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22 Year Old Man Cited for Touching Children

Police want to remind the public to always report any suspicious persons and/or activities to law enforcement immediately.

Samuel H Gardiner
Samuel H Gardiner

(SALEM OR) - Salem Police detectives have issued a criminal citation to a 22-year old Salem man for allegedly approaching children and attempting to touch them for sexual reasons.

Samuel H Gardiner was interviewed by detectives and issued a citation for Attempted Harassment based on reports that he approached young children and attempted to make physical contact with them.

Gardiner is believed to frequent places where children are present.

The Salem Police Department wishes to remind parents and guardians to be mindful of the safety and well being of their children. Parents and guardians should monitor anyone who is in the proximity of their children and assure that children are supervised at all times.

Adults should also speak with their children about staying away from strangers, and seeking help from a responsible adult if approached by a stranger.

Police want to remind the public to always report any suspicious persons and/or activities to law enforcement immediately.

Source: Salem Police


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Samuel Gardiner May 19, 2013 2:57 pm (Pacific time)

I would not do this to any kids. PTCN had no right to give false warnings to the police. How can they say l was at the kroc center when I was with them at that time!

Tom Madison May 11, 2013 7:25 pm (Pacific time)

"Adults should also speak with their children about staying away from strangers, and seeking help from a responsible adult if approached by a stranger. " It isn't the strangers that parents should worry about. Federal crime stats tell us that the vast majority of sex criems against children are commmited by family members and acquaintances to the child. It's time we stopped talking about this idiotic "stranger danger" as the only way a child could be harmed sexually.

Anonymous May 11, 2013 3:26 pm (Pacific time)

Two sides to this story..I, for instance love kids, and at the same time, if I knew someone was hurting one of them, or physically touching, I wouldnt call the police, I would shoot them myself. (being dramatic, just making a point) So now, when I go up to a child, share a smile, I will be arrested. Sometimes, when I see a kid, I will do that thing where you put your thumbs in your ears, and wiggle your fingers at them, they smile. Its like at home they never smile I guess. So, I guess my days of a smile, or a kind word to a child are over. I guess we are all in a prison police state now. I think everyone is living in fear, caused by the media, (the headline of this article accuses him of touching,when there is no proof). And having to tell people to keep an eye on their kids shows just how stupid americans have become. I have chickens, and even chickens keep an eye are their young. The paranoia is beyond comprehension. Too bad people dont know what child protection services around the country are doing. It is so bad, I had to get away from it when I advocated for reform. I could not sleep at night, finding out what child protective services do to kids. I beleive I read an article here on salem-news about it awhile back. To Nicolas: if what you are saying is true, calm down, use good language and be professional. Just a suggestion if truly you are on the right side. I cant find a law in regards to "attempted" harassment, but harasment is a misdemeanor, he wont go to jail, unless he has many priors, and if he does, thats a diffrent story. And let him know, there are many just like me that will take him down if he ever touches a child, and let him know that in prison, he will be probably be killed. The chances of a child being molested come more from their own family, teachers, schoolmates, priests, or the child protection services. The chance of your child being molested by a stranger are so small, well, you would have more of a chance of your child dieing from a bee sting. The recommendations from the police are valid commom sense, but dont get so paranoid that you go overboard. Living in a society of constant fear, is not a society worth living in. Learn the facts I mentioned above, and find out who you should really be worried about. TO anon at 5:43pm..he was not accused of "allegedly hurting" children, he was accused of "allegedly harassing". Which means there was no proof from the investigation that "hurting/touching" was invloved. If police wanted to protect our youth, they would look into the child protection services. Research it yourself, there is a search engine on your computer, simply type it in and learn. My apologies for writing a novel, but this takes me back to my days fighitng for CPS reform..A time I wish I could forget.

nicolas morales May 11, 2013 8:40 am (Pacific time)

I kown this man there is No way he would do a such thing like that I live with him 5 years ad this is some bullshit ad the city of Salem is just try to put this man in jail ad I won't let them Cuz I will fight this bullshit case

Anonymous May 10, 2013 5:43 pm (Pacific time)

Wow a man "allegedly" attempts to hurt children and all he gets is a citation. It's nice to know how Salem really feels about protecting our youth.

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