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Genocide 101: World and Media Apathy

It is outlandish that we accept things today, that we knew were wrong a thousand years ago.

Stop Genocide

(SALEM, Ore.) - I don't know which troubles me more; the idea that Genocide still takes place today, or the fact that so few people know about it. This most ultimate barbaric crime is or has recently taken place in Palestine, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, and Mexico... these are the stories that occupy most of our time at Salem-News.com.

The lessons we should have learned during the European Holocaust, and in the killing fields of Cambodia, we conveniently ignore in the west today. The lesson is "never again", but not just for the Jews, it is for all of mankind.

This tragic failure of media to report world Genocide to their viewers and readers in the west has allowed all of it to repeat itself, and reporting actual facts with intensity might have been the only way to avoid it and save hundreds of thousands of lives.

God didn't create an out-of-balance world, man has done that. Responsible for the most bloodshed over the years; the white man, who has eradicated millions in North America, killed the Jews and Gypsy's of Europe, (and an endless list of other people) and created the atmosphere for all of the world's current problems. Racism often accompanies Genocide and government or state terrorism in general.

News Coverage of Genocide

Salem-News.com is able to cover this intense subject as well as it does because of raw passion. Working closely with the people trying to shed a light of truth on Rwanda, our Africa writers Jennifer Fierberg and Alysha Atma have brought forward major stories.

Just part of our team of writers at Salem-News.com.

With the help of many great sources who frequently send alerts and articles to our newsroom, I cover all news as part of my work, but specialize in researching and writing about the Tamil Genocide that happened in Sri Lanka two summers ago.

The tragedy of Mexico is constantly addressed as a news item here, with important articles by Robert Plumlee, Kent Patterson and other writers sometimes bringing in huge numbers of visitors, mostly because of the recent U.S. gunrunning operation to Mexican cartels that was exposed, after the weapons were used to Murder not one but two U.S. federal agents.

Perhaps no subject receives more constant attention than Palestine, where Gilad Atzmon, Alan Hart, Ken O'Keefe, Eileen Fleming, Dr. Paul Balles, Alison Weir, Dr. William A. Cook, Jeff Gates, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, Gordon Duff, Maidhc Ó Cathail, Dr Franklin Lamb, M. Dennis Paul Ph.D., Dr. James M. Wall, Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, Stuart Littlewood, myself and others, write about the modern tragedy of this historic culture that has been at the losing end of a battle against ethnic cleansing and systematic elimination for over six decades. Conditions are far worse today than ever, for this beleaguered Arab population that exists under Israeli occupation.

I am not even naming all of our writers who address these subjects, and it is only one subject we follow regularly.

It is as if we've forgotten that media attention ended the Vietnam War, and drove the Civil Rights movement into the public consciousness. Lest we forget that many conservatives see this unbalanced world as 'overcrowded' and perhaps don't even care if Genocides are taking place, as long as it is the 'other' religion, whatever that may be.

I don't generally quote the singer/songwriter John Lennon, but he addressed this subject 39 years ago on the Dick Cavett Show.

John Lennon said, "I don't believe in overpopulation, I think that is just a myth that government has thrown out to keep your mind off Vietnam and Ireland and all of the important subjects."

This point about Vietnam and Northern Ireland is reminiscent of America's sudden drive to launch a military strike on Iran, where the story just doesn't make sense in the first place, but the value of a distraction of this type is large.

In regard to Genocide, the number of people killed in Central and South America by U.S. forces and interests is sickening, almost 50 overthrows were held at the request and hand of the U.S. government and time and time again, governments elected by the people of these countries were killed, removed in coup d'états and revolutions, and monsters were put in charge because they were friendly to U.S. interests.

Let's face it, there is no crime possibly worse than mass murder, the eradication of entire groups of people in some cases; it only stands to reason that this terrible crime would be our top priority as reporters for a U.S. news agency, but why aren't more reporters on this beat?

Today's Examples

Stranger than fiction Order Now

There are many examples of modern Genocides and there are also people and groups that dispute what a Genocide actually is, or is not. I think we all are entitled to our own opinion on this, I am not worried about over-classifying mass murder in the wrong terms, it is all one big ugly story in my opinion. The failed U.S. drug war is why there are Genocidal conditions in Mexico. That falls under greed.

In Mexico, more than 40,000 people have died under brutal conditions since that country escalated its war against drugs in 2006. Problems in Ciudad, Juarez are so severe that the term 'femicide' has been coined to represent the vast killings of women and girls, and it isn't the worst part of Mexico.

In Israel, different laws and roads exist for Jews and non-Jews, and policies closely resemble those of apartheid South Africa; Palestinians are murdered and abused daily and denied their most basic rights, they are subjected to an endless series of Israeli checkpoints and delays, travel denials, and prisoner abuse.

In Sri Lanka, between 40,000 and 100,000 Tamil people were killed by the Sinhalese Buddhist Sri Lanka Army just over two years ago in a massive ethnic cleansing. The separatist state of Tamil Eelam in the country's north existed to give sovereignty and preserve the language of a culture prominent in India, but not in Sri Lanka.

In Rwanda, a horrific civil war that erupted in 1994 that claimed up to 1,000,000 human beings in one of the worst blood baths in history. We recently carried the article Confession! Paul Kagame Killed President Juvenal Habyarimana, by Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa; the former Chief of Staff for President Paul Kagame.

Real Terrorism

Terrorism - it is a word frequently used by Americans to describe people of Arab descent who go astray of the law, but I think that rolling eight human heads into a disco in Juarez, Mexico like bowling balls, making the dancers trip and fall on bloody decapitated human faces; now that is terrorism.

I believe that soldiers in Sri Lanka recording video of dead female rape victims and tossing them into a pick up truck like cord wood as they evaluate their figures, and then you suddenly see one of the tortured women's bodies move... that I believe is terrorism.

A little boy shot dead in the street by Israeli soldiers who also shot his mom - and then continued using the 4-year old's body for target practice, while blocking ambulances from accessing the injured, keeping his mother trapped under gunfire only 30 feet away, that strikes me as terrorism.

Women and girls in Rwanda who were raped, brutalized and butchered, left with one or more arms cut off, or breasts cut off, by a man who they had always known as a neighbor but was of the wrong ethnic origin, again... the most vivid expression of real terrorism.

Common Traits in Genocidal Governments

Countries in this saga of Genocide often have the same back story; Israel and Sri Lanka both left British colonial rule and achieved statehood in 1948- a very bad year in the world for decision making.

In Palestine, which today is mostly Israel, the Zionist Jews immediately began eradicating the Palestinian population with terror and Murder because they believe God said they are entitled to steal the land.

In Rwanda and Sri Lanka, ethnic group were divided by the French and British, consequently, and the resentment over those old preferences of culture led to the recent Genocides. Hutus versus Tutsis in Rwanda, Sinhalese Buddhists versus Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.

We Need a Reality Check

Security is a two way street. It is the ultimate goal for any society, but too much of it breeds complacency and robs mankind of the ability to empathize with those who lack the same fundamental needs.

Considered to be "the only democracy in the Middle east" (which is absolutely untrue as no apartheid government is an democracy) the majority of Israel's citizens live in total security far from the borders, ignorant of what is taking place in their name. In the end no country can be founded to serve one particular religion without having massive Human Rights violations. Think about it.

I often refer to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs in my writings and that is because there is probably not a more sound general philosophy do live by.

Maslow explained that unless people can meet their own basic needs, they can not attain a position where they can also assist others. This creates a vicious circle and halts all societal progress.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

For me, all of this discussion; the establishment of a nation on other people's land, the resulting Diaspora that continues in force today, inevitably leads back to Maslow's hierarchy of needs; a theory in psychology, proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation.

Many psychology students are familiar with Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs; it is a theory of psychology that Maslow proposed in his 1943 paper, A Theory of Human Motivation.

Wikipedia describes Maslow's hierarchy of needs as a pyramid consisting of five levels:

The lowest level is associated with physiological needs, while the uppermost level is associated with self-actualization needs, particularly those related to identity and purpose.

The higher needs in this hierarchy only come into focus when the lower needs in the pyramid are met. Once an individual has moved upwards to the next level, needs in the lower level will no longer be prioritized. If a lower set of needs is no longer be met, the individual will temporarily re-prioritize those needs by focusing attention on the unfulfilled needs, but will not permanently regress to the lower level.

For instance, a businessman at the esteem level who is diagnosed with cancer will spend a great deal of time concentrating on his health (physiological needs), but will continue to value his work performance (esteem needs) and will likely return to work during periods of remission.

End Israel's Unwarranted Murder of Kids

It is outlandish that we accept things in 2009, 2010 and 2011, that we knew were wrong a thousand years ago. Those fully denied the ability to meet their needs, often take on roles that send a shiver down the back, things like 'suicide bomber' come to mind. Strip a man or woman of everything they should have and eventually they will fight back, and they will aim for your throat.

The motivators that lead to genocide are greed and warring politics with religious roots. War should be a last resort in every case but America shoots first and really never even asks questions, not even later.

We have emerged into a time when the president of the U.S. is willing to order illegal assassinations of shadowy figures whose persona's are created by the politicians and the western media in the first place.

Indeed, the country has become everything it criticizes in others. The United States backs racists governments like the former apartheid South Africa, Israel and Sri Lanka without a second thought, while labeling freedom and resistance fighters like Nelson Mandela as terrorists, always making alliances out of groups like the Saudis, who subjugate women to inferior roles out of the 11th century.

Israel seems to believe it should actually eliminate millions of people in Iran who object to its human rights violations and war crimes, as Israel hunkers down with hundreds of undeclared deadly nuclear warheads pointed at its enemies from a no-so-secret facility called the Dimona. Iran is the former Persian empire, it is thousands of years old, and Israel has been around for exactly 63 years. Iran has laws that protect its Jewish citizens, this is never mentioned. Of course they would all die in a mass scale attack on Iran also.

Unlike the USA, the UK, Russia, Germany and a long list of other countries, Iran has almost no history of war on other nations. These so-called 'enemies' of the United States simply won't play the same games that colonializing western powers have never stopped playing, and they're absolutely damned if they stand up for the rights of the Palestinians, which Iran and Iraq have both done, unlike the majority of the Arab world that long ago sold its soul to the USA and Israel.

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Tim King: Salem-News.com Editor and Writer

Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as Salem-News.com's Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines.

Tim holds awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Silver Spoke Award by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (2011), Excellence in Journalism Award by the Oregon Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (2010), Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), First-place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Tim has several years of experience in network affiliate news TV stations, having worked as a reporter and photographer at NBC, ABC and FOX stations in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. Tim was a member of the National Press Photographer's Association for several years and is a current member of the Orange County Press Club.

Serving the community in very real terms, Salem-News.com is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. As News Editor, Tim among other things, is responsible for publishing the original content of 91 Salem-News.com writers. He reminds viewers that emails are easily missed and urges those trying to reach him, to please send a second email if the first goes unanswered. You can write to Tim at this address: newsroom@salem-news.com

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Anonymous October 16, 2011 11:32 am (Pacific time)

Tim my parents were just like yours in regards to their government and economic perspectives. But you are incorrect regarding what party/ideology led us to this financial mess. When you look at those who have been, and are still in power of our private financial institutions, and also look at the bosses at Fannie and Freddie (who essentially dictate home loan policies) it is majority democrats. In congress it has been people like former Sen. Dodd, and Rep. Frank who have been the chief policy makers, and big receivers of PAC donations, who have legislated for reduced oversight for loans, aka, subprime loans. Then when it comes to new job and financial policies passed in the house, Sen. Reid just sits on them. That is also what he did regarding Obama's new job policy, which is essentially Stimulus Two. Please note that there are billions left over from the original Stimulus, but that is being directed for campaign payoffs. No Tim, you have it all wrong. If you could provide a list of names and their policies that are republicans to support your thesis that would be great. Then we can compare lists, how does that sound?

Anonymous October 16, 2011 7:36 am (Pacific time)

Actually regarding those individuals who work on Wall Street, or in the type of financial business you for some reason disaprove of (lack of understanding their economic function?) are majority registered democrats. Just go to the Federal Elections Commission website and go to "political donations" and verify for yourself. There are all kinds of different themes coming from this "occupy" group, so don't expect any real unified clear messages. Violence by them will surely increase and they will see their support diminish considerably. Most of this movement is predicated on the anarchist's chief dogmatic goals, namely collapse the economic system. Replace it with what? It appears that you define "conservatism" the way you see it, but in a political philosophy, conservatives want less government intervention (smaller government) and more individual freedoms. This is what the "Founders" designed into the Constitution and Bill of Rights. If you had studied the private journals of the Founders you would possibly have a better understanding. Now I see that many simply fall for those so-called experts who say the Founders meant "this" and "that" but never provide any linked evidence, just leftist supposition. Our financial institutions play an important role in our economy, and yes there are criminal elements there, just like in all parts of society. Arrests, and prosecutions of those in the financial arena have been stepped up beginning about ten years ago under Bush. Clinton did nothing, and if you review big time democrat politicos like Rahm Emmanual and many Clinton and Obama of their staff members, they have been on the boards of the major Wall Street banks setting policy. These people expect the media to provide them cover, then when they are exposed many people think they no what's going on and ignore the real facts. This is where the term "useful idiots" gets it's practical meaning. Just open yor eyes and start evaluating the information that is available if you look past the fog of subjectivity most on the left are submerged in. Conservatives are the ones who created America and have been protecting us. The far left spends an inordinate amount of energy demonizing us because they have an agenda which is all about destroying America. Please note how divisive the country is, and in the last 47 years of the civil rights era, there are even more poor and the literacy rate has dropped considerably. Trillions of dollars spent for this?

Anonymous October 15, 2011 6:17 pm (Pacific time)

Seems if you are really earnest about doing something about world violence, especially in the Middle East, then you would concentrate your passion towards the Zionists in the U.S. Senate, and to a smaller degree those Zionists within the House of Representatives. Unfortuantely almost from the get go in this article you insult "Conservatives" as the boogie people (cutting your potential readers in half), when reality it is just the opposite, for it is conservatives that actually fight the wars and want to avoid them. For example, look at all past major wars, it was usually a democratic president and congress. By doing this you do exactly what the Zionists want you to do. Though you have a very small visitor count, you may think not, but that is the truth, you could gin up your numbers by taking and directing your passion directly at the senate Zionists by name. This of course would make you a target, then all those progressive outfits you like (which are in effect funded by Zionists to distract you, e.g. Move-on.org and any Zionist Soros outfit (their are dozens he funds)), they would come after you big time. They would start with audits and allegations, and that would break what bank you have. So continue to provide unfounded allegations against conservatives, and as they soldify their power, it is they who [may] ignore you, maybe even forgive you for your smears. They know how the public school system has so utterly failed you, and generally have pity for you, but will also help you reach a better understanding of your environment. I would wish you luck, but you really have no focus on how the world works.

Tim King: Wow, let me clarify.  A 'conservative' in the true sense is an environmentalist, they want to conserve the earth.  A conservative is a religious person who follows a path established by some particular faith-based teaching.  Political conservatives- that would describe my late parents, they were good people but believed in fiscal conservatism and 'limited government' but not to the extent that it led to a lack of oversight and a public safety hazard.  The people I am talking about know who they are, they are self-described conservatives, so don't fault me for describing them this way.  The whole idea of disregard for people of the Middle east does not emerge from the ranks of people who typically consider themselves Democrats, most of the 'turn it into a parking lot' variety are members of the GOP.  The entire movement to reclaim America on Wall Street... do you think anyone, I mean one single person on Wall Street who led us to this is a Democrat?  I can't say for sure, but I know it would be less than one percent of those guys.    

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