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Sri Lanka Guardian: Five years on!

Resilience is our survival!!

Sri Lanka Guardian

(COLOMBO/LONDON/NEW DELHI/HOUSTON) - ‘Sri Lanka Guardian’ is celebrating its five years of existence this month as a proud web media on Sri Lanka news and views and is pulling through fearlessly despite the state machinery of Sri Lanka and its apologists are hell-bent  on closing it down at any cost.

The five years that saw Sri Lanka jumping from one end to another to cover up its ignoramus deeds that has bastardised the beautiful homeland as a nation that will not tolerate honesty, justice, freedom and is resolved to use the state resources to extend its hate politics in a ruthless way.

Going through our brief memory lane, Sri Lanka Guardian has spoken of the dishonesty of the Mahinda Rajapakse brothers to mesmerise a family dictatorship by using the war victory against the LTTE as a victory against the Tamils to extend the age old agenda that has reached the peak to pull through a downright dishonest regime that Sri Lanka Guardian did not fail to expose and face the wrath of the brutal family regime.

The regime that survives on the massive post war intelligence and military service, tried to muscle the little Sri Lanka Guardian with all its force. Unable to subdue the Sri Lanka Guardian by covert means with the help of the buffoons spread from Helsinki to Bangkok, the desperate government carried out the disingenuous act of banning it in the island nation. The Rajapakse brothers and its provocative buffoons expected Sri Lanka Guardian to crumble and ground to a halt, but the resolute stand of our media earned the goodwill further and its readership too surged to the contrary.

Sri Lanka Guardian exposed the pre-war effort of deception of the Rajapakse regime to execute a brutal war that saw thousands of innocent Tamils being slaughtered and brutalised by the state military force behind the iron curtain of curtailment of freedom of information about the war. The deception of Sri Lanka saw the de-merger of the north and east under the Indo-Sri Lanka agreement and a sympathetic regime installed in the demerged Eastern Province.

During this period, a back boneless All Party Representative Committee was appointed under the chairmanship of the much respected Prof Tissa Vitharane. When the war reached the crucial stage, the learned Professor decided to mortgage his respect and made an out-beat comment that APRC proposals will be implemented soon after the defeat of the LTTE terrorism. The proposal is not brought to the public eye and is remaining like the unaccounted dead bodies of the war in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka did not shy away from praising the Sri Lankan soldiers. They too are victims of circumstances and sacrificed their precious lives to execute a horrible and unethical war of the family that did not subscribe to the international protocols on the conduct of wars or Buddha dharma. The deceptive government is still to reveal the facts about the soldiers treated as missing action and buried during dark nights in the Indian and Arabic oceans.

Beside the war and war crimes, the Sri Lanka Guardian was outspoken critic of white van abductions and extra judicial killings. The much respected and outspoken journalist Lasantha Wickramatunga’s death did not end the culture of impunity and the abductions and murders continued indefinitely. The true stories of the dead and missing are still not told. The government knows, it can overcome internal and external pressures by creating a passage of time through procrastination and Lasatha’s death stands very high to expose this government undermining of justice and conducting trivial acts to down play its criminal acts.

Sri Lanka Guardian was vociferous on the exposure of the Tamil paramilitary groups extending state backed petty violent regimes of their own and also about the shenanigan of the government to buy over the opposing voices and the opportunistic Tamils to prop up its anti-democratic, anti-justice, anti-religious, anti-minority, anti-opposition, anti-west, anti-India and its espousing of pro-pariah states like China, Myanmar, Iran, Iraq etc. The government’s desperate acts to cover-up its mess was fearlessly exposed amidst threat of consequences.

Sri Lanka Guardian stood firm on the financial mismanagement of the state and spoke loudly for the poor and the down trodden. The government had enough of opportunistic salsa dancers who were prepared even to do topless tipsy dances for the government’s un-choreographed music. Some were given positions in embassies and some others dished out with funds and accommodated in five star hotels.

Sri Lanka Guardian became the enemy of the intoxicated extremists associated with the government and they too played their part to extend the agenda of racism and hate culture of the state.

The bull-eye stories were the governments shenanigan of the kidnap of LTTE arms procurer KP and former LTTE Romeo hero Karuna leaving the LTTE and joining the government. Both are accorded the right royal treatment, despite committing war crimes needing international justice. Even the doors of justice in Sri Lanka is shut for them to prove their innocence just because they are propping up the sick government. KP’s kidnap saga is an untold story that is embedded in deception, cover-ups and duplicity of this government.

Sri Lanka Guardian can list down endless revelations. As a fearless media, it will stand unresolved to uphold justice and fair play for Sri Lankans. Any amount of pro-western, pro-Indian, anti-national slangs will not deter Sri Lanka Guardian from standing for democracy and justice for Sri Lankans.

Pressure on the Sri Lanka Guardian, soon after its ban by the Sri Lanka government, caused a little dent and it was not a hammer blow. Many friendly, news media’s too avoided linking or copying news from the Sri Lanka Guardian in fear of retribution by the state. The time is changing and is changing fast. The Sri Lanka Guardian write-ups are now being republished in much bigger forums and is being included in daily news alerts in the internet media to be read by many thousands more than the ban Sri Lanka hoped to achieve.

Sri Lanka Guardian wish to thank all the contributors, readers and well wishers for their continued support. We wish to solemnly say that our media will continue with much vigour and resolute with the objective of establishing and respecting decent democracy in Sri Lanka – a democracy that is practiced with mature sense of respect and accommodation of all the people of Sri Lanka.



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