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An Open Letter to Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers of Islamic Countries

Written and suppressed in 2003; read it now...

Muslim Unity

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Guide us to the straight path, The path of those upon whom You bestowed favours, Not those who have invited Your wrath, nor those who have gone astray. “Al-Fatih”

Dear Brothers and Sisters in faith and fraternity, Asslamolikum

Muslim Unity

As you all are aware that presently the entire Muslim world is under going a tremendous pressure seldom witnessed in history. Like most, I am sure you all must also be worried over the situation. We all jointly but you the leaders in particular have a great responsibility to discharge. The anti Islamic forces over the ages have been very active and aggressive in their aims and goals. They have left no avenue to attack Islam from all directions and at all levels, but we have either failed to read the situation or could not build up the necessary trust, confidence and strength to face it. The entire Muslim world stands divided in more than one way, the things are neither that simple nor very visible; there is lot more to be studied than what is visible to the naked eye. This problem does not pertain to any particular segment of our society or state; it’s universal to the entire Ummah. We as Muslims have to decide the course that we have to adopt; should we seek guidance from the Holy Quran or from the so-called defenders and propagators of the so-called modern and civilised society of the West.

What happened on 11th September is the next phase of the “New World Order” that was launched with the culmination of Gulf War. Thus it was not the act of any individual or a group of people. Even no Muslim country has the sophistication to carry out such an attack. Therefore in all earnest, we should have studied all that was made available and also tried to acquire more information independent of the Western governments to come to some logical and collective thinking in asserting the truth. Only then we would have been in a position to salvage the situation. I am not endorsing the foul acts of anyone what to say of Osama or Mullah Omar but before we had condemned or accepted them as terrorists we should have been more resolute in demanding the evidence against them and also studied the game plan and its pattern that has been evolving over the period of time. Today because of the timidness and lack of faith and trust in our Deen and its dictums, all the rulers are responsible for this blot on the face of the Ummah. The Zionist dominated West is all bent upon destroying the Muslims and the world of Islam, the last hurdle in their nefarious designs after Christianity and their own created communism both having been destroyed very effectively. The shape of Christianity is so badly mutilated that even the Christians have lost faith and belief in their religion. The Zionists who want the entire world to follow the path of sin have managed the Christians to follow Lucifer; they are prompted to sin by making them believe that these have all been paid for in the blood of Prophet Jesses, thus their love for Jesses. The Holy Bible after its mutilation is no longer the word of Allah (SWT).

Fortunately they failed to drive any such notion amongst the Muslims nor have they been able to mutilate the Holy Quran, therefore now the anti Islamic forces have no option but to physically eradicate both this faith and its followers. Over a period of time, though these forces have tried to drive a wedge amongst the Muslims but with some success to fragment them; however contrary to their thinking, now there is a greater realisation and urge amongst the Muslims to get back to the Holy Quran and Sunnah to seek guidance; this is all a very natural and logical process for our salvation. Now the masses feel that it’s the leadership that’s a hurdle in this process, thus their resentment against you all. The emergence of the Talibans in Afghanistan was seen as the revival of the caliphate therefore Muslim masses felt its obligation to this development. This was a visible threat to the ruling class of the Muslim world more so for the monarchies and it also jittered the West. For this reason the Talibans were not accepted lest they become a threat to their authority or invoke America’s displeasure. Still some were pursuing the sectarian conflict for their vested interests, this was nothing but short sightedness and selfish thinking on the part of the leadership.

Establishment of Islamic order in Afghanistan would have provided a role model for the world to see had we all particularly the leadership worked very sincerely towards this goal and extended complete support and guidance to the Talibans. Simultaneously not only their differences with the Northern Alliance should have been patched up but disputes amongst the other Muslim States should have also been ironed out. Here one must not forget that prior to the Talibans, an agreement was worked out between the components of the ruling alliance of seven parties and they put their signature on this document in the Holy Kabah of which, Northern Alliance was also a component. It was the failure of this Ruling Alliance, who not only dishonoured the pledge but also indulged in loot and plunder and created lawlessness that paved the way for the Talibans descend on the scene. OIC was the most appropriate forum to have conducted this affair but like the Muslim leadership, this too has proved to be an impotent organ. With this level of our faith and commitment, these novices in the field of statecraft were left just to themselves who were bound to commit mistakes and they became very rigid in their outlook. But here it must be appreciated that even their critics from the West have accepted that the Talibans had brought law and order to their country, de-weaponised the society, eradicated poppy cultivation completely and there was no pomp and gaiety. Even America, the self-claimant of being the most civilised, freedom loving and democratic society cannot claim of a single day free of crime; in fact the count is kept by the clock. Some years back when there was a power failure in America, women were raped right in the elevators. How societies that cannot protect own citizens can be the custodians of others rights and privileges? Suffice to say even no Muslim country including Pakistan, the citadel of Islam can guarantee such a protection and safety to the daughters of the eve though in Saudi Arabia and Iran, things are little different.

The war of Afghanistan is far from over. Now the Zionist dominated West under the cover of the UNO (The UNO is Zionism. It is the super-government mentioned many times in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, promulgated between 1897-1905 – Henry Klein, a Jewish Lawyer of New York – 1948) is busy trying to implement ‘The New World Order’ that began after the American occupation of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in 1991. Let it be known that the New World Order is essentially a thrust against Islam as the subsequent events are proving it to be true. The International Jewry, the most threatening menace to humanity is attempting to replace and subordinate the Islamic systems, values, culture and liberties to the ones practiced in the West. Those who are resisting it are being labelled as fundamentalists. This is a clash heading towards a major catastrophe that one can term as clash of civilisations; it is the building of the third world war. Under the guise of war against terrorism, a number of Islamic countries have been put on the hit list and there is no secret about it that Pakistan being its primary target for being a nuclear country so that none can interdict the process.

The killing of the POWs in Mazare Sharif and shifting of the Muslims to India, Israel and America speaks volumes about our apathy and their determination against Islam and the Muslims. Why none could question them or force them to conduct a transparent enquiry and trial is very intriguing. Essentially it was the caretaker government of Afghanistan to have assumed the responsibility to resist such shifting but unfortunately their own credibility is highly doubtful and they themselves are pawns of this heinous game. In spite of repeated public demands, America has refused to put an end to the ruthless and indiscriminate bombing of Afghanistan thereby killing innocent people and destroying their properties against all norms of justice, humanity and fair play. It is the American terror unleashed who is bent upon telling every country around to accept it as the master of their destiny. It is recorded in history that ultimate victory belongs to the righteous no matter how weak they may be. Look at the fate of Pharaoh and Nimrod at the hands of Prophets Musa and Abraham, thus one may witness these very Afghans once again uniting and standing up against the Zionist coalition forces and their puppets.

To attack Afghanistan, the plan was ready well before the last presidential elections in America. One of the Pakistani newspapers carried a front page heading on Nov 08, 2000 that “All plans to attack Afghanistan ready; General Zinny to visit Pakistan after the new President takes oath to tie up the details”. This visit did take place and everything went accordingly. As reliably learnt, this planning including the 11 September tragedy took about two years and the American President was also kept informed on need to know basis. This destruction of innocent lives for fulfilment of their nefarious designs was entirely worked out by MOSSAD and CIA. Now one may say why would they kill their own people or destroy such prestigious buildings, but one should not forget that to gain instant sympathy and forge an international Coalition, it was an operational requirement to hit targets of that magnitude. Simultaneously, the Western media played it up so much that the people were made to believe it to be true. Never the less, there are men of conscience even in the West who could dare to speak even at a great peril to their life have highlighted many hidden truths. Another glaring point that should also not go unnoticed that while America was raining bombs over Afghanistan and there was no visible sign of Talibans crumbling, the Anthrax and crude bomb attack was being built up with great fervour. The moment Kabul fell so did Anthrax die its natural death thus the writing between the lines is very clear for everyone to understand. It was only being done to prepare grounds for a possible nuclear or chemical attack on Afghanistan and also keep the coalition together should the Talibans don’t crumble. America, the trumpeter of justice and peace has refused to provide any evidence regardin g the involvement of either Osama or Talibans. The two Jews who in California were going to target some mosque there and thereafter kill some notables from the Christian clergy were apprehended with explosives was a very daring and mischievous act on the part of the Jews but not an isolated one; had it succeeded, this could have triggered a Muslim-Christian conflict in America and its fall outs could have been global.

Islam has no concept of either a Nation-State or of a secular society but it professes the concept of Ummah and Allah (SWT) the Sovereign Power, wants His law to be implemented on His earth. This saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW) will further strengthen this concept of Ummah. “You see the believers as regards their being merciful among themselves, showing love among themselves, and being kind among themselves, resembling one body, so that if any part of the body is not well then the whole body shares the sleeplessness (insomnia) and fever with it.” Bukhari-6011. Therefore remember that a body cannot support multiple heads but just one therefore it is logical to have one Ameerul Momineen. Today those countries that have taken a secular path to emerge as a western society would sure soon be alienated from the Islamic world but would never be accepted by the West in their fold as equals. Turkey since times of Atta Turk has copied the West more than any other Islamic country, lately as reported in the press, the Turkish generals very boastfully tore and trampleled on the copies of the Holy Quran also, that too in the presence of the Generals of the West including Israel, but have still not been admitted in the European Union. The West does not trust any Muslim country and rightly so and we must accept this as a blessing in disguise. Today look at the Central Asian Republics (CAR) that even after seventy years of suppressive and ruthless Soviet rule where mosques were locked and Islamic traditions were shunned and none were allowed to read or recite the Holy Quran, the Muslims have re-emerged with a far stronger faith and spirit are again forging their links with the Ummah.

Islam is a very dynamic and revolutionary religion (in its approach) that just carries the followers along. In fact going by it becomes so very natural and real that one is amazed, it’s a complete code of life. This dynamism is being displayed very strongly by our new brothers and sisters in faith in the West and the Muslims of the CAR and elsewhere where they are living as a minority. We have sent down iron, with its mighty strength and diverse uses for mankind, so that Allah may know those who support Him, though unseen, and support His apostles. Powerful is Allah, and Mighty”. Al-Hadeed-25. If read carefully, the Holy Quran would guide the believer at every step as to what Allah (SWT) desires or expects off us the Muslims. Surely Allah (SWT) does not permit any secular thinking or culture neither has He classified the Muslims into different categories like fundamentalists, moderates or hardliners etc. A person who is not a fundamentalist can not be a Muslim but a fundamentalist would never be a terrorist and nor would he accept secularism, the first step of taking the people away from the Deen of Allah (SWT).

The development of 13 December 2001 in India is a progressive logical sequence of the gory drama of the 11 September and of The Gulf War. The entire game was achieved with complete surprise like a hurricane. This is no surprise, however the timings are not correct because these do not suit the Zionist dominated America who is still trying to firm its grip in Afghanistan. The American think tanks had planned it for sometimes in year 2003 as a prelude to Pakistan’s break up in 2008. The Indians have become impatient to play the act in 2002 so it could be delayed also. But it should not cause any worries because this is what they are planning, then Allah (SWT), the Master planner has His Own plans. “They scheme a scheme, and I, too, scheme a scheme. Therefore bear with the unbelievers, and let them be alone for a while”. Al-Tariq–17. However it does demand off us to remain ever vigilant and be fully prepared to meet any threat.

Before starting the third world war, American led Zionists forces had to be placed at appropriate places in the Muslim countries so that the final pressure can be applied with least losses to the invaders. To do so, America instigated Iraq to attack Iran and the Arabs were encouraged to support Iraq by propagating it as the Arab war. Almost all the Arab countries came in to support the war that continued for ten years where both sides, besides suffering huge financial losses and also took the losses of hundreds and thousands of precious lives. After failing to make any dent on Iran, it was encouraged to invade Kuwait thus the Americans got the golden opportunity to move in swiftly. Under the UNO, the Zionist government, a coalition was formed and a massive force was assembled to liberate Kuwait. Here besides Kuwait, the troops were also placed in Saudi Arabia and both were forced to sign a treaty with the Americans so that the troop placement was not only legalised but also paid for by both the countries including the cost of war also. On the other hand, Iraq was subjected to the UNO sanctions thus killings hundreds and thousands of children sick and the old for want of medicines, food and other essentials. Likewise, the attack on Afghanistan was an operational necessasity for placing the troops in this region and again under the UNO umbrella. Today America and its allies have troops in almost all the Central Asian Republics, Pakistan and of course Afghanistan. Here Hamid Karzai and company like Saddam Hussain is only the pawns in this game of chess. Today America is saying openly that they are here to stay for a long period of time till their agenda is achieved. Eventually not only Afghanistan but every country where the Zionist sponsored troops have been placed would be made to foot the bill or else the Zionists would take over all the resources at throw away prices and we the men would be made to work a s bonded labour, women would be domesticated and forced into immoral activities; thus the slave traders would have found a new classic method of enslaving people and yet not get the blame. So far the conspiracy has progressed like a text book of the Jews, only because the Muslim leadership has failed to deliver, they have lost the trust of their people and have not cared to seek guidance from the Holy Quran and the teachings of Holy Prophet (SAW). None should be under any illusion, the Christians and the Jews are not our friends but of themselves alone.

“Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends and protectors. They are friends and protectors of one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship and supports them shall become one of their number. Allah does not guide the wrongdoers”. Al-Maida-51.

Justice demanded that before attacking Afghanistan, America should have placed all the relevant evidence before some commission, still better would have been that the 11th Sep tragedy should have been investigated by some independent Commission. Now when America has refused to share the evidence or get an independent commission to investigate, thus the precedence has been set to strike or invade any country on the pretext of terrorism but this liberty would never be allowed to any Muslim country unless the target country also happens to be a Muslim State. So now when India is trying to provoke a war is all part of the same sequence and it has the blessings of all the anti Islamic forces headed by America.

Mullah Omar because of his moral courage to defy stands victimised, had he committed or supported any crime against humanity, America should have confronted him through International Court of Justice. Just by saying it loudly over the media dose not make it true. You all were honour bound in the name of Allah (SWT) to defy the tyrant with all at your disposal. But to do, so there had to be complete understanding, harmony, trust, selfless zeal and last but not the least the unflinching faith in Allah (SWT). Unfortunately the Muslim world broadly today stands divided in two i.e. “Arab and the Muslim world”. This phrase sounds as if Arabs are not part of the Muslim world that’s why it is always pronounced separately. The Arab rulers have also demonstrated it that way that whenever a non Arab Muslim country has come under some difficult situation, Arabs have never taken a collective stand but when an Arab country is in some difficult situation the rest of the Muslim states feel and support them in whatever way its possible. The formation of Arab League is a strong manifestation of this identity. Therefore in the Muslim Ummah, though Arabs are very rich but they are the weakest link also. Here the Arabs must not forget that all Arabs are not Muslims, amongst them there are Jews, Christians too. Here we all must take cognisance of this verse from the Holy Quran before establishing a separate identity as some superior race. “Men We have created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that you might get to know one another. The noblest of you in Allah’s sight is the most righteous of you. Allah is Wise and all knowing”. Al-Hujurat-13. This verse in conjunction with the famous saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in his last sermon that Arabs have no preference over non-Arabs and white over black etc. but for Taqwah should dispel all doubts. The promotion of Arab Na tionalism is a conspiracy against the Ummah for which the entire Ummah be Arabs or Non-Arabs are suffering. Had this nationalism been subordinated to the Ummah then all our issues could have been viewed in that light with much greater force and unity. It was very painful to hear when the international tyrants were attacking Afghanistan, most of the Arab leaders were making statements that any attack on an Arab country would not be tolerated thus conceding the attack on Afghanistan as non of their concerns and yet they have failed to come to the rescue of the unarmed Palestinians on whom the Israeli attacks have assumed a far greater severity and venom and with complete support of America and her Allies.

Today you have not only failed in your duty to put the Ummah together but are also responsible for the killings of the thousands of innocent Muslims not only in Afghanistan but around the globe. In Iraq alone more than a million people have died because of the tyranny of America and the UK who have always shown a very scant respect for the Muslim life, Madeline Albright does not mind killing over a million Iraqi children and declares it as a price worth it then what options do we have? If the killings in Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Sudan, Somalia, Philippines, etc. were put together, the count would become astronomical. Your failure to stand up to the tyrant is defiance of Allah’s commandments thus you have lost the trust and faith of the masses to be the rulers of the Momineen. I am afraid that we the Muslims will also have to think and ponder before we condemn our own people for no fault of theirs and also look for our Messiah.

It is beyond any doubt that there is no greater terrorist on this earth than America and Israel and not leaving India out of this bracket but we all lack the courage to say so for our selfish motives and moral bankruptcy. Now Muslims be aware that soon you may be subjected to a very harsh attack on your faith, this would be a terrorism of a different kind where the Muslims would be under pressure to expunge the verses on Jihad, Christians and Jews from the Holy Quran. Like the present time, there would still be some so called liberal and moderate would once again come out in ‘Supreme National Interest’ and accept their demand only to avoid the sufferings through various sanctions and wrath of the Zionist West. What a shame it would be for all of us.

Brothers and sisters in faith remember that once fully entrenched in their new found domains, the Zionists forces would immediately embark on the next set of announced military targets including Pakistan so that none is in a position to react once they begin to target Bait Ullah and Masjide Nabvi in Saudi Arabia; a place with very high religious sentiments and emotions to every Muslim. Allah forbid this is the ultimate goal of Dajjal the anti Christ. To create sufficient destabilisation, soon Saudi Arabia would be subjected to political unrest and upheavals to do away with the house of Saud, the rest of the kingdoms and emirates would just crumble as non-entities and none should be under any illusion.

The vacuum created by the demolition of the Ottoman Caliphate is being badly felt by all the Muslims and even from those countries that were instrumental in its destruction. Today the situation that has arisen is definitely universal to the Ummah, be it the liberation struggle in Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, Afghanistan or the ruthless killing of the Muslims in Algeria or Egypt. Today no one country singularly even the nuclear Pakistan can face the onslaught of the anti Islamic forces. This helplessness and apathy is the most burning and sore point with the ordinary Muslim all over. They want a greater unity and coordination amongst all the Muslim countries so that they can live in peace, harmony, dignity and honour. Presently the best forum that can fill this vacuum is the OIC but with proper reorganisation and restructuring; so that it becomes responsive to the needs of the time with complete authority as a super government of the Muslim Ummah. Therefore to avoid all the upheavals, turmoil, bloodshed and uprising by the Muslim masses, it is imperative to respond to their genuine demands, feelings and emotions thus the following are suggested.

  • OIC must be assisted by a Shurah comprising of all the sects and schools of thoughts in Islam besides the technocrats and experts in different fields of science and technology, education, health, Islamic Jurisprudence, etc. It should address all the multilateral and bilateral disputes amongst the member states and develop harmony and unity amongst the Ummah.
  • A defence and foreign affairs committee should be established to coordinate and direct all such activities of the Ummah as a joint strategy. The defence industry should also be the responsibility of this committee.
  • The Islamic Development Bank should be made subordinate to OIC thereby developing a single currency, free trade and investment schedules in accordance with the teachings of Quran in the Muslim World.
  • An Islamic Shariah Court of Justice should also be established and this should be the supreme judicial body of the Ummah.
  • All the Muslim countries must transfer their assets from the western countries and reinvest their funds in the Muslim Block.

If such measures are not taken, then there is a very strong possibility that the rulers may be crushed between two forces, one being the anti Islamic and other the Muslim masses.

May Allah guide us all on the path of the righteous.


Raja Mujtaba is the Managing Editor of Opinion Maker that was established in 2007. Within this period Opinion Maker has grown in strength. Opinion Maker’s most urgent regional task is to find “a just solution” to the decades-old AFPAK- US-ISRAEL-INDO conflict and confront the US-Israeli-Indo collaboration in the ongoing conflict, in an international framework.

Raja has over 25 years of writings behind him. His focus is on the Muslim World in particular and all other areas where humanity is subjected to injustice, suppression and killings. He sees the world as a global living but not part of the New World Order that is a Zionist Agenda. His conviction is that there can be no peace without justice thus the root cause to every problem must be identified and addressed. Justice leads to peace that develops love.

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ashok October 14, 2010 8:39 am (Pacific time)

very informative...and has still relevence even it is written eight year earlier.the muslim world needs an introspection.

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