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Musas Arrested in London, all Family Members Now in Custody

My last sight of Chiwar and Gloria was sitting in facing seats at the back of the police van behind wire mesh, similar to what people use to confine their dogs to the back of the car.

Musa family
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(LONDON) - This message received from a supporter at the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday, where the Musas were arrested facing an investigation for "drugging" their baby, who was subsequently removed from them on June 28th and who hasn't been seen since.

This event is totally outrageous and a grave miscarriage of justice, and the entire Musa case needs an honest investigation by an honest party, far removed from those involved already - the lives of 6 children depend on it, as do their parents.

They have done nothing to warrant the appalling treatment they have suffered at the hands of this dubious council, police force and other irresponsible parties since the beginning of 2010

This by a supporter present at the RCJ on Mon. 28 Nov. 2011:

"We were in Savile Row Police station just before 6 and I was told the Musas were still there but “we can’t give you any information.” which I take to mean they are in there overnight. I suppose there’ll be an application for bail at the magistrates’ court tomorrow and hopefully they’ll be let out, but for how long.

I am completely horrified and depressed by what I’ve witnessed today. By order of the court all contact with the children has been suspended over Christmas till the next ICO hearing on 12th January. Not that there has been any contact recently, and now the Met are starting a ‘criminal investigation’ in respect of the alleged drugging/poisoning of the baby.

Before they even went into the courtroom the Musas knew what was about to happen so they made me take their bags containing documentation, mobile phones, etc. then pulled me

Gloria Musa

in as their McKenzie friend, there being no one else supporting them by this stage and that’s another whole story, what’s happened to all the people previously supporting them?

Chiwar Musa

Inside Court 33 it was business as usual, but strangely towards the end of the proceedings Wall allowed Gloria to deliver an impassioned speech about the wrong done to her family for 15 whole minutes before he stopped her! No one batted an eyelid except me, struggling by this time to hold back the tears.

Noticing my distress Chiwar put a comforting arm round me. He was trying to comfort ME! having lost his entire family!

Coming out of the courtroom, just as the Musas had predicted before going in, the police were there ready and waiting to arrest them.

Five of the Musa children

Of course they resisted and Gloria managed to shout at the top of her voice to the whole crowded lobby for another 10 minutes 'how long is Haringey going to keep on torturing us!' over and over again.

I joined in and shouted 'I’m ashamed to be British at what’s going on in our country!'

It was a surreal scene, with people at the nearest tables hastily packing up papers and moving away from the disturbance. Finally Gloria was persuaded to leave, which she did with dignity, albeit limping on a stick as she has a bad leg ever since the police roughed her up in the maternity ward on the night of Queen Elizabeth’s birth.

An X-ray taken recently allegedly shows a fracture to part of the leg/knee area but haven’t seen that and am not a medical specialist.

My last sight of Chiwar and Gloria was sitting in facing seats at the back of the police van behind wire mesh, similar to what people use to confine their dogs to the back of the car.

Since returning home I’ve been able to release the pent-up tears.

But battle has been joined today, against this evil in our midst."

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End Israel's Unwarranted Murder of Kids

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KAY November 29, 2011 5:36 am (Pacific time)

JUDGE WALL HAS NOW PROVED HE IS A THUG ALONG WITH HIS OTHER 'MATES' who were 'called to the Bar' - not sure which 'Bar' they think they are at... DESPICABLE / NASTY / VILE LOT THEY ARE... THEY SWORE TO UPHOLD JUSTICE - Justice my A***.

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