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Will California Legalize in 2014?

One has to wonder, when will the state realize that this war is a losing battle which has been tearing California families apart for decades?

CCHI 2014
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(SACRAMENTO, CA) - With this year's historical progress made by Colorado and Washington, many here in California are wondering when will we see change?

With California leading the way with the medical marijuana industry the hope would be that we are not too far behind.

With so many still being arrested, jailed, and caught in the justice system every day. The burden is not only the taxpayers, but the families of the accused and the incarcerated that are paying the heaviest price. This all leads to another question, when will the State of California realize that this war is a losing battle which has been tearing California families apart for decades?

Michael Jolson is the chief proponent at California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014, which is a California San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles Area Political Organization,

This group is trying to accomplish the heavy task of legalizing both Hemp and Cannabis plants for recreational and industrial use by 2014 election time.

In an interview this week, Michael Jolson stated, The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative of 2014 has roots with Jack Herer from 1989.

Michael Jolson acknowledged this new initiative is an updated version of Jack Herer's original work. Offering both recreational and commercial avenues, this initiative allows for both aspects to be explored by the small time farmer or corporations wanting to venture into the marketplace.

This initiative is put forward to bring a final end to the prohibition of hemp and cannabis in California.

To accomplish this task, the initiative needs a gross of 750,000 voters to step forward and sign the petition. Financial backers in our community are also needed to see this dream become reality. Michael says that he believes there is time to get the people a compressive solution to ending prohibition once and for all, but the community must rally together and make it happen.

Also, the initiative has language to allow for the release of all current cannabis and hemp prisoners once their cases are held for a review by a judge.

The Legislative Analysis Office (LAO) estimated hundreds of millions in savings by eliminating the justice system's overload of cases and the unneeded jailing of California citizens.

To add to that, the LAO estimated hundreds of millions would be available in new generated tax funds by the industries that would be implemented.

Research and development would be a vital issue by studying the best ways to make Hemp and Cannabis the next boom in our state's history for fuel, fiber, and textiles by 2015.

The response has been overwhelming, Jolson says, with emails flooding their website daily. They are garnishing their grassroots supporters by fanning them into spreading the word with social media, and fundraising inquiries.

With statewide initiatives like California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014, the hope that California will be the next state to legalize marijuana is very high, no pun intended. So what is needed now is the community to get behind this progress and make real change happen.

One California event, the Bay Area Hempfest, which you can view @, is trying to do just that with a fun filled weekend of arcade games, music, food, panel discussions, and onstage demonstrations. All aimed at seeing the estimated 10,000 - 15,000 attendees become registered voters, signing petitions, and educating them at the same time.

This event is bringing awareness to Hemp and Cannabis in the hub of the MMJ community... the Bay Area.

Helping spread the word are major media outlets like; Skunk Magazine, The 420 times, THC Finder, HempVision TV, Big Buds Magazine, The Hemp Industries Association (HIA), Smell the Truth Media, Pot Locator, Budtrader, Weedquest, Dr.Greenleaf, Budbay, and The Nuglife Radio Show.

All have joined hands for one common goal: To bring sweeping reforms to California and its laws by allowing for the legalization of Hemp and Cannabis.

By educating the public and gaining signatures, we can ensure a strong foothold and spread the word that Hemp and Cannabis are here to stay.

This is necessary if we are to achieve an impact with our Legislature and the Congress in the year to come. We must show our elected officials that at the end of the day, the will of the people will dictate how our government operates not the opposite.

These steps towards taxing and increasing revenues would be instrumental in the fortification of a statewide renewable resources that many consider taboo.

Can you imagine driving down the highways, and the once empty fields are full with our bio-fuels and textile industries venturing into a untapped resource that rivals any chemical compounded or laboratory made fuel?

The carbon imprint alone would be reason enough to re-examine the past normalities of industrial waste we have visited upon our states waterways and airways. The job market would have a new arena to draw from and finally get people back to work in all aspects of production.

So this summer when you are looking for something to do, or somewhere to go.

Remember that a group of us is gathering to make real progress and change in our state laws for the coming year of 2014!

Join the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014, and come to Bay Area Hempfest and tell your friends to join the fight for freedom.

We need your support now more than ever ;)

Eric Salerno is a writer from Butte County, California. His background is with State and Federal Agencies assisting in recovery efforts in disaster stricken states.

In 2008 he began advocating for medical marijuana in his home state. This journey began after the supervisors in his district of Butte County enacted a moratorium on legal Prop. 215 patients rights to access and grow their own medicine. He was one of only 10 people to show up at the meeting and voice his concerns with their actions.

That year a coalition of mores than 300 residents was formed and a Vote NO on measure A campaign began. These residents of Butte County united to stop the interference of the county.

This campaign was successful with a large voter drive initiative and media campaign securing 55% of the voters saying NO on measure A.

Today Eric works endlessly from Southern California to Northern California advising and implementing political tactics, to ensure every Californian has the right to access legal safe medicine under the law.

You can write to Eric at this address:

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DrMesmer July 12, 2013 12:50 pm (Pacific time)

"The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this." - Albert Einstein The Time has come to bring sanity back to California! CCHI 2014!

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