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Sri Lankan Buddhist Mobs Call for Mosque Demolition

Sri Lanka's ethnic cleansing program calls for demolition of another mosque that suddenly is determined to be 'in the wrong place'.
See more photos of the Kalutara mosque here:

(SALEM / KALUTARA, Sri Lanka) - Dozens of Buddhists held a demonstration today urging Sri Lanka's government to dismantle a mosque located in a Buddhist area. This, after mobs of Buddhist monks stormed the mosque at Dambulla last month.

Critics say it is simply another example of Sri Lanka's perpetual ethnic cleansing program that began with national independence in 1948. The Tamil Hindus and Christians have bore the brunt of the killings and oppression in Sri Lanka; now that the government has exterminated up to 160k Tamils, it is turning its attention toward the Muslims.

Pro-government press reports that the protesters marched peacefully through Kalutara town south of Colombo on Monday; however others who witnessed the group described it as another mob action.

The government says the mosque and a Hindu temple are located in the wrong place, and would be demolished and relocated. Muslim clerics and politicians have strongly opposed the decision.

An organizer of Monday's protest, Asoka Menikkgoda, reportedly said the government should safeguard Buddhism, the state religion, and not yield to Muslim pressure.

For people who know anything at all about the cold slaughter of the Tamil population, it seems the Buddhists have gone a thousand steps over the line protecting their religious values. They use tools like artillery, machetes, and rape, to enforce their ideals.

Never before the government war against the Tamils, have Buddhists been viewed as homicidal military maniacs and government terrorists, now millions see the former nation of Ceylon in this light.

In fact the Buddhist monks have been responsible for years of violence in this island nation. In the 1980's Sinhalese Buddhists led an arson rampage on Tamils because of a victory the resistance group in the north, the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) scored over Sri Lankan soldiers.

Americans in particular, should note that it was the U.S. government that made Sri Lanka's Rajapakse regime answer to war crimes in Geneva in recent months. It only amounted to a slap on the wrist, and has had no impact on reversing trends in this extremely violent place, where tourists are increasingly being murdered.


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Niru September 6, 2014 5:44 am (Pacific time)

There is something really wrong in the Sri Lankan psyche. I am an ex-pat Tamil from Sri Lanka, fortunately leaving (originally with the intention of returning) in 1977. I went to University in Peradeniya, loved it, and most of my friends were Sinhalese. But there was an animosity even then among intelligent Sinhalese that they could hear Tamils talking to each other and they couldn't understand it. It disturbed their world view of being a homogeneous, uniform people. It seems to me that it is not a culture that can cope with multi-culturalism. Why? I am not sure. There was antagonism to English as well. It could be the leftover effects of Colonialism. Too many drank the koolaid, and believed that the west was better and therefore developed a chip. Tamils worked harder as there were fewer options. I would say one thing - Tamils in general dont feel sorry for themselves. They are used to hard work, to having to go the extra mile. I have never heard anyone complain among my Tamil relatives of it being too hard etc. And they come down quite hard on people trying to take the easy option. This was not so true in the south, where life was easier. Was it easier to blame someone else for your troubles? Could be.

Josh Akers July 10, 2012 10:15 am (Pacific time)

This whole Sri Lanka thing is SO troubling as a (Tibetan) Buddhist practitioner. THAT IS NOT BUDDHISM!!! THE MONKS SHOULD ALL BE DISROBED AND THROWN IN THE STREET.

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