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Video Shows Historic Crossing of Israeli Apartheid Wall on Palm Sunday

Muslims, Christians and secular Jews are subjected to violent repeated violations of International Law.

Crossing Israel's apartheid wall
Photos: Active Stills

(BETHLEHEM) - Videos have been released of the historic march from Bethlehem toward Jerusalem, that breached apartheid walls on Palm Sunday, with demonstrators insisting on right of freedom of movement for Palestinians. After getting past the wall and moving two to three hundred meters inside the restricted area, the group turned around. When they began to exit, they were attacked by Israeli soldiers. Ten people of the original 16 taken into custody are still being held by the occupation forces, as are the donkey and horse used in the event! In the wake of this event, Israeli authorities are essentially punishing people in this town, by preventing even those few with permits from crossing between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Under International law, it is a war crime to level collective punishment. But the people will not succumb and in the Bethlehem area, we had other events in the days that followed. It also happened that Tuesday was Land Day and hundreds of demonstrations, vigils, and other events were held not only in Palestine but throughout the world. I will start with our own event in Beit Sahour.

Land Day events were appropriately held at Ush Ghrab, the threatened area of the Bethlehem district, and despite an Israeli military presence at the site, the events involved participation from over 1000 individuals from throughout the district; several towns and villages represented. Over 300 women and their very young kids participated, as the day is also a belated celebration of International Women's day. Six high schools sent buses. We also had volunteers and activists of all walks of life, and incredible photographs are also posted online[1][2][3]. The main action this year was in the town of Sakhnin in areas occupied since 1948. Over 10,000 attended the events from throughout historic Palestine, the events were photographed in many locations, and the images truly are inspiring[4]. Something else worth seeing is the Haaretz story, "Arab MKs join 10,000 protestors to mark Land Day"[5].

It is a shame the this event is covered widely throughout the region, but not in many western media outlets. In other areas, the Israeli troops attacked demonstrators. In Budrus several civilians were injured including a TV reporter, and in several locations in Gaza near the borders, Israeli troops opened fire on demonstrators- killing a youth and injuring many. Actions were also held outside of Palestine on Land Day, which is also International Day of Boycotts, Divestments, and Sanctions against Israeli Apartheid. An example of action from over 400 events world-wide is shown in the video, "Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Day of Action against Israeli Apartheid" which again illustrates what a few individuals can do to make a huge impact[6].

Around 200 Palestinians, Israelis and internationals walk from the Nativity Square to the direction of Jerusalem, against the restrictions imposed by the Israelis especially restrictions on the right to worship and freedom of movement as many Christians will not be able to go to Jerusalem to celebrate Easter in Jerusalem. The crowd managed to outnumber and surprise the Israeli soldiers and security forces at Bethlehem checkpoint and managed to walk through. After having walked 300 meters on the road to Jerusalem, they were stopped by Israeli soldiers. After having declared the march over and as they were walking back to Bethlehem, Israeli soldiers attacked the crowd and violently arrested around 15 persons, among them a Palestinian cameraman, an Israeli photographers, members of the popular committee from Al Ma'sara, and staff from Holy Trust.

On March 28, 2010, Palestinians and internationals, including Israelis, marched peacefully from the Nativity Church in Bethlehem to Jerusalem, in protest against the illegal Israeli violation of the international right of free movement and worship. [1] The IMEMC: Hundreds Mark Land Day In Beit Sahour Town [2] Hundreds Mark Land Day In Beit Sahour Town, Southern West Bank [3] International Middle East Media Center photostream [4] (see: panet.co.il photo pages) [5] Arab MKs join 10,000 protestors to mark Land Day) [6] Global Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) Day of Action against Israeli Apartheid ====================================================== Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD (formerly of Yale and Duke universities) teaches at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities in occupied Palestine and chairs the Palestinian Center for Rapprochement Between People. Professor Qumsiyeh has authored over 110 scientific papers in areas of mammalogy, biology, and medicine including mammalian biology and evolution, clinical genetics, and cancer research. He has published over 100 letters to the editor and 30 op-ed pieces in International, national, regional and local papers on issues ranging from politics to environmental issues. His appearances in national media include the Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, CNBC, C-Span, and ABC, among others. He is the founder and president of the Holy Land Conservation Foundation and ex-President of the Middle East Genetics Association, and Prof. Qumsiyeh won the Jallow activism award from the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee in 1998. Those are just a small list, visit Mazin Qumsiyeh's amazing and informative Website to learn more: qumsiyeh.org, and also pcr.ps.

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gp April 1, 2010 12:49 pm (Pacific time)

In film one, I was impressed at the ability of the Palestinians to remain peaceful in the face of the unprovoked attack upon the young man in green on the white horse, when those arrested went limp they were practicing classic passive resistance in the method taught by Gandhi. I saw that the group did their best to protect those who were being arrested from physical abuse without resorting to violence by surrounding and hanging on to them, this of course is a crime I am sure and worthy of arrest too.I was also impressed by the Jewish woman who was trying to mediate, at least I think she was Jewish, it sounded like English and Yiddish she was speaking and they IDF seemed to give her a little more slack than the others. Good on the peacemaking foreign Jews and those Israelis who work for peace and justice.

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