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Did You Know Being a Good Samaritan and Saving a Child's Life can be a Crime?

Reflections from the inside...

Prison bars

(OREGON PRISON SYSTEM) - The public citizens of Oregon need to be warned that you can go to jail for saving a child’s life. The Good Samaritan Laws and Oregon laws such as ORS 161.200 DO NOT protect you!!!

Oregon’s “Public servants/paid officials” are more concerned with the money generated with quotas and convictions, than having any moral conscience and upholding the law and finding out the TRUTH and true justice. Previous to this experience with our INjustice system, I would have never believed someone telling me that you need to think twice about getting involved in an emergency situation and doing anything I possibly could to save someone else’s life, especially a child.

I could NEVER have stood by and watched a child choke to death. For almost two years now, I have sat here in a steel cage behind razor wire, treated like worthless dog sh*t by arrogant, belligerent guards, with my whole life stripped from me.

The people of Oregon need to hear the TRUTH of why Oregon’s “biggest growing industry” is DOC (Dept. of Corruption) and the INjust havoc that Measure 11 has created for many innocent people (previously “law abiding, productive citizens” like myself) sitting in our prisons today. All because of a legal system that doesn’t care about the truth and true justice.

When this whole nightmare started I was a loving parent, I had a healthy, loving relationship with my little daughter & my family members. I had a good job, hobbies, goals, hopes and dreams of making a good life for myself and my family. I was closer than ever to accomplishing those goals and making my dreams a reality when, without warning, disaster struck. Something terrible happened. Someone desperately needed my help in order to stay alive.

I had no time to think, I only reacted the best way I knew how to perform compression & Heimlich techniques. My reaction saved the life of a little girl who depended completely on me to do what it took to save her from choking to death. My reaction and efforts were successful.

Unfortunately, the real nightmare had just begun. Now, due to the illegal, dishonest actions of Clackamas County Detective’s (Jeff Greene & Randy Harris), a corrupt District Attorney (Michael Regan), a corrupt Judge (Jeff Jones) DHS/CPS (Beth Bolles, Heather Kitto & Gina DeBois) and a corrupted legal system here in Oregon, my life and the lives of the ones I love have been severely damaged forever. Somehow, I have to tell myself that a little girl’s life is still worth it all.

These are the “Players”

Judge Jeff Jones, D.A. Michael Regan, Defense Attorney Daniel Woram, The Oregon State Bar (Sylvia Stevens, Paul Neese), Oregon Public Defense Services (James W. Nass, Scott A. Morrill, Pete Gartlin), D.H.S./CPS (Beth Bolles, Heather Kito, Jermaine F Brown, Mary H Williams, Andrea Kennedy), AG (John Kroeger), Clackamas County Courthouse personnel ( DA John Foote, Michael Regan, & Jayne Vorhies, Deborah Brownlee), Clackamas County Sheriff’s Dept (Edward S. McGlone III, Lori J. Vicars, Craig Roberts, Jeffrey Green, & Randy Harris) are currently working together doing everything they can to ensure that the truth NEVER COMES OUT.

They are all repeatedly, and continually, violating: Oregon & Federal Laws, Oregon Court rules, Oregon Statutes, Constitutional Law… and no one is interested in addressing any of these violations. Oregon’s current “Justice System” clearly has one goal in mind, tunnel vision, gain convictions, fill beds, make money by any means possible.

Forget about truth, justice, morals, ethics and human life. Just lock ‘em up and make money off of them. Slave Labor to support the Prison Industries projects! Income made from Commisary, phone system, etc… & Job security.

I am asking for some accountability with these “PUBLIC SERVANTS” who are violating State laws right under our nose.

We have provided a plethora of information and evidence of:

  • Official Misconduct,
  • Racketeering,
  • Perjury,
  • Obstruction of Justice,
  • Concealing Evidence,
  • Collusion,
  • and Conspiracy against the rights of the citizen

The information was delivered to Judge Jeff Jones, State of Oregon Appellate Division, OSB, Clackamas County Courthouse & DA John Foote.

These “public servants” all appear to be “above the law” and feel no responsibility or accountability to investigate the horrible Injustice performed by the so called “Justice” system which is more accurately nothing but a “Legal System” that performs” ILLEGAL” acts.

Clackamas County Courthouse personnel (including Jeff Jones & Mike Regan) and State of Oregon Appellate division (inc. Pete Gartlin, James Nass, Scott Morrill, & Paul Levy) have repeatedly disregarded, lost/ disposed of, my paperwork & “Motions” that I have filed. They have conspired together to deny me my rights to assistance of counsel, Due Process and hearings that I have petitioned for.

On 12/15/09 I filed a Motion for a hearing in both the DA’s office and Judge Jeff Jones office. Both offices lost or disposed of, the official paperwork I filed. I have verification of service to both offices.On 6/28/10, Judge Jones refused to allow me the hearing that I requested and the attorney assistance of counsel that I had requested.

I sent him a written request (6/28/10) for his” written response” as to his “lawful basis” why he was denying my request for attorney assistance and a hearing. Jones has denied all the Motions I have filed. On 8/6/10 I filed a Motion to Reconsider and Motion to Reopen my hearing with Judge Jeff Jones. Denied! All Motions have been denied with “No Explanation”.

We are currently investigating whether or not the people involved in the prosecution of our case committed crimes such as kidnapping, assault, conspiracy against the citizen, and racketeering, Collusion, Obstruction of Justice, & Perjury among other acts during that prosecution. ORS 162.325 Clearly indicates that anyone who suppresses physical evidence which might aid in the discovery or apprehension of such a criminal is guilty of the Class C Felony of “hindering prosecution”.

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search for justice February 28, 2013 8:26 pm (Pacific time)

Please post some more of this story Tim. There are soooo many victims of this CORRUPT INjustice system!

Elaine May 4, 2012 11:00 pm (Pacific time)

Notice the article today in Oregon "Public Safety, Steve Hyson" President of Clackamas County police union (and Molalla police dept) 2nd degree assault charges and in jail! Already a history of abuse and he's still being paid to protect us??? While abusing his own family??? Something wrong with this picture.

Elaine May 4, 2012 10:52 pm (Pacific time)

This Judge Jeff S. Jones is the same one on the voters ballot now. I voted for Mickey Mouse. We have to get rid of the CORRUPT Oregon State Bar that is nothing less than "attorneys covering up for attorneys" and they are ALL about revenue and supporting the CORPORATE state of oregon! What a disgrace!

SearchForJustice May 4, 2012 10:47 pm (Pacific time)

Have you noticed that all the police cars have taken "To serve and Protect" off the side of their cars??? It is a conflict of interest! Very Sad!

SearchFor Justice May 4, 2012 10:43 pm (Pacific time)

The County and State law enforcement agencies have done NOTHING to hold ANY police agency accountable for the "everyday business" of disgusting criminal acts daily committed by police officers. We have become nothing less than a militant police state. They are no longer "peace officers"! They are "REVENUE AGENTS"! It's no longer focusing on protecting innocent citizens. It's all about CONTROL and being "above the law". When the state and DOJ (Department of INjustice) refuse to hold any aagency heads accountable for the corruption occuring under their nose, they cover it up. Then the criminal officers are rewarded with the police union fighting for them and paying them while on vacation time off during investigation for their bad behavior. At our expense. These people that we pay to "protect" us are committing disgusting criminal behavior. The very people we are supposed to call for help, we cannot trust or have any faith in anymore. What little faith and trust the public had in the police is gone, because law enforcement is allowed to destroy itself when officers are acting in the "color of law". When officers are taught to lie, steal, manipulate, coerse, murder, sodomize, abuse rape and pillage the innocent citizens they are paid to protect.Law enforcement is NOT the honorable profession that we thought it once was. It is a pathetic disgrace and cops are no longer our heroes.

Barbara Hilenski May 3, 2012 9:11 pm (Pacific time)

I know exactly what you mean My husband and were Taken down by a detective in clackmas county and still dealing with it today that whole system is baablylon, We are prayin for a mircle that ruin Functioning familes, In His Grace Barbara

Janet O'Bryant March 11, 2011 10:33 pm (Pacific time)

I can attest to the corrupt nature of Clackamas County Court and Judge Jeffrey Jones has nearly ruined my son's life in deciding his divorce case. Not only is his net income taken 75% but his home was taken from him and now Attorney Lilian Bier and Attorney Brad Lechman Su actively conspired to delay the case for their own financial gain and pre determined outcome which is to say, Screw the hell out of my son and his rights as a hard working father to his two young children. Judge Jones is a mockery of the 'Justice' system!

Eric November 22, 2010 3:42 pm (Pacific time)

FYI - this is a Samaritan:

Matt: Yes but also see - "The colloquial phrase "good Samaritan," meaning someone who helps a stranger, derives from this parable, and many hospitals and charitable organizations are named after the Good Samaritan." -

Oregon Reader November 21, 2010 1:38 am (Pacific time)

When will the follow up stories be published?

Editor: ASAP, two weeks out at the most, and I look forward to getting it out there, thanks.

Anonymous November 21, 2010 1:23 am (Pacific time)

I think it's disgusting that government agencies still have this draconian control over family life in this so called "land of the free". I have heard many scary stories like this with parents trying to do the right thing for their children, only to have people like the child protection services storming in like a Gestapo snatch squad...doing more harm than good when it comes to their “own” (not the families) best interest!
Due to this knee jerking corrupt reaction from everyone that was involved in this messy affair, this perfectly innocent man life has now been forever tarnished. I do know that most News Papers would have a field day in Europe over this, more so in backing up the poor person that is now stuck in an environment that he does not belong in “prison”.
To top all this up, adding insult to “major” injury, there is also a very high risk of violent repercussion of this perfectly innocent man, from violent inmates due to having his name now attached to child abuse!
I for one, will never have children, nor bring them up in the States because of the out of control, overzealous life style of "protecting are kids" like the whole of the united States is being scrutinized, or invaded by child abusing bogey men that lay under the beds of every child in the United States. It is basically a nanny state gone out of control, creating laws where it puts the fear of God on to every parent or family that live here. At the same time these laws also strip you bare any rights to protect you and your own families interests when defending yourself, from over paranoid driven doctors that live in fear of losing their license, if they do not report any microscopic scratches of bruises from a child (mostly caused by playing outside, and like most kids, are prone to the odd scratches and bruises). Then there is always the nosey member of the public that stares at every parents reactions when they see their child misbehave in public, holding their cell phones in mass interpretation, while trying to follow you out and observe your number plate of your car, so they can start dialing that appalling child abuse (normally false reporting) hotlines that you see advertised on TV.
Everyone knows just how easy it is to get in to this kind of mess (even when it’s looked upon as perfectly acceptable and normal behavior by most people residing in the States that have families). I often wonder what the DHS, the Police, as well as child protection services would have done, if they were in the same room seeing that girl, or their very “own” child choking to death.

This whole story on this web page is a serious reminder that the parent no longer has control over the upbringing and parental action when it comes to their own children, and why so many feel like they are treading on egg shells due to the fear driven laws and behavior of these very agencies that are meant to be here to save and protect the innocent?!.

Elaine November 20, 2010 9:20 pm (Pacific time)

I personally know of MUCH corruption going on every day in our ILlegal system. The evil behind the black robe is mindboggling. The OSB (Oregon State Bar) is "above the law" and covering up a multitude of evils with attorneys, prosecutors and judges all working together making TONS of money on bundles of convictions. They do NOT care if the person is innocent or not. I have seen it with my own eyes! Constitutional and Civil rights are violated every day in our courts.

Daniel November 20, 2010 6:48 am (Pacific time)

Jamie what was the crime you were charged with for saving the girls life ?

Anonymous November 20, 2010 5:25 am (Pacific time)

This article does need more clarification tho. What was the charge? How much time did he get? What did the parents of the girl he saved think/react? What, if any, were the motivations of the prosecutor? These questions should be asked.

Editor: I know there are many unanswered questions, and I admit that I know more about this, but we are releasing it in pieces and the whole story will come forward.  So, in short order more facts about this will be revealed, thanks, we are sorry that is has to be partly vague at this point. 

Anonymous November 20, 2010 5:17 am (Pacific time)

This is a perfect example of what I have been saying for years is coming/has come to pass in this country. Tyranny is here. Most people dont notice because it comes slowly, wrapped in pretty paper with a ribbon on it. The laws being passed in DC over the past decade have been pure dictatorial, power grabbing, total control seeking laws, void of protecting our bill of rights/civil liberties. People think that as long as they obey the law, nothing will happen to them, so they ignore and put up with it. They have no clue how wrong they are. People best wake up.

Anonymous November 19, 2010 10:16 pm (Pacific time)

OK. So you got my attention. What EXACTLY happened that you were charged and convicted for? I agree that the system routinely puts innocent people in jail, and studies say that it is about ten percent. I want to hear your story, but you left out some needed details. Unfortunately, these incidents are too common for anyone to give a damn about. The innocent victims are left to rot while the system argues that it is "perfect" and works all the time. Cops are given the benefit of the doubt and heaven forbid anyone try to accuse attorneys (or judges) of corruption. You need to contact the ACLU if you think you have a case, which I want to believe you do, or you would not have aired your business on a news site.

Editor: Again, there is no question that pieces of this story are left out, but they will be forthcoming in a second part.  All I can tell you is that if this seems bad, the full picture is all the worse.  Apparently there were no injuries at all; the conviction was strictly for having given the child the Heilich Maneuver..  There are other stories in the works also and a whole series on Oregon prison corruption at this link: Prison Corruption Series has been following the story of a former Corrections Officer named William Coleman who worked at the state prison in Salem while trying in vain to turn the system around.  Specifically, he reported numerous hate crimes and Civil Rights violations; primarily on the behalf of black inmates against white prison staff, and the prison officials ignored all of them. 

Several of the incidents are very serious in nature.  One involved the prison leaving an extremely dangerous inmate, William 'Dollar Bill' Thomas, in the main population at OSP even though he had a real habit (4 shanking convictions) of attacking black inmates with prison manufactured knifes or 'shanks.'.  He never stabbed a white inmate, but even after stabbing (in the head) four African-Americans absolutely savagely, he remained in the main population.  The inmate who did the shankings told Coleman he intended to stab the 'jail house lawyer' Clayton Howard.  Howard regularly helps inmates prepare legal cases against the state of Oregon.  Prison officials acknowledged to Coleman that they would like to see him dead by stating, "Who doesn't want to get Clayton Howard?" when Coleman turned in the threat.  Even though Coleman reported the threat, it was ignored and Clayton was brutally attacked by Thomas while eating his mean in the prison chow hall one day.  Fortunately Clayton Howard survived and now Oregon taxpayers will pay him big for all of this.  Every aspect of his attack, Coleman tried to prevent.  It is amazing that the assailant actually revealed his plan and that Coleman's multiple reports of this did not prevent the stabbing.  Oregon's DOC has very serious issues..     

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