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Medical Marijuana and Pot Romnesia at the Oregonian

What will they forget next?

oregon marijuana
Legal Oregon Homegrown. Photo by M.G.

(PORTLAND, OR) - I don’t know what to diagnose or think about the Oregonian’s medical marijuana problem. They seem to bounce around just like the Romney ball on the ocean --- here or there, up and down, sideways and back.

I can’t really tell whether they are for marijuana or against it, or both, just like Romney and Romnesia.

The latest article even confused me even more. The recent articles seem to be based on the misinformation gleaned from the usual erroneous sources by Josh Marquis, District Attorney in Astoria, Oregon. He says that, in Oregon, it’s “easier to get a marijuana card than a driver’s license.”

He is wrong, but that doesn’t slow him down.

He says that “anyone in Oregon that wants to smoke marijuana can get it, and does.” He is correct about this. Even the U.S. government says that 10% or about 300,000 Oregonians smoke when they can, and can get the grass. Only about 80,000 are legal.

Marijuana grows are so widespread with so many users that no laws nor police Gestapo actions can shut it down.

Even Bill Bradbury, former Oregon Secretary of State, vociferously condemns the current laws and regulations which, in effect hurt the wrong people, but make millionaires especially of the Mexican mafia and wastes millions of dollars of tax payers money supporting the “war on drugs” and prisons for marijuana users.

Measure 80 would create a 7 member Oregon Cannabis Commission which would allegedly control all aspects of the marijuana industry. That is foolish. It is already out of control.

Umatilla County sheriff John Trambo has thrown his anti-marijuana sombrero into the ring, stating “If you could legally grow your own, why go into a store and pay $200 an ounce?”

Well it’s this way, Sheriff. It costs more than a thousand dollars to set up a grow, and marijuana does not grow like tomatoes! $200 an ounce would be cheap for most people, and keep the Mexicans out of the state.

There are thousands of growers now, and crimes of all kinds have not increased the way Sheriff Trambo bleats.

The current law, or lack of it, has made many police “drug warriors” rich. It would be interesting to know where the sheriff dug his misinformation. It is certainly not factual.

The new impressive financial drive to legalize marijuana in Washington state is very interesting but as it is written, will not help medical marijuana users. The new blood level standards for marijuana intoxication would put every user, even 70-year old grannies, in serious legal jeopardy.

Marijuana use quickly causes tolerance so that increasing amounts are necessary to produce the same medical effects. If they use more, the nanograms in their blood also increase. Even fairly light users would become automatic felons.

Peter Bensinger, former top DEA drug czar, says that “marijuana (use) is not “healthy”. Well, as a physician toxicologist, I can assure him that marijuana is healthier than alcohol, aspirin, Starbucks coffee or any other drugs he can name. He also says that if I-502 passes, drug gangs will focus on the youth. May I inform him, the high school and college crowd already have their own marijuana supply system.



Dr. Phillip Leveque

Dr. Phillip Leveque has degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and minors in physiology and biochemistry. He was a Professor of Pharmacology, employed by the University of London for 2 years, during which time he trained the first doctors in Tanzania. After training doctors, he became an Osteopathic Physician, as well as a Forensic Toxicologist.

Before any of that, Phil Leveque was a Combat Infantryman in the U.S. Army in WWII. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder more than 60 years after the war, and specialized in treating Veterans with PTSD during his years as a doctor in Molalla, Oregon. Do you have a question, comment or story to share with Dr. Leveque?
Email him:

More information on the history of Dr. Leveque can be found in his book, General Patton's Dogface Soldier of WWII about his own experiences "from a foxhole". Order the book by mail by following this link: DOGFACE SOLDIER OF WWII If you are a World War II history buff, you don't want to miss it.


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