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Beating or Flogging? American 'Democracy' in Action

"Meet the New Boss....same as the Old Boss...", The Who: 'We Won't Get Fooled Again'


(SAN BLAS, Mexico) - When my boys were young and I wanted them to do a chore, I used to use a little trick to get them to willingly comply and at the same time make them feel like they had "lucked out". If I wanted them to clean their room, I would tell them that they had a choice and it was entirely up to them what they chose.

They could clean their room or do a different chore which was much harder and time consuming, like mowing the yard. Of course, they immediately agreed to clean their room, which was all I wanted in the first place, they felt empowered by getting to "choose", and they were happy that they didn't have to mow the yard.

This fake democracy trick worked pretty good until they became teenagers and figured it out, at which time I had to switch to the carrot and stick method. I think of this as I observe the US election process, and wonder when Americans will fully realize the sham that has been directed against us, our children and grandchildren.

There are abundant signs that Americans are indeed fed up. In my 55 years I have never seen an election year like this. We just drove through the Western US and what was striking to me was the lack of political yard signs, bumper stickers and other election trappings. If I didn't know better, I would never have believed that a national election was just two months away. I saw more Ron Paul signs on homes and businesses than Obama or Romney signs combined.

Seriously! Yet Ron Paul was never intended to be one of our "choices", so he was treated as if he was invisible. Polls show that even among Democrats, he would beat Obama, yet the Republican party chose an almost certain loser to run against Obama....why? If I were a Republican, I would be appalled and angry at the way that the party bosses made my decisions for me and ruled out other choices--- regardless of whether I was a Ron Paul supporter or not.

To me, Romney and his kinda-slimy-looking-you-gotta-admit running mate look to be "palookas"...a boxing term for fake contestants that are paid to throw the match. I believe that the ridiculous team of McCain/Palin and going further back, Dukakis/Ferraro were also palookas. I am sure there have been many more.. Obama, like my son's room cleaning, is supposed to "win", and Romney's job is to be the greater of the two evils. However, Obama has been such a dismal failure that Romney, the designated loser, actually stands a chance !

I predict that if the election is very close, Romney will do or say something stupid , or have some dark secret or indiscretion revealed to get the voters back on track. Failing that, the notorious electronic voting machines will correct our failure to follow the script.

The man standing next to him asks:
“Can you see democracy in there?”

So, out of 350 million Americans, the best we can come up with is either a job outsourcing, Israel-firster warmonger who has his yacht registered under the Cayman Islands so he doesn't have to pay taxes on it, and who believes that Armageddon is a good thing because after the good Christians/ Mormons wipe out all the Jews, Muslims, Athiests, potheads and homosexuals, then Jesus will feel that it is safe to return to Earth....or we can choose a failed liar of a president who promised to close the Guantanamo Bay torture facilities and end the wars and has done neither, but added more countries to our attack/invade list and who prides himself on personally picking out drone murder victims, and who presides over a military budget larger than any of Bush's. He has ordered the assassination of Americans without trial, and defended the Israeli army killing of an unarmed nineteen year old American on an aid mission as "justifiable".

When the Israeli Army invaded the Gaza Strip concentration camp and killed 1440 civilians....appx 450 children among them, he sided with his masters, the Israelis. Under Obama's logic, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghettos of WW2 were also at fault for daring resist their extermination and upsetting the Nazis.

He claims to be a Christian, a follower of The Prince of Peace just like the other war criminals Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice. He and his ghoulish Secretary of State preach about "democracy" and "sovereignty of nations" yet when Pakistan repeatedly asks for years that Americans not murder their people via drone, he basically tells them to F-off. He has granted himself the right to kill whomever he wants, wherever they may be. He has basically appointed himself God of the World. If Romney is supposed to be the worst of the two evils, he has his work cut out for him.

Now the fact that I have mentioned Israel in a less-than-favorable light will instantly invalidate my argument to a lot of people....I am just a dirty "anti-semite". That simply is not true. And, for what it is worth, Palestinians are Semites also. So every time an Israeli sniper kills a Palestinian farmer or child, they are being "anti-Semite", right ?

I believe most all religion is fantasy designed to placate, control and extort money from people. Jews get a lot of flak for claiming to be "God's Chosen People", but doesn't every other religion in essence claim the very same thing ? I know Christianity does. The Mormon religion does, even going so far as to say that no matter how good a person is, if they are not Mormon, they do not get to be in the best part of Heaven.

Even Mother Theresa didn't make it to Heaven's "West Hills".

Catholics believe that theirs is the only true church, ordained by God, yet somehow infiltrated by pedophiles... I believe the current frail zombie of a pope is a perfect spokesperson for the Catholic church today. But....if a belief or ritual brings comfort to people, that is great. There is a lot of sadness and difficulty out there and we all cope in our own ways. What I despise are war criminal sociopaths who claim to be guided by God, by Love.... and there seems to be no shortage of them.

I really do not believe that a Romney presidency would be much different than a Obama presidency. Mr "Change" Obama changed from Bush in only the worse ways...more wars in more countries ( can you name the seven countries that we are fighting in or attacking currently?), so far appx 800% more drone strikes than Bush managed in eight years, a higher military budget, and fewer liberties. The agenda continues uninterrupted.

I think Obama will "win" because it is the easiest way to keep things rolling along without having to deal with the many facades of staff changes, etc. Our overlords are also getting tired of the election farce and they know it is wearing thin with the American people. When they realize that the dance is over and we see through the two-party charade, their only recourse will be to announce an amazing new "Unity" government where both sides are going to work together for We the other words, admit that it has always been a con game, but now we will get our "cut".

The political party charade is just one more way that we are kept divided and distracted. And neither "side" is any better than the any category. Like George Carlin said, there is only ONE party, and we are not invited. We get the bill though, our kids get the bullets and the PTSD, and we are to "hang tough", because "these colors don't run". Their "colors" run, however.

They run to AIPAC conventions to pledge our support, our standing in the world, and our children's lives (not their children of course) to the state of Israel. They run to the bank to cash their lobby checks from the weapons manufacturers and the privately-run prison industry. In almost every case, their children run from military service...that is something for the poor and middle classes. We are led by greedy cowards who tell us to "tighten our belts" and "make hard choices" while they live like royalty.

We have to soundly reject the Democrat/Republican cartel at every, county, state and federal. They have had over 200 years and things just get worse for us and better for them.

Their contempt for us is evident in many ways, from their lies that send our kids off to war, to the way they are all seemingly above the law. You or I would go to jail if we swiped a candy bar from Wal-Mart, but they and their cohorts can swindle billions, lie to start wars that kill hundreds of thousands and then parade around the Sunday talk show circuit like rock stars.

Why isn't Colin Powell in prison, charged with one count of murder for every American, Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani that his lies killed ? Why has his property, including his book proceeds, not been seized ? Why isn't Donald Rumsfeld on death row awaiting execution for war crimes ? For that matter, why isn't Obama in prison for war crimes ? They are above the law....period. The laws are made for us, not them.

I predict a record low voter turnout this year. Many of my friends and family have told me they are not going to bother to vote. Most all of them voted for Obama last time around and feel betrayed, as they should. The powers that be have seen to it that we have no choice but theirs. Our "democracy" is like the "free speech zones" ...a farce designed to placate the masses.

They know that even though we are slow to act, the day is approaching when the feces is going to hit the air propulsion device. Perhaps that is why the Department of Homeland Security has ordered 750 million rounds of high power bullets..400 million of them 40 caliber hollow points, in just the last six months. Sound like the ravings of a "conspiracy theorist" ? Damn right it does ! It sounds like crazy talk... It sounds like tinfoil hat stuff, but the documents are there and they are public domain. Google "DHS Bullet order" and check it out for yourself.

Why do they feel that they need this quantity and type of bullet ? Who are the anticipated targets ?

Remember, this is not for the military, or for a foreign invasion. The DHS is not involved in that. This is for "domestic" use. Us ?

Americans are raised under a confusing double standard. We are taught to echew and refrain from violence, it is a bad thing, yet our cartoons are violent, (think Roadrunner) our video games are violent, our movies are violent, our cities are violent. We build more weapons, use more weapons, and distribute more weapons than any other nation on earth. We are a warrior nation. But... if you or I talk of resisting the fascist stranglehold on our lives, we are tagged as "radicals", "subversives" and "troublemakers".

No doubt the revolting American colonists were tagged the same way by their British overlords. Did the poorly armed colonists WANT to go to war against the much better supplied British army? I think not.

At the time of the Revolutionary War, only 15% of the Americans even owned a gun and half of those were pretty much worthless or broken. A musket was around two month's pay and was just not an option for many struggling colonists.

The odds were vastly against them, yet they cared enough about their freedom and the legacy they would leave their children that they resisted anyways. Holding hands and singing, heartfelt letters to the King, petitions and "free speech zone" protests wouldn't have worked with the Brits and it isn't working now.

I used to be a a perfect world, wouldn't we all be? However I have come to despise the "pacifist" crowd. They filter among us with their mantras such as "Violence only creates more violence", "We have to be better than them", etc. etc.

They seem to revel in their insignificance and impotence and seek to spread it. I often wonder which side they are on. Our country has been taken over by warmongering sociopaths, but we are supposed to "turn the other cheek", and hope and pray that one day they will have some epiphany moment and hand it all back to us.

I for one, am not holding my breath. I abhor violence, but if a rabid dog is in my neighborhood attacking children, I am going to do something about it. I wouldn't try to talk to it, wait for it to change on it's own, rehabilitate it, or make excuses for it. There are times that action...even violence, is absolutely called for.

Last October 19, Portland State University for some ungodly reason, decided to have the war criminal Condoleeza "Mushroom Cloud" Rice come and speak. Why did Portlanders allow this to happen? One percent of the population of Portland, 6000 or so people, could have blocked the entrances to PSU. It could have been stopped. The majority of the world would have applauded us.

To go even further, the fool or fools who thought that paying a proven liar and war criminal responsible for over half a million deaths to come speak should be removed from their jobs and sent packing. Maybe they can find employment in the military...possibly in Iraq searching for those WMD's that she still claims were there.

I am not against opposing viewpoints but we have heard her lies for so long and suffered so much as a result of her lies. I believe that she does indeed deserve a with a trap door directly under a noose.

It is time for us to grow some balls or simply accept and admit that we are basically slaves to an international cabal of murderous thieves. We need to stand up and resist their phoney "two-party" system of perpetual slavery and war for profit (their profit, not ours).

Our so called "leaders" need to be called to the mat and made accountable for their votes and their statements and any American politician that accepts foreign lobby money should be harassed out of office. Their offices should be very tense places. We used to hang people for treason we elect them to office.

Earlier used the word "fascist". The word "Fascism" is tossed around a lot...many times, I suspect, by people who are not real clear of it's meaning. I used to be one of those people. Fascism is basically a system where the government, the military and the industrial/financial sectors are aligned essentially for their own benefit, but against the interests of the general populace. War is a necessary element of Fascism.

It is the fire that requires the fuel that requires the "sacrifice" that transfers the wealth of a country to the hands of those who started the war to begin with. In Fascist countries the media works for the government... maybe not on paper, but in reality. Mussolini's Italy was a Fascist country as was Nazi Germany. Is this the kind of system that we want to leave our children ? The scary thing about Fascism is that it is a fast-growing cancer that does not take too many people to get started.

They just have to be the right people.

The industrialists use their money to buy politicians who use that money to stay in power where they can convince the people of the need for war or just declare war for some reason, which results in the industrialists making more money than ever supplying the war machine and having even more money to bribe/lobby the politicians, etc, etc. Meanwhile, the bankers are loaning all the money involved, and who gets to pay for it ? We the People. But the United States is a democratic country, right ? We vote on things, right ? Did you get to vote on the war or even how long we are supposed to keep fighting it ?

Congress didn't even bother to do that...Did you get to vote on the Wall St. bail outs ? Were you ever asked to vote on whether or not we should continue to assassinate people via drone, even purposely hitting first responders ?

No, we get to vote on the important things, like how many days to trim off the school year to make up for the fact that there is no money, or whether or not to auction off some city property so that the potholes in town can be fixed.

That is how far our "democracy" is allowed to go these days.

They will send our children off to die for reasons that they cannot prove, yet we are not allowed a say in the matter. That is just another example of the contempt and disregard that our overlords have for us. We are drones. We work for the State, we bear and raise children for the State. We belong to the State. The bottom line is that it is our own damn fault that things have gotten as bad as they have. We have been too comfortable, too trusting, too apathetic or too uninformed. We did so little for so long that I am surprised that things didn't get worse sooner. We are approaching a tipping point and they know it. The Department of Homeland Security knows it. You know it. I hope to God that in my lifetime I see Americans stand up and once again reject being ruled and used by kings and the ultra-rich. I hope to see our government finally being of, by and for the People. We are slaves in the richest country on earth, most of us struggling from payday to payday. Things need to change dramatically. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic won't do it...there needs to be a complete overhaul of what has become "the system". It no longer represents the better interests of the citizenry (and maybe never did), but rather the worst. By supporting it with our taxes, our cooperation and our children, we are feeding the cancer that is killing us. And it is not going to get better on it's own. The powers that be try to convince us that they hold all the cards and all the choices. We are led to believe that there are no choices available to us other than those they offer, no matter how distasteful they may be. They are wrong. We outnumber the self-serving traitors that have hijacked our country by around HALF A MILLION TO ONE ! Think about that ! We are hardly as helpless as they like to convince us. Without our cooperation, they cannot do much. They will scare us, distract us, try to divide us, slander us, intimidate, attack and maybe even kill us.....anything to keep us from realizing who our true enemies are, and taking action. That is their biggest fear, I would imagine.

So my prediction is that Obama narrowly "beats" his palooka, who makes it clear that he will start more wars and bigger wars. The war-weary American public will be forced to take once again, the "lesser of the two evils", as there are no other choices. Most Americans will not bother to vote as long as our only choices are between the right hand or the left hand of the same malicious puppeteer. This is not Democracy and it is not Freedom. We who care have work to do.


Vic Pittman is a freelance writer from Scotts Mills, Oregon who resides in Mexico today. He is the holder of no literary awards, journalistic awards or college degrees. He has at one time or another been a honor student, inmate, biker, Christian, pothead, father, radical, pacifist, anarchist, artist, heavy metal guitarist, model citizen, lawbreaker, business owner, illegal marijuana grower, and volunteer for various causes. He is proud to be a "common man" and be among those striving to make this world a better place if at all possible. He was fortunate enough to have been raised by awesome parents who instilled what he feels to be essential values and encouraged him to feel a kinship with not just family or Oregonians or Americans or whites, but every person on Earth, and to act accordingly. He and his wife Glenda currently live in Nayarit Mexico.

You can write to Vic at this address:



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Anthony M. Saraceno October 17, 2012 2:49 pm (Pacific time)

It's good to know that thier are other Americans who care enough about the people of this country to point out the truth about what's going on. Most people I come into contact with in my daily life don't care, they care more about football.

JUHN YOUNG October 17, 2012 2:21 pm (Pacific time)


Juscelino M. Acevedo October 17, 2012 9:46 am (Pacific time)

***STANDING OVATION*** That was one of the most inspiring articles I have ever read. Thank you.

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