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Local Residents to State: 'If you won't stop the pesticides, we will!'

"Another world is possible. Creating it requires courage"-Sandra Steingraber

Stop pesticides

(TRIANGLE LAKE, OR) - The Oregon Health Authority released it's assessment regarding the Hwy 36 Pesticide Exposure Investigation last night in a town hall meeting in Triangle Lake.

Activists with the group Standing Together to Outlaw Pesticides (STOP) demonstrated outside, replicating the reality of toxic spraying, while bringing awareness to chemical trespass.

Members of STOP and communities across the State are frustrated over the States apparent unwillingness to stop the pesticides from trespassing into communities, onto properties, and into bodies.

The meeting at the Triangle Grange was held by The Oregon Health Authority to discuss their assessment of the ongoing investigation into whether local residents were exposed to pesticides from the timber industry's helicopter spraying of clear-cuts.

Wearing chemical suits and carrying backpack sprayers, while a helicopter circled overhead, protesters replicated a common application of pesticides.

The Investigation tested for only 2 chemicals out of a multitude of pesticides, used on a regular basis in rural Oregon. They found that 96% of those tested were positive for 2,4-D, a common timber pesticide, along with Atrazine and Glyphosate.

Even after spring urine samples revealed a spike in levels following timber spray applications, the investigation refused to acknowledge that timber industry pesticides could be a source of exposure.

The study ignored new science showing that low doses do have detrimental as well as synergistic effects.

Ruling out all pathways of exposure but air, EPA is finally developing and will be deploying passive air samplers to fill in some of the data gaps. However, it is unlikely that air monitoring will occur until late 2013 or 2014.

The Exposure Investigation was put on hold March 8, 2012 due to timber industry choosing to move their chemical applications. The change in local pesticide applications has made it more difficult for OHA to fully answer the questions posed by The Exposure Investigation. Read the full report, which is up for public comment until July 9th, 2013 here...

STOP is an organization, with members across the State, who have been advocating for our right to
health, and a chemical free body, calling upon the governor to declare a moratorium on forestry
Find out more at

Eron King
S.T.O.P./ Standing Together to Outlaw Pesticides!

"Another world is possible. Creating it requires courage"-Sandra Steingraber



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4% May 31, 2013 10:14 pm (Pacific time)

No mention here of the fact that 95% of all Americans have 2,4-D in their urine, at levels deemed to be safe. The residents of Triangle Lake have levels no different than any other American. And, no mention of the fact that only 4% of all registered pesticides are applied to the Oregon forests, making it statistically the least likely place to be exposed. No mention here of the fact that urine samples that contained atrazine were self collected by the protesters (not Oregon Health Authority) in February and no applications of atrazine are usually applied that early in the year. 2,4-D is available at every hardware store for any homeowner to purchase. No wonders OHA refuses to acknowledge a source of exposure.

WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G May 31, 2013 5:53 pm (Pacific time)

STOP is a little club that is composed of non-expert activists with a cutesy title of Standing Together To Outlaw Pesticides. They use civil disobedience as a weapon of coercion against the governor for the purpose of declaring prohibition against the use of pest control products in forestry. Many anti-pesticide activists are so scientifically illiterate that they can only rely upon frequently practicing civil disobedience and harassment and coercion against government officials and professional applicators. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has the essential expertise on pest control products, and not STOP. Nonetheless, anti-pesticide environmental terrorism will never end. Moreover, STOP has clear vested interests in promoting prohibition against pest control products. Here are some real facts about 2,4-D herbicide. 2,4-D has been used for the control of broad-leaved weeds in the urban landscape since 1946. 2,4-D has a 65-year unblemished safety record regarding long-term risk to health.  2,4-D does not cause cancer. Both United States Environmental Protection Agency and Health Canada conducted reviews of the scientific literature and concluded there was no evidence of a link between cancer and 2,4-D. The World Health Organization lists 2,4-D in the same cancer-risk category as pickled vegetables and cell-phones. In other words, 2,4-D is less toxic than pickles.  In fact ... 2,4-D is rated as practically non-toxic. It is less toxic than table salt, baking soda, Tylenol, and aspirin. 2,4-D is probably the most studied and best understood of any chemical ... not just pesticide ... in existence.  It has been the subject of over 40,000 studies. 2,4-D has been re-evaluated 17 times, and each time passing tougher scrutiny.  2,4-D herbicide does not contain harmful dioxins. 2,4-D is not Herbicide Orange ( aka Agent Orange ). 2,4-D is scientifically safe and causes no harm.     WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G

pinkfloyd May 30, 2013 10:02 am (Pacific time)

I started advocating against these types of things over a decade ago...Sorry, but no one listened and now its too late. (My life story). The "farmhand" in the other article who wrote about a conversation at a bar (lol), might want to hear this also. GMO wheat has been found in 16 states, (USDA admits)including Oregon and California. (GMO wheat is not legal in the U.S.) China has already banned GMO corn imports, along with many other countries, and now Japan is banning import of wheat that comes from the U.S. because of this new information. Other countries to follow. Many countries have banned GMO. U.S. exports of agriculture is one of the main exports that support the U.S. financial grid. The farmhand will be out of work soon thanks to the "liberal" attitude. And thanks to obama, monsanto can now do anything it wants with ZERO reprocusions including law suits or criminal charges. Clinton and Bush send all our jobs to China, now the majority of other countries will ban imports of U.S. agriculture foods. Seems to me both liberal and conservative leaders do nothing but destroy this country. Maybe because the leaders are all bought and paid for by corporations? ya think? maybe? BY the way, study after study show GMO food causes cancer tumors in mice. This is why the cancer epidemic is going thru the roof, watch it even get worse. Its called "eugenics"...and cancer does not care if you are liberal or conservative. more info:

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