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Waterfront Sportsman Motorcycle Ride Will Benefit Clean Water

Complete Details for the Waterfront Sportsman Motorcycle Ride for Water Quality from Camp Pendleton, Camp Lejeune, NC & Month Long Motor Coach Camp

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(CAMP LEJEUNE, NC) - Waterfront Sportsman is Sponsoring a Motorcycle Ride for Water Quality that is also exposing the financial corruption related to Broken Dreams in the False Claims Act as to the Spin to the Scope of the ex PGA President Will Mann and the PGA. The Pin that Bust the Real Estate Bubble and lead to the Fall of the Euro. Read your feedback to Bobby Ginns spin. I have a TV Show and was sue by the ex President of the PGA Will Mann who was working with Bobby Ginn, and Bernie Madolf to sell investors into un feasible projects where to land was too low to build on or too high to build on. Will Mann Sued me Fed.Case No:CV 172 -D2 The case is going to Trial next week May 14, 2012

In the US District Court
For the Eastern District of North Carolina
For the Western Division
May 14, 2012

This case is going to be on trial at the same time that John Edwards is on Trial in Greensboro, NC. The Law Suit was an attempt to discredit me for all that I have written in the "Waterfront Sportsman" Internet Magazine that has become the authority on Environmental and Financial Corruption.

Updates and Background

Greeting "Waterfront Sportsman" is all about Promoting and Protecting Our Lakes, Rivers, and Aquifers, while Honoring all of our Military, their families from the PCS Mine from dewatering our Aquifers, Lifting of the Ban for Uranium Mining in Virginia, and Municipal Sludge Spreading by Synagro permitting by Burlington, N.C for Labcorp Toxic Waste.

As you review all the "Waterfront Sportsman" TV Shows that are on demand on WHIG TV Rocky Mt., you will see that I have become by default the largest International Qui Tam Whistle Blower and False Claims Relator under the U.S. Dobbs Franks Act that uncover that the ex- President of the PGA, Bernie Madoff, and Bobby Ginn was the pin that burst the real estate bubble on over 400 golf courses, and that I uncovered the 50 year long cover up that the PCS Mine was the source of all the Water Quality and failing well in eastern, NC, Va, & S.C.

I have sued PCS for Water Contamination and Subsidence due to the threat to 342,000 jobs east of I-95 in North Carolina that depend on Tourism, Lodging, & Dining.

Waterfront Sportsman has created a defence fund to identify all harmed parties not represented by the Law Suit Against the United States Government filed by our friend Attorney Joe Anderson in Winston Salem/Washington, D.C.

File Law Suits Against the Virginia Uranium Inc. for damages to Waterfront Property Values the Roanoke River Basin, Smith Mountain Lake, Barrister Lake, Kerr Lake, Hyco Lake, and lake Gaston created by the fear "Stigma" associated by repeated False Claims by the Agents and "Spin Doctor" of Virginia Uranium Inc and lobbyist for mining in Virginia and North Carolina. We will be naming "Enemies in the Camp " personally of Bi State Commission for False Claims long with lobbyist and agents.

We are moving against the Municipality of Burlington, N.C. to be put into Receivership for Insolvency created by the liability from the Permitting for 3,800 acres to spread sludge with Synagro Labcorp in six neighboring counties including upstream of Burlington, Mebane, Elon and Riedsville. The "Watershed" for Lake Jordan Reservoir. and Haw River is one of the primary sources for the the Greater Raligh 10 County to inter basin transfer from the Cape Fear River Basin to the Neuse River Basin both River Basins are threaten by all Sludge Spreading in 70 Counties. Synagro also "Located Washington, N.C along with DENR Eastern Office and Across the River from the PCS Mine.

Burlington,N.C. and NC DENR Offices on Hwy #1 Capital Blvd, the Alermarle Building on the Mall behind the legislative Offices in Raligh where Director of Water Quality Colleen Sullins has approved the all water contamination projects in North Carolina and the Washington,N.C DENR offices located in the Washington Wall which will be focal points for all rides and campers to inundate from MAY 24,- JUNE 7 AND BEYOND.

Womack Publishing in Chatham, Va. is the bought and sold media base that owns publications in Yanceyville, Mebane, Hillsbourough, Smith Mt. Lake, surrounding areas around Smith Mt. Lake, Lake Gaston, & the Outer Banks that were bought off to cover up for the Va. Uranium Inc, Labcorp, and the massive subsidence and over 1 billion dollars that was misappropriated by the Clean Water Trust Fund that was air marked for Priority Needs for Water Quality Issues in North Carolina. Camp Lejeune Cherry Point, had and still have the greatest NEEDS.

After over 1 million emails the creation of a International Whistle Blower Internet Magazine and a TV Show over the last four years Beverly Perdue and Walter Dalton continued to cover up all of these and meeting personally with Pat McCory, and later his water boy Staffer for hire Hudson at Attorney Gene Boyce where he lied before 2 attorneys and 5 other Members of the "Environmental Investigation Coalition" & Elisabeth Dole at the Sarah Palin visit to Greenville, N.C. during the 2008 campaign. I also meet personally with Sen. Burr in Asheville, N.C and Sen. Hagan Staffer Jean Reaves in Raleigh all received documents and that supported all finding Original Waterfront sportsman magazine. I fell that I am more qualified and have done more to Protect Health Care Issues by using an in your face Water Quality and Protect United States and NC.

I spoke before the Burlington City Counsel where life long so called friend Attorney David Huffman that my Dad wrote a letter for him to get into Law School and Mayor Ronnie Wall who coach my kids and was the Principal of the Elementary School both lied as I ask them to cancel the contract. Yes I have give everyone in State Government to answer the hard question with no answers, actions or solution. Yes I am the most qualified candidate for both NC.Gov. and President of the United States as they both seem to be disconnected form the disenfranchised and the Tattoo Generation while their wife enjoy spending more money on one garment than the entire wardrobe of an family and shoes for them to wear for years.

At the present the United States Government owns me in excess of $175 billion dollars for uncovering the PGA, ex President of the PGA Will Mann, Bernie Madoff, Bobby Ginn International 500 billion dollar Ponzie Scheme that was the pin that burst real estate bubble and dreams of the Baby Boomer Generation and have.

M.Dale Swiggett
Founder Waterfront Sportsman Multi Media
Co- Founder of the Environmental Investigation Coalition
Co-Founder of the "Toxic Asset Recovery Team"
Write in Candidate for Governor of North Carolina
Write in Candidate for President of the United States
Votes will be counted by the number of RPMS of the V-Twins, the Sq. yards of my Brothers and Sister with Ink and Veterans from WWII to today and my Jewish Life Long Friends who have had it with the movement to Socialism by Oboma. Listed below are a few of the "Waterfront Sportsman Nation" headed across the United States of America. It is the message of Waterfront Sportsman not always the money that counts.My V-Twins, Tattooed and Veteran Friends Do Not Trust Anybody in Pin Striped Suits.,,,,,,

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Anonymous January 11, 2016 9:28 am (Pacific time)

Dale Swigett is a lier. Look it up the court FOUND DALE SWIGGETT GUILTY.......

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