have returned results that favour a government single payer system. States are considering this, and in some districts ballot measures were passed overwhelmingly instructing elected representatives to support a cost effective single payer system.

It is pretty plain that aside from the corporations that stand a lot to lose if a cost effective, universal public system is created to replace the private one, and the mindless rabble that they can motivate to agitate for their cause, most people in the country want something better, and public. If wealth did not speak so loudly, and vested interests have so much power, they would have had it years ago.

Today the regressives are predicting that passing the current bill will be the death of the Democrats in the next election. That could be, or if the public starts to perceive benefits from it by then, it could be the death of the Republicans as people decide not to risk what they have gained.

Watching all of this from here makes one glad to be living in Canada.

********************************************** Jerry West grew up on a farm in Fresno County, California, and served with the US Marine Corps from 1965 to 1970 including 19 months in Vietnam with the Third Marine Division, and three years at MCAS Iwakuni where he became an anti-war organizer in 1970. He earned an Honors Degree in History at the University of California, Berkeley, and did two years of graduate study there. While in university he worked seasonally in fire and law enforcement with the US Forest Service.

After university he worked for a number of years in the international tour industry in operations and management before moving to a remote village on the west coast of Vancouver Island where he is currently the editor and publisher of The Record newspaper serving the Nootka Sound region. He is a Past President of the Northern California Land Trust, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

You can email Jerry West, Writer, at:

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O. North March 25, 2010 1:55 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King: Hey to the scumbag who keeps posting racist neocon BS under different names, if you have any guts at all, here is my email:  I know you're having little fits today trying to threaten us and you continually post under different names which is a direct violation of our rules.  The only rules are made and enforced by us.  This is a privately owned news organization, and absolutely anything that appears on our pages does so because we chose to allow it to be there.  There are no 'rights' and 'free speech' is something that applies to government office and public property.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and we try to be open about what we will and will not publish.  So person who writes things about my late parents and family that is of a threatening and ultra nasty insulting level, you have my email address.  It is clear that you hate me and want to see our brave news group fall, so let's get together and talk about your feelings.  You are really a person I would like to meet and spend time with.  I think you are a sad little nuisance, but you have said things in this comment section that are so foul and disrespectful and personal that I can't forget them, so in that way you are a victor.  Yes, you 'get to me' and yes, your statements are very hurtful.  I'll bet that makes your day.  So make mine and drop me an email and tell me where I can locate you, thanks. 

Jerry West March 24, 2010 12:14 pm (Pacific time)

Thanks for the laugh, bdubya. You might like to know that the so called Cal Berkeley (learn to spell, might improve your thought processes) liberalism includes John Yoo and some others like him. You think he is a liberal? Go figure!
And, according to the stats that I read, yeah, views moving around in the high 40s and low 50s makes it barely a majority, and that is only for the bill that was passed. The public option choice seems to be favored by way more than a simple majority, so whose throat was the seriously inadequate Obama bill really shoved down the most?
As for someone in Canada commenting on the US, so? I hold rights in both countries and am well versed in, and have participated in the politics of both. You would deny a fellow American the right to be involved in American political discourse?

douglas benson March 24, 2010 7:04 am (Pacific time)

The majority wanted a single payer system .I wanted at the very least a public option .Keep in mind I work [when I work] in the carpenters union and get great ins. this bill will cost me personally since they will either tax us or lower our coverage but the rising costs are killing us anyway . Blue cross just raised thier rates 26% or something like that .Who the heck is in charge of the Oregon ins regulation department ? Just because you can scream the loudest that you would rather see the poor and middle class suffer and die doesnt mean you are the majority .

bdubya March 23, 2010 10:31 pm (Pacific time)

Im not even sure what to say here.... is this guy for real? Sounds like typical Cal Berkley liberalism. We really care what some guy who opts to live in Canada thinks about our politics?  my favorite quote "A majority of Americans, barely, may have been against this particular bill, but the inference the commentator would have you make is that they opposed any health care reform other than that which the conservatives might put forward." barely a majority?
we still got it rammed down our throats! You "sheeple" just keep following Obama! from socialism straight into Marxism.

Editor: You can watch your mouth; you are talking to a former U.S. Marine and a Vietnam Veteran and your ridiculous assessment is only being included to show people the spirit and nature of those like you;  you are against poor Americans, so be it!  You get the black heart award, nobody gives a crap.  You are part of that tiny group of Americans who have the ability to make a hell of a lot of noise, rooting for insurance companies, and the rights of big pharma.  What a joke!  I can tell by the rest of what you said that you don't know the first thing about politics.  No offense, but the comment section is for intelligent conversation and discussion.  Guys like you show up exactly once here.  I love how the most sheepish of all have learned to lob that one back.  It makes as much sense as me calling you a hippy. 

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