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Homelessness in Britain

A message to the media and press...

Homeless in the UK

(LONDON) - We need to all raise awareness on Homelessness in Great Britain. As you may know the number of homeless People is increasing and nowadays many places that were still better than nothing for the night have been fenced or closed down. By chance I had to use trains recently at night and what I saw was appalling.

In the Leeds train station there even was a young girl with her mother, the mother was on a bench near her daughter who rested in a ready bed with "Hello Kitty" design - she was this young!- yet of course the poor teenager could not sleep in the cold drafts. It was freezing outside too. Since then I have searched a little and was told that Oxford Street in London is more and more packed with homeless People at night. The Waterloo station that used to be a shelter for them no longer accepts their presence. They simply don't know where to go.

The official government websites clearly say that their number cannot be exactly known... "because when a patrol is made by social workers at night, the homeless hide"... Clearly it seems that these patrollers clearly avoid the places where to find the Homeless. I have interviewed a social worker who told me that the government knows exactly what is going on. He said that the excuse is to claim about the insufficiency in homes and shelters.

He though sent me further links as I wanted to help spreading the important and urgent topic onto the Internet and he added his expressed feelings about the situation, being so sorry to see the shameful situation while knowing that the authorities lie and keep a blind eye about it.

I can often see a lot of money wasted by the English government just by reading the news, such as for example, MP's illegal expenses or £3.5 MILLION attributed to New Scoltand Yard/The Met just to review the McCann case with nothing that justifies such a huge amount, and am certain that if money was used more wisely and honestly, there would be no one on the streets tonight. What you as a Professional in the Media could do (and I hope that you feel a much concerned as I do) is reporting on this issue quite regularly.

You could use the information I have provided you and perhaps get to these places at night from 10:00 pm where it is easier to see who is homeless and who is not, and tactfully ask a few of the homeless persons if they would kindly accept to talk about their situation, briefly for the camera, in a bid to help the issue. Only if people get enough awareness of it then the government will feel pressurised to act upon it -as it SHOULD. Also many people could donate to charities who help the Homeless. There are a few organisations so I will let you search on them if you wish to, not to favour one rather than any other. Not enough is done, not enough funds are given, so please, Please, at least for this Child I saw, please help by reporting about this. Will you?

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