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Israeli Soldiers Fire at Road to Hope Convoy Members

"You can clearly hear one bullet whizz by myself and several others in my area" - Ken O'Keefe

Ken O'Keefe stands between two Vittorio Arrigoni and Cormac O'Daly.
Humanitarian activists: Ken O'Keefe stands between Vittorio Arrigoni and Cormac O'Daly on the Gaza Strip.

(GAZA / SALEM) - Members of the Gaza Road to Hope Convoy were shot at by Israeli soldiers while partaking in activities on the International Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine.

Ken O'Keefe of Aloha Palestine, is a writer known for his defender role on the ship Mave Marmara last May, which was attacked by Israeli soldiers while operating in international waters.

O'Keefe said, "Today we expressed our solidarity by painting messages of support on a wall in Beit Hanoun and demonstrating against the ongoing siege of Gaza."

Palestine is the scene of frequent Israeli military attacks on civilian peace activists.

Those who choose to raise a voice against the illegal Israeli occupation are often greeted with bullets. That happened with the current group of activists, O'Keefe said.

"Despite this entire event being completely peaceful on our end, Israelis shot at us and bullets whizzed by within feet of us. You can clearly hear one bullet whizz by myself and several others in my area."

O'Keefe, along with activist Cormac O'Daly, explains that Beit Hanoun has some of the richest agricultural land in Gaza.

This is also one of the hardest hit areas by Israeli aggression.

Israeli soldiers have shot six Palestinians over the last two days in near Beit Hanoun according to those on the ground. Two were children. One was 12 and one was 15 according to O'Keefe.

Under normal circumstances, children being shot by soldiers anywhere has potential to become world level news. However the frequent shooting of children in Gaza and other parts of Palestine by Israel's military do not make the air in the U.S. as the stories conflict with the U.S. political alliance with Israel and western news agencies specifically ignore the matter, routinely.

R2H Facts – The Road to Hope humanitarian aid convoy left London on the 10th of October with £500,000 of humanitarian aid for the besieged people of the Gaza Strip. The convoy travelled with over 100 members and 32 vehicles over 5,000 miles through the UK, France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya and Egypt.

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Premsingh July 18, 2012 2:36 am (Pacific time)

I agree. Even more essential is the mreodn conjunction of sovereignty and nationalism. Luther rubbed it in (On the Jews and their lies): a Christian should be content and not argue with the Jews. But if you have to or want to talk with them, do not say any more than this: Listen, Jew, are you aware that Jerusalem and your sovereignty, together with your temple and priesthood, have been destroyed for over 1,460 years? For this year, which we Christians write as the year 1542 since the birth of Christ, is exactly 1,468 years, going on fifteen hundred years, since Vespasian and Titus destroyed Jerusalem and expelled the Jews from the city. Let the Jews bite on this nut and dispute this question as long as they wish.For such ruthless wrath of God is sufficient evidence that they assuredly have erred and gone astray. Even a child can comprehend this It's apparently that simple: if a people does not have their own country and sovereign control over its territory, there is something wrong with them and their religious beliefs. They are inferior, plain and simple. Hence for God and country', God loves/bless America', Islamic revolution. Palestine was the logical choice as the homeland for the Jews but also of other people, of course. The problem of Israel as a Jewish state will not entirely be solved until it is no longer perceived as the solution to the Jewish problem'. But this also raises the question: Is a Palestinian state the solution to the Palestinian problem? Or is that just more of the same?

gp December 1, 2010 8:27 am (Pacific time)

Be safe our dear friends.

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