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Protecting the Bankers' Health: Beating up Protestors, Sadistically Blocking A Cure for Cancer

Everyone in the country is affected one way or another by cancer.

Big pharma

(LONDON) - The government in various cities is using health as the justification for physically attacking Americans assembling to express their grievances. Michael Collins reports on the spurious use of health and to crush First Amendment rights being repeated in cities around the country, using New York Times words, verbatim.

The Wall Street Bankers being protested are also Pharma.

Has the country or the Occupy groups realized yet that the Bankers as Pharma gave the world its darkest hour? Or that Pharma is 6 times bigger than any industry on Wall Street (video). They have not just stolen homes, jobs and the US economy, but far worse, they are literally feeding off of diseases they are causing (video). And causing on purpose.

Perhaps readers remember when they used the "health" of Germany as the justification for murdering Jews, Catholic priests, gays, gypsies, the infirm, the mentally retarded, etc. The bankers (Pharma) are now falling back on their old obsession - cleanliness- to get rid of people.

The sign on the rafter inside one of the [concentration camp] barrack buildings reads "Sauberheit = Gesundheit." In English this means "cleanliness is equal to good health." The Jews who had to live in these filthy barracks were offended by such signs since it was impossible for them to maintain any semblance of cleanliness.

They are coming out with one health threat after another that isn't really, then using the fear they ramp up to serve their anti-health purposes - "food safety" to get rid of safe food; "vitamins will kill you" as a prelude to banning supplements so there is no way to prevent diseases (taking away safe food and food supplements - Codex Alimentarius is the name of their post-Holocaust plan to continue working to control the world); "pandemics" based on 1918 death Pharma itself caused, to arrange for martial law with themselves in charge.

And now, with growing protests, health is used as a justification to try to sweep away Americans protesting what the Bankers (and Pharma) have done to the democratic and financial health of the US at every level.

Collins says quite reasonably, "If the mayors were so concerned about public health, they'd provide facilities and personnel to deal with public health, not mounted police beating protesters with truncheons?"

He calls this a "beat down."

But the Bankers as Pharma have been operating a massive and deadly "beat down" on Americans' health for years.

How does peeing in a park (because the government will not provide facilities) compare to the real (and the most serious) health issue in the country - cancer?

The US government, working for the Bankers/Pharma, has been stopping cures. Why? Cures would destroy the the cancer industry, the most profitable business on earth.  To stop just one doctor alone, Stanislaw Burzynski, the government has already spent 12 years and millions - he having committed the crime of developing a non-toxic cure for "incurable" cancers and having unassailable proof.

This documentary on Dr. Burzynski shows without doubt that he is curing the hardest of all cancers.

So concerned is our government to please the Bankers as Pharma, for the sake of "health" it is beating up our young people who are challenging the bankers, while it simultaneously works unstintingly to ensure that children and adult Americans with cancer (and even babies) cannot receive painless cures, but are trapped forever in Cut, Poison, Burn (trailer to the documentary), an imposed Medical Dark Ages.

Presidential candidate, Rick Perry, as he runs for office, has behind the scenes appointed people who are involved in the renewed attack on Burzynski.

If Perry succeeds, that cure won't ever be available to your family or friends. People will continue to die unnecessary deaths.

Since painless, gentle cures are being withheld intentionally and the only treatments allowed are brutal and agonizingly painful, these are sadistic deaths, and of even the littlest children. The Burzynski story exposes not only the unnecessary deaths but the clear sadism of the bankers/pharmaceutical industry. What is important to note is they were infamous for exactly that sadism during WWII, and to such a degree it beggared the world's imagination. People still cannot fathom how anyone could do what they did there. How could such extremes of cruelty even exist?

And this is precisely the kind comments people make on watching the Burzynski video and others like Cut Poison Burn when they find out cures for cancer are being aggressively withheld and people are being forced not just to die, but to die hideous deaths, "How could they do that?"

Does anyone need reminding that Candidate Rick Perry lied about his huge Pharma backing?  This is the same Rick Perry who urges the mandating of more vaccines on American kids already getting 2-3 times more than in any other country. This includes the Gardasil vaccine which is killing kids (herehere, herehere, ;here).  India suspended the vaccine after 4 girls died.  This video came after 47 girls had died in the US, but now well over a 100 have and still it remains on the market.  Even a Gardasil researcher has spoken out against it.  But Perry wants Gardasil (allegedly to stop cervical cancer) forced on every kid, including boys.  (Gardasil and mandated vaccines appear to all contain the central ingredient in patent to impair fertility, owned by Pharma with a history of seeking vaccines that sterilize.).

Everyone in the country is affected one way or another by cancer.

The bankers as Pharma have altered laws and regulations to arrange that only their poisonous, agonizing "treatments" (and through which they are bankrupting people) can be used on American children with cancer, at the same time they are working to stop entirely gentle, actually effective treatments and to put the doctors offering them in prison.

While the country has focused on loss of home and jobs and the economy, the Bankers qua Pharma has been brutalizing sick American children for immense profit. Cancer company stocks have gone up and the new cancer drugs are extremely expensive. They use pictures of the pathetic children they have destroyed with chemotherapy to beg caring Americans to donate to "find a cure" - the last thing they want. It would put their trillion dollar industry out of business. So, while they fund ads showing children with brain cancer and women with breast cancer, etc. to raise more money for themselves, they are doing all possible to make sure painless treatments that cure will never reach the increasing number of children and adults now developing cancer.

They know quite well that a cure for cancer - and there are many - will destroy them. Which is why when Linus Pauling said IV vitamin was a cure for all early cancers and could turn terminal cancer into a chronic disease, he was attacked in corporate media and Pharma controlled medical groups as a quack. Pauling has been vindicated and NIH has confirmed what he said.  In fact, IV vitamin C offers terminal patients a 24 times longer survival time than conventional medicine, 12 years versus the 6 months which is the best conventional medicine has consistently offered for years.   When good news leaks out, they act. This amazing video from 60 Minutes showing how IV vitamin C cured a man about to be unplugged from life support, went viral. Soon after - this past Xmas - the FDA banned IV vitamin C's mass production in the US - a gift from the bankers and Pharma to the American people.

But Americans are learning the truth about who is causing cancers and who is criminalizing treatments. Americans are so upset about the increase in diseases and the medical corruption surrounding it, that they have even formed a new political party (see their mission) because the US government has lost all moral authority (video).  Now, in the name of "health," the government is beating up on Americans speaking up to the bankers.  Meanwhile, when it really comes to health, the bankers as Pharma have destroyed Americans' health (their prescription drugs are the leading cause of death in the US) and their history shows they have no compunction about killing in the millions.

Dr. Burzynski comes from Lublin, Poland, once an important center for Jewish culture, and where the Lublin-Nisko plan, the Nazi "territorial solution to the Jewish Question," began. The main camp became the first Nazi extermination camp, Belzec. The bankers and the synthetic pharmaceutical industry began their extermination of millions in Lublin, Poland. A man from Lublin, Poland, has come up with a natural cure for cancer that could save millions.

Perhaps Rick Perry doesn't realize the Nazi history of the pharmaceutical industry he is working for, or the bankers central role in that, or that he has joined the long history of

 Rockefeller .... stooges in the Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Public Health Service, the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, the Army Medical Corps, the Navy Bureau of Medicine, and thousands of health officers all over the country, ... combin[ing] to put out of business all forms of therapy that discourage the use of drugs.

Perhaps Rick Perry is only accidentally betraying the United States and its people by helping the very same groups that so many Americans died to save the world from. Perhaps he'll return his funding and come out for full medical freedom for people to choose medical treatments they want, for full medical freedom for doctors' providing them, and full freedom for those manufacturing the treatments.

Many Bush and Obama laws (pandemic, healthcare, food safety, etc.) and regulations inside agencies like the FDA, subvert Americans' right to informed consent, and their right to choose safe food or access food supplements to maintain their health and stay alive. Various laws and regulations threaten doctors' freedom to provide whatever they consider in the best health interest of their patients, including prescribing food or non-toxic natural treatments, like Burzynski's or Pauling's.  Those laws and regulations must be exposed and suspended, at their most dangerous, they threaten the existence of millions of Americans. The pandemic laws even include prison and loss of property and assets for refusing forced treatments of unknown vaccines,unknown drugs, unknown chemicals, etc.

Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship...To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science.  All such laws are un-American and despotic..., and have no place in a republic...The Constitution of this Republic should make special provisions for medical freedom as well as religious freedom." - Dr. Benjamin Rush, signer of Declaration of Independence; member, Continental Congress; B.S. Princeton U.

When the government is serving the Bankers and the pharmaceutical industry and politicians like Rick Perry, a presidential candidate, is taking large funds from them, putting in place people in Texas to go after a doctor with a proven cure for cancer, and urging mandated vaccines already associated with maiming, sterility, and death on all American children, it is abundantly clear that full health freedom for both patients and doctors must be a major national issue in this presidential campaign.

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Stephen Miller November 26, 2011 9:13 am (Pacific time)

The solution to the above is the Dr Benjamin Rush Amendment to every state constitution. see or

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed."

JFK - Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on April 27, 1961

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