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CIRCUMCISION as Attenuated Homicides

The great minds know very well that the object, so treated, is an artificial abstraction, that something of its reality has been lost. C. S. Lewis.[1]

More attention than ever is being directed toward the physically dangerous and psychologically debilitating process of infant male circumcision.
More attention than ever is being directed toward the physically dangerous and psychologically debilitating process of infant male circumcision.

(MONTEREY, Calif.) - Genital rituals are forms of play homicide without the intent of taking life.  Thus, circumcision is a mock death ritual.[2] 

The theory of initiation ceremonies is that a person, the initiate, must die from an existing life to be reborn into a proper social order.

Humans are a predator species.  Our choice is not violence or non-violence.  The choice is what level of violence we find acceptable.[3]  Ritual, as group behavior, is often a violent act to control and direct violence for the social purpose.[4]

      Matriarchal and patriarchal functions cannot exist without the other.[5]  Circumcision has similarities to other acts of violence.  Group killings are psychologically similar to Gang Rape.[6]  And, acculturated homicides fit the category of Team Killers in all three sub-sets: Male-Female Teams, Same Sex Teams and Family Teams.[7]

John Douglas of the FBI stated: “Serial killers are inadequate types to begin with, and the ones who need partners to carry out their work are the most inadequate of all.”[8]

For Jerusalemic religions, the Garden of Eden story eliminates Mesopotamian matriarchal full human sacrifice as a fertility ritual to Ishtar.  Abraham’s origin was in the Mesopotamian town Ur of the Chaldeans. Non-sacrifice of Abraham’s son Isaac eliminates patriarchal full human sacrifice to the gods.

But the psychology of sacrifice was not totally eliminated. Thus, Midian and Egyptian partial human sacrifice of circumcision as a fertility ritual for human females was adopted.[9]


      The psychological criminal aspect of the attack on the genitals of another person, the Signature, is in the Factitious Disorder of socializing Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.  This is termed Munchausen Syndrome in Collective Transmission.  Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is a crime with a victim.  Munchausen is self-glorification.  Circumcision adds glorification to the social body.

      Parents are godlike to the child.[10]  Serial killers who let their victims revive before finally killing them are telling the victim that they are as God.  This power of revival in genital rituals through a god image fits the Hero Murder category.[11] Perpetrators possess a Malignant Hero Syndrome.

      Attenuated HomicideAttenuation is a substitute, a lessening of severity, a reduction of effect.  Attenuated homicide may be defined as: the psychological act of homicide lessened to not cause death and often performed in ritual.

      Dismemberment rituals are forms of partial human sacrifice.  Focusing on sex organs is genitalization of the body.  These rituals are games.  In Transactional Analysis, the science of communication, games are inherently dishonest.[12]


Psychosexual Homicide

      Circumcision is also a Psychosexual Homicide that may be defined as: the killing, inhibiting or stunting of a part of the natural, normal and healthy psychological growth and development of a person during infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

      Combining Attenuated and Psychosexual Homicide, highly venerated physician and Rabbi Moses Maimonides of the 12th Century wrote: “Similarly with regard to circumcision, one of the reasons for it is, in my opinion, the wish to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ in question, so that this activity be diminished and the organ be in as quiet a state as possible… The fact that circumcision weakens the faculty of sexual excitement and sometimes perhaps diminished the pleasure is indubitable.  For if at birth this member is made to bleed and has had its covering taken away from it, it must indubitably be weakened.”[13]


      Three forms of child homicide are: neonaticide, infanticide and filicide.  These three correlate to the three age groups used in ritual circumcision.



      Neonaticide is the killing of a newborn in the first day of life.  It is almost exclusively perpetrated by the newborn’s mother.  If a male is involved he is the non-dominant partner.  It is extremely rare for paternal only neonaticide.[14]

      There is total dissociation of the newborn as an individually different human being.  The newborn is seen as an object, one of the mother’s  discardable body parts like clipped fingernails or cut hair.

      Women who kill neonates show no signs of psychopathy as those who kill older children.  This puts neonaticide in criminology rather than a biological or psychological condition.

      In the English-speaking Christian population, mainly the United States of America, the practice of routine neonatal circumcision occurs the day of, or the day following, birth.

      American as well as its Christian circumcision represents an attenuated neonaticide.



      Infanticide is the killing of a child in the first year of life.  Spartan parents would take their infant to a council which determined if the child had proper physical qualities.  If not, the child would be placed on a stone and left to die from exposure.  Child graveyards have been found in the Middle East and North Africa including Carthage.

      Anthropologists studying Celtic mummies found in China theorize that female infanticide may have existed in the ancient past to serve deceased priestesses in death.  Female infanticide was practiced in Medieval Europe, leading to limited numbers of available females, high bride prices and dowries.  Exposure is still used to kill female children in parts of the world.

      Jewish culture circumcises its male children on the eighth day of life.  Jewish female genital excisions also occur due Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia and occur at a later date.

      Regarding dissociation, Maimonides stated: “The parents of the child that is just born take lightly matters concerning it, for up to that time the imaginative form that compels the parents to love it is not yet consolidated.”[15] 

      Jewish circumcision represents an attenuated infanticide.<



      Filicide is the killing of a child twelve months or older.  These killings are more common than expected.[16]  Psychosis accounts for a great number of filicides.

      African animist tribal Female Genital Mutilation and male circumcision occur in childhood and young adulthood.  In Ethiopia, some Jewish women circumcise their young girls.  American physicians in the 19th and 20th Centuries circumcised females in early childhood and young adulthood and to this day they target older males who escaped circumcision as newborns.

      Islam circumcises males as young as age three and well into puberty.  Some Islamic sects also circumcise females in this age category.


Animist and Islamic circumcision represents attenuated filicides.


      Objectification is the degradation of another person by perceiving him or her as an object as opposed to honoring him or her as a valuable human being.  This is a form of dissociation or separating people from their fundamental humanity.  Circumcision is where sex and violence meet.

      Sexual Predation is a pathologically directed activity, involving the objectification of another person from a perceived sexual nature, which often, though not necessarily, possesses the intent to do harm to another, whether physical and/or psychological, often including motivations of power, control and authority using manipulation for domination out of selfishness.

      Bell states that Girard and Burkett both: “conclude that ritualization is the controlled displacement of chaotic aggressive impulses.”[17]


      Socialized Sexual Predation is any form of improper sexual or psychosexual conditioning which may also include physical alteration and/or sexual mutilation as a perceived culturally acceptable behavior as well as unnecessary prophylactic genital plastic surgery on minors prior to age of consent. 

      Social team-predators crave with circumcision perpetration of their social structure and themselves in their social hierarchy by making circumcision the social norm and cultural ritual event, regardless of how that ritual affects themselves or their victims.  As in serial killing or other serial sexual crimes, the object of their crime is power, control and authority through manipulation for domination out of selfishness. 

      Bell analyzes Girard that ritual sacrifice as the central act of a cultural system is generated and built upon primal violence.[18] 


      With circumcision the excuse is as: God made me do it.  Relying on a deity is to justify the generational nature of child abuse and circumcision is a form of Munchausen Syndrome in Collective Transmission. [19] 

      Maimonides wrote: “The perfection and perpetuation of the Law can only be achieved if circumcision is performed in childhood.”[20] 

      The child experiences the socialized apocalyptic event.[21]  The infliction of pain and death for perpetrators is their ultimate expression that make them feel complete and fully alive.[22]  

      Maimonides wrote: “The bodily pain caused to that member is the real purpose of circumcision.”[23] 


      Circumcision is not a medical procedure.  Circumcision is a ritual.[24]  This ritual is not Jerusalemic though currently attached to Judaism.  It is actually inclusions from other religions through Comixio Religionis.[25]  This pagan ritual, as performed in this 21st Century is not even the specified original ritual and has gone through many changes from psychological indicators similar to criminal behavior. [26] 

      Religious law is stricter than secular law.  The Jewish Testament addresses a legal remedy to such actions as circumcision under the precept of Sexual Immorality.  Rabbi, Dr. Shmuel Himelstein stated, connecting Leviticus 18: 1-5, Sexual Immorality is one of the three reasons for the death penalty.[27]  The archaic form was death by stoning. 

      And the cycle of violence is one ritual causing another ritual. Islam has strict directives and stoning punishments for Sexual Immorality.  Christian penalties are two-fold:  First is self-castration for just advocating circumcision in Galatians 5:12.  Second is public stoning for actually circumcising because if one part of the Jewish law, taken and refined from the Codex of Hammurabi, is taken on by a person, then the whole law applies with and to them in Galatians 3:12. 

      To complete the irony, the edifice of ritual is absolute repression and totally denies its violence.[28] 

He does not understand why the sacrifice is demanded of him; nevertheless he performs it because it was the Lord who demanded it.  Mircea Eliade.[29] 

Vainglorious: The Munchausen Complex 

Comixio Religionis: Circumcision NOT Jerusalemic 

Circumcision: Motivational Changes in the Meaning of the Word of God 

Circumcision: Medicine Practicing Below the Usual and Customary Standards of Practice 

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Dr. Matteoli graduated from St. Mary’s College of California in 1967 and Creighton University in 1971. He is retired from the US Navy where he spent most of his career attached to the United States Marine Corps.

End Israel's Unwarranted Murder of Kids

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David Wilson November 15, 2011 6:11 pm (Pacific time) 19th Annual Demonstration and March Against Circumcision US Capitol March 26th - April 1st 2012

Richard Matteoli November 13, 2011 2:53 am (Pacific time)

Yes Patricia. For years we have had this difference of opinion. Empiricism lies in the omnivore human dentition. History is rife with the the violence of humanity. One must not 'Fear' this. Humanity is sentient and what you say is what we should strive for through sentient Persuasion.

Patricia Robinett November 13, 2011 2:01 am (Pacific time)

Dr. Matteoli, you wrote, "Humans are a predator species." I don't believe that is true, but i do believe that it is taught as if it is true to justify the behavior that some people want to perpetrate - such as circumcision, such as rape, and such as warmongering. Some people treat their infants and children violently and then say that violence is their nature, when it is not - it has been taught to them and they have learned their lesson well, but is not innate. Human beings were made in the image and likeness of their Creator, which is Spirit, which is Love. Children who are born into gentle, loving, kind homes do not exhibit predator behavior, but compassion for all. I think some anthropologists, archeologists and philosophers have an investment in convincing us that we are less than whole, less than holy, less than very powerful spiritual beings. Don't fall for the propaganda.

Ron Low November 12, 2011 5:25 pm (Pacific time)

Foreskin feels REALLY good.

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