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Counter-Terrorism Team Leader Rocks Radio Audiences

Learn how your city fathers force feed the FBI false crime figures.

Poor Man Prepper
To listen to this podcast from March 1, 2014, Click Here!

(SAN DIEGO) - When seconds count, the first responders won’t be coming. Coppers, firefighters and EMTs are being laid off from sea to shining sea. Already short-staffed public safety officers are being let go in a communistic manner right out of a Marxist management manual. The city fathers fire one copper, one librarian. One firefighter, one streets worker. One medic, one parks clerk. You get the idea. The old axiom “there’s never a cop around when you need one”.

Many cities and counties are flat broke due to reduced tax revenues because of high unemployment, exorbitant pensions paid to retired civil servants and monies spent on illegal aliens. 38 cities and counties have filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy since 2010 and more are teetering on the edge. Detroit, Chicago and Omaha are examples of government insolvency.

Wars Are You Prepared Sky High Crime Coming To Your Community Learn how your city fathers force feed the FBI false crime figures. The feckless feds publish the fraudulent figures found in the national crime statistics. This causes you to let your guard down, be complacent and a potential victim.

President Obama is keeping his pledge to ‘transform America’. He is taking funding from municipal and county public safety, devestating the military, and giving the funds to entitlements. He is encouraging his progressive freeloaders by offering free stuff favorites to ‘escape their jobs’ and be liberated from work, sit on the couch at home and compose poetry. Roses are red, violets are blue and we are screwed too.

The ridiculous plastic blow-dried Republican politicians are now joining the Democrats for amnesty, open border, Obamacare, gun confiscation and other programs, hoping to get votes from the freeloaders. Whats the odds on that happening?

Obama’s liberal lap dog media are largely ignoring the public safety cutbacks and minimizing the crime statistics. The media is misdirecting their viewers and readers about the ’militarization of the police’. They hide that Obama’s fear tactics includes incorporating, arming and training the DHS, FEMA, TSA, EPA and now the US Post Office in preparation for total control of the population under martial law. Picture Pauline, your 50 year old mail deliverer with her mail bag and an M-16 Assault Weapon. What an image!

Obamas Scandals 4 Sky High Crime Coming To Your Community Listen and learn from Yoda’s guest appearance on the popular Poor Man Prepper radio show. To listen to this podcast from March 1, 2014, Click Here!

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Dexter April 1, 2014 2:22 pm (Pacific time)

Great job

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