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Why You Should Plant Your Own Marijuana At Home

It's high time to call over whomever is judging you for consuming marijuana and set some things straight.

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Cannabis Photo by Tim Foster, unsplash

(SALEM, Ore.) - The 21st century is the era in which we are getting rid of prejudices and embracing the new and different. We are now living in a time where rules are to be broken and voices to be heard. We now say so long! to rigid, outdated ways of thinking and welcome the vanguard of human thoughts.

What yesterday was the odd today is the new normal, what once was a taboo today is a trend, and you get the point.

This is specifically true with marijuana. The world today isn't the world that used to look down on cannabis and cannabis users, it has evolved into one where marijuana growers are looked up to as masters and professionals in the field.

Old Stigmas are Hard to Beat

We have come a long way, however, some things are rather hard to change, especially when it comes to relatives’ points of view on cannabis.

We all know that sometimes parents, grandparents, that "one" uncle, and even friends can be completely against the use of marijuana, and walking around the subject is "not a good idea." But staying silent and never bringing up the subject shouldn't be the answer.

Where would the contemporary world be if all we did was avoid confrontations and stay in the comfort zone? We’d still be dressing in conservative outfits, styling our hair with gel looking all the same, music would have become boring already and every story would have already been told, in summary, bo-o-o-ring!

It’s now the time to rebel against the norm and speak up about our thoughts and feelings. After all, keeping ourselves from doing what we want is simply wasting our time on earth. So it’s time to call over whomever is judging you for consuming marijuana and set some things straight.

After all, if this person shows they are smart enough to open up their mind and listen, they will be able to see the benefits of planting at home as well. But, don’t worry, we’ll help you with some good argumentative points on why you should start growing pot plants at home in order to get you ready for the best pitch of your life.

Adult Use of Cannabis is Legal in Oregon

The first thing I would mention is how the legality of cannabis is starting to turn all around the globe. In fact, in Oregon consuming marijuana is indeed legal, even more, Oregon was among the first states to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use.

Therefore, how come if you’re sticking by the law when you use marijuana, you still have to give explanations to anyone? We get it, it's a matter of respect but this respect should be mutual, you respect their decision not to smoke, and they respect yours to do it.

Grow Your Own with Pride

Not only cannabis use and possession are legal in the state but cultivation was also legalized in the year 2014 after Oregon Ballot Measure 91 was approved.

Photo: Brian Jones, unsplash

In the second instance, don't forget to mention and make special emphasis on the natural aspect of cannabis as a substance. Gardening is for everyone! What’s more charming than germinating your photoperiodic or autoflowering cannabis seeds, watering and taking care of it on a daily basis, then harvesting, curing your buds, and savoring them?

There are no tricks, marijuana is a gift from earth and grows as naturally as any other plant, perhaps this is exactly what you need to make your point.

By showing your relatives or friends how simple it is to produce your own buds, maybe they could see why marijuana isn't bad at all.

Lead by Example...Walk the Walk

Lastly, the most effective method for convincing is reverse psychology, not even persuading at all. How many times have you noticed that when someone pushes so hard to make something happen, it is more often than not that they end up pushing you away?

From my own personal experience, I can assure you that there isn't a more effective method for convincing someone to let you grow weed than simply getting rid of the taboo part of marijuana.

I can still remember when my parents first discovered I smoked marijuana, how upset they were. But I explained that I wasn't determined to stop smoking because marijuana wasn't any of the things they thought it to be.

After that day, when I finally stopped hiding that I used cannabis on a regular basis, I also changed my posture on the subject and became more open to speaking up about it.

In the beginning, of course, they weren’t too happy about it, but since no one wants to spend their lives in the boxing ring, with time they stopped complaining and let me speak.

When we would see something on TV I would care to discuss it with them and they would engage actively in the conversation. After some time, my father even started to take cannabis oil, and in a matter of months he came up with the idea of cultivating himself.

So, why don’t you step up, face the fear of confrontation, and decide to try to change things. After all, we already have the no as an answer so there is no loss in trying.

Once you finally get the green light to cultivate it’s time to analyze the type of seeds you're going to purchase and where you’ll plant.

Usually, I recommend first-time growers to purchase feminized and autoflowering seeds at specialized seed banks such as Fast Buds. These seeds will make your first experience a lot easier, and teach you the basics about cultivation so you can improve the next time you plant.

Source: Delfina Nuñez, Special Features Dept.


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