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Is John McCain the Ultimate Infidel? (VIDEO)

People instantly associate the word "Infidel" with Islam, but in reality it, like the word infidelity, simply refers to someone who is not faithful or "Nunquam Fidelis".

POW John McCain being
During the Vietnam War, the Cubans developed their own "show and tell" prisoner interrogation program. Pictured above is then POW John McCain being "interviewed" by Cuban psychiatrist Fernando Barrel. The interview took place outside the POW camp in a North Vietnamese government office. During the interview, McCain was offered and accepted fresh fruit, tea and cookies.

(SALEM, Ore.) - I have been contacted by many people over John McCain's war record. Many believe important facts about the senator's history are being overlooked while his campaign speaks of integrity and honor.

This is not something to tread upon nonchalantly, but the amount of questions from viewers led us to research many facts and theories. Some findings have been shocking, others not so much. Either way, it is information worthy of your knowledge.

Recognizing that John McCain has used his former POW status as a platform for his election campaign, it seemed only fitting to shine a light on McCain's other accomplishments, the ones that are less than flattering. The senator's shortcomings seem worth discussing when he brands himself so thoroughly as a national hero.

The list of less than faithful actions by McCain tend to make former President Bill Clinton's indiscretions look tame. The settings during which McCain was unfaithful include national security.

* McCain turned his back on POW/MIA families along with Senator John Kerry, when they believed their loved ones were alive and still in Vietnam. (committee rejected idea of living POW's)

* McCain was filmed by the North Vietnamese Army as a POW, revealing information about his role in the Navy, even identifying his admiral. Critics of this cooperation believe the information McCain provided to the enemy could have been used to help coordinate the downing of more U.S. aircraft.

* McCain was unfaithful to his wife who held the torch for him during his years of captivity.

* McCain divorced his wife because she had been crippled in a car crash, and 30 days later married a woman almost two decades his junior.

POW McCain on Film

Famous photo of John McCain being saved by local Vietnamese
after he parachuted from his Navy jet, straight into a lake where he
almost drowned

I was contacted by a Vietnam War Marine veteran who told me his platoon captured and killed two North Vietnamese soldiers who were transporting a film canister through the jungle. The Marine says he and a few others watched the film which showed John McCain denouncing the United States. Shortly after that, the film reel was confiscated by an officer, never to be seen again.

This story was corroborated by another veteran who wrote to, saying that McCain definitely made statements denouncing the U.S. role in the war in Vietnam. Others have suggested that McCain revealed critical information to the enemy that was used to bring down more American airplanes.

According to the U.S. Veterans Dispatch in March, 2008, "McCain implies that he made only one propaganda broadcast for the communists, but Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffers say he made over 30."

Some will quickly dismiss these recorded statements as something the senator was "forced" to do but there are American prisoners of war in nearly every conflict who refuse to provide information beyond their name, rank and serial number. John McCain made these statements without a gun to his head, without torture, from a hospital bed. The extent of what McCain shared with his Communist captors will likely never be known.

Ted Sampley fought with US Special Forces in Vietnam and today leads campaigner for veterans' rights. He said, "I have been following John McCain's career for nearly 20 years. I know him personally. There is something wrong with this guy and let me tell you what it is — deceit."

This leads to one of the wildest theories of all; one shared by a number of Vietnam vets: that years of Communist captivity could have been used to plant a seed destined for "delayed harvest".

The Theory of "The Manchurian Candidate"

John McCain was held by his Communist captors for five and a half years. Many people in his shoes did not emerge alive. One of those people, a friend of McCain's named Major Bob Craner, died while in captivity.

Laurence Harvey & Frank Sinatra in the 1962
movie, The Manchurian Candidate

In 1985, John McCain went back to Vietnam with Walter Cronkite, for the first time since his release. Recalling the friend he lost in Bob Craner, McCain said, "I was here alone and had no one to talk to or communicate with, I would communicate with him by tapping on the wall and we became very close during that two year period."

McCain told Cronkite the Communists did plenty to shake their systems of belief.

"What we resented were the attempts to subvert our belief in our country, faith in our government as prisoners and that is where most of the difficulties arose."

In 1985, McCain made no attempt to state that he did not cooperate with the North Vietnamese. He essentially stated during that interview that the Communists had the ability to cause doubts about the mission McCain and the other POW's were part of.

"That of course is one of the reasons they didn't want us to organize and communicate with one another, because if you can, your doubts are removed."

McCain was more specific about his cooperation with the enemy with this statement, "There's no doubt that all of us were weak from time to time, I was, unfortunately. Not all of us can emulate John Wayne."

Wikipedia states, "The Manchurian Candidate is a 1959 thriller novel written by Richard Condon, adapted into films in 1962 and 2004. It is about the son of a prominent political family who has been brainwashed into becoming an unwilling assassin for the Communist Party. The novel has been banned in communist states "for political reasons" and was 'condemned by the American Legion'."

In spite of the recent Olympic Games, China is what it was during the Vietnam War; a Communist nation that utilizes practices and policies of a political system that has murdered tens of millions. The North Vietnamese were closely associated with other Communist countries, and the system is still in place; Vietnam and China are close trade partners today.

U.S. Veterans Dispatch posed the question, "Does McCain's former interrogators, the communist Vietnamese, Russians, Chinese and Cubans have anything in their secret intelligence files about his behavior as a prisoner with which they could blackmail a President John McCain?" (see: John McCain: The Manchurian Candidate connection).

Perhaps it is nothing but a wild idea, but John McCain spent five and a half years according to his own testimony, listening to Communist propaganda and being denied sufficient time with other POW's.

Former POW Deprives Families of Hope

John McCain and John Kerry angered POW/MIA families and activists during the 1991-92 Senate Select Committee on POW and MIA Affairs. Kerry was co-chairman and McCain was a committee member. The Select Committee was tasked with resolving the lingering POW/MIA issue by either gaining the release of American prisoners of war believed to be alive under the control of Hanoi, or explaining what happened to the missing prisoners. They opted for the latter.

At the time, POW/MIA families were outraged by the tactics of both McCain and Kerry. In all likelihood, there was a reason for forcing the families to abandon hope.

Ted Sampley says that in hindsight, "it is obvious that McCain and Kerry were more interested in using the Select Committee as a means to justify lifting the U.S. imposed trade embargo against Vietnam than resolving the issue of missing U.S. servicemen."

McCain went to a lot of effort to say that no POWs could be alive. But years after the war was officially over, in 1979, a Marine named Robert Garwood emerged from Vietnam. It proved that we did not know everything we thought we knew.

Garwood was the last POW to come home from the Vietnam War, and McCain wasted little time in going for his throat. McCain accused his fellow Vietnam POW of being a traitor and a liar and continuing the anguish of the POW/MIA families by "lying" about having seen live Americans. Yet this American had just emerged from captivity, and his live sightings were recent.

McCain said, "These efforts and other constitute an enduring betrayal of his country. And anyone who may be manipulating Garwood for their own ends is a co-conspirator in this betrayal." (see: McCain's Attack on the Last Vietnam POW Underscores a History of Poor Discretion )

In reality, American POW's probably lived for many years after the war officially ended in 1975 and could be alive today. The efforts of both McCain and Kerry to dismiss and even humiliate the efforts of the families of the POW's and MIA's make no sense in terms of honor. McCain has referred to POW/MIA families as "whiners and vultures, and lunatic fringe."

This excerpt was published in Washington Weekly on February 14th 2000:

"And that would appear to be the sticking point with many former POWs; why has McCain been so disrespectful, not to say abusive, to the families of POW/MIAs? They come to Washington in desperation, seeking help to locate their loved ones only to be subjected to a torrent of abuse by the terrible-tempered senator, who then goes so far as to sick the Justice Department on them. This sort of behavior by an elected official requires some explanation, but none has been forthcoming."

McCain's ignoring of Vietnam veteran's post-war issues did not end with the POW/MIA families, according to George W. Bush's 2000 campaign team attacked John McCain's record on veteran's affairs, alleging that the senator had neglected legislation dealing with Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome. J. Thomas Burch Jr., chairman of the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Committee, said in support of George W. Bush that McCain had done "virtually nothing to assist families of POW/MIA's still missing in Vietnam".

McCain said, "The people who have done these things are not zealots in a good cause. They are the most craven, most cynical and most despicable human beings to ever run a scam."

Unfaithful to His Wife

John McCain with his first wife Carol on their wedding day

When compared to all of the drum beating during the Clinton presidency over his extramarital activity with intern Monica Lewinsky, there has been little mention of McCain's disregard for the vows of marriage during this campaign.

McCain dumped his first wife after she had been disabled in an auto accident. Although this woman had worked tirelessly to get him released from captivity, he did not hesitate to betray her with other women upon finding her crippled when he returned home.

The Daily Mail UK newspaper, in a June 2008 article, said this in regard to McCain's first wife, "She was the woman McCain dreamed of during his long incarceration and torture in Vietnam's infamous 'Hanoi Hilton' prison and the woman who faithfully stayed at home looking after the children and waiting anxiously for news. But when McCain returned to America in 1973 to a fanfare of publicity and a handshake from Richard Nixon, he discovered his wife had been disfigured in a terrible car crash three years earlier."

This apparently sat poorly with John McCain and he was soon having extramarital affairs. In fact, reports from the time indicate that McCain racked up quite a reputation as a womanizer.

John and Cindy McCain's wedding day

In 1979, McCain met Cindy at a cocktail party. The senator then divorced his faithful wife Carol and married Cindy, the daughter of one of the richest men in Arizona, thirty days later. It seems that McCain got more than just a wife in the bargain, he married into a family that already had quite a reputation in that state, and a lot of money.

Ted Sampley who knows John McCain personally, said, "When he came home and saw that Carol was not the beauty he left behind, he started running around on her almost right away. Everybody around him knew it. Eventually he met Cindy and she was young and beautiful and very wealthy. At that point McCain just dumped Carol for something he thought was better."

John McCain was a Navy jet pilot whose life was forever impacted when he was shot down over Vietnam. The man made a contribution to his nation that deserves our respect, there is no question about that. But war records do not equate to presidential qualifications.

We live in a world where the tiniest details of Barack Obama's life are continually placed under a microscope and where entities like the McCain/Palin campaign make harsh accusations about mostly off-base points, calling Obama's actual patriotism into question.

In reality, John McCain's record may deserve far more scrutiny.

Below is the actual video recording of the POW camp interview with McCain: (he reveals information and tells his captors that is is being treated well, contradicting accounts of his harsh treatment at the hands of the NVA.) It is part of a French documentary about McCain's time as a POW in North Vietnam:

Below, a 1985 interview in Vietnam with Walter Cronkite and John McCain:



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United States Senator John McCain September 2, 2018 10:45 am (Pacific time)

Why is John McCain seen as a traitor by some? There is a code of conduct for soldiers who find themselves prisoners of war. Most everyone has heard the name, rank, service number routine. Also, the soldier swore to continue to resist and make every attempt to escape. Information gleaned from a POW is usually worthless within hours of his/her capture, and certainly within days, no matter how thick or high the secrets they possess. Whatever useful information a soldier has, it turns very sour on the enemy, as soon as it is noticed the soldier is missing, unless the interrogators are, total fools. An example is a German pilot who got shot down, bailed out, and captured by the Soviet Army. He had been flying a Me 109, but the Soviets found out he had been checked out in, and operated the Me 262 jet. They started applying advanced interrogation techniques on him to learn about the plane. He told them he could tell them how to advance the throttles, or where the arming button for the guns is located, but he explained he was a jockey, not a veterinarian. Willy Messerschmidt was not allowed to go anywhere close to being captured. Further interrogation of the pilot was just a waste of time. Then came the hot Korean conflict. POWs were interrogated by the North Koreans long after they could have any useful information. Some were physically tortured, some of them succumbed to the pain and broke, some did not, but there was also a new technique employed, and it took time. Put into a dark box, not large enough to even stretch out, it is called sensory deprivation, and along with other enhancements, it turns a person insane, malleable, and open to the ridiculous suggestions. Like confessing to the war crime of being ordered to bomb hospitals and orphanages, and in doing so. Some of those who broke under this new kind of interrogation feared to be repatriated, thinking they would be tried for collaboration upon their return. American psychologists and psychiatrists, after interviewing some of these ex-POWs, determined that, given enough time, anyone, if not everyone, could be broken. The US military had to change the code of conduct, and they did. Now that code includes the addition that if a soldier is broken, and signs junk, he/she is not permanently broken. The soldier, once the interrogation results are rewarded, gets the ability to gather him/herself, and resist again. The interrogators must start all over. John McCain made them start all over on him sometimes, until his Vietnamese interrogators finally gave up, and threw him into a miserable cell, and not back into his horribly, miserable dark box. His conduct, during his interrogation period, and after that, was nothing short of heroic. People who say McCain was a traitor, should be subjected to some enhanced interrogation techniques, which wont leave a mark on their bodies, but it will undoubtedly change their already feeble minds.

D. Fredricks November 8, 2008 9:51 pm (Pacific time)

Actually Infidel means 'non believer'....

Bill Dumas November 3, 2008 10:33 pm (Pacific time)

For more information on McCain's "infidelity" and to view the award-winning documentary film, Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search For America's POWs, please visit

Lance Carson November 3, 2008 3:34 pm (Pacific time)

It makes me sick that people have let this little idiot get this far. McCain is an embarrassing joke and he is no hero.

Dakota Wiz November 3, 2008 2:38 pm (Pacific time)

There are folks out there who actually believe this propaganda? I've never seen a site like this and can't even imagine an audience for it. I suppose it explains a lot. God help us!

Vic November 2, 2008 9:17 am (Pacific time)

Has anyone heard anything about McCain supposedly starting the fire on the USS Forrestal by "wet-starting" his plane? I have read several accounts of it, but never hear it mentioned. It sounds crazy, but.....

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