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Another Drama in the Making

The most vociferous of the Tamil Diaspora group is the Global Tamil Forum.
Empowers the conquered, Heroic Nudity (Gaul standard bearer) and elevates

(COLOMBO, Sri Lanka Guardian) - The Tamils have become cheap political silage for the President Mahinda Rajapakse regime even after the war victory against the Tamil Tigers.

The government is extending the age old and the well practiced plan against the Tamils with the aim to keep them away from the centre of attention, influence, or power them further. Local spins against the Tamils are now being played in the international terrain. Everything that this government did since coming to power is to bully the Tamils to bring them to their submission level steadfast.

Having understood that Tamils are playing unexpected superior international politics is causing serious indigestions for the Rajapakse brothers and an olive branch is deceptively waved with all the media glare to torpedo their campaign. The nudity of this government is exposed once again. Instead of wrapping itself with the clothes of self conscience and shame, it is exposing its state of undress further through the magnifying glasses.

The whole Diaspora Tamils were considered as hostile elements and proxy of the LTTE until now and was demonised to such a level that any self respecting Tamil who were driven from their lands will not sincerely fall foul to the bogy wolf cry of the state .

The government that is claiming that Diaspora Tamils are eager to join hands with the government, is still to reveal the names of the Tamils who have come forward to work with them. Many Tamil delegations have met the President since 1998. But there is no tangible relationship being forged except for few Tamil drama and dancing queens and the international benefit cheats and credit card fraudsters shamelessly joining the government without any self esteem ignoring the wider interest of the Tamils.

With the Interpol wanted Kumaran Pathmanathan (KP) associated with the government to save his own life, repeated attempts are being made to disturb and undermine the Tamil Diaspora with his engagement. KP who was responsible for exporting suicide kits and cyanide capsules to the LTTE that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of people have even forgotten the golden rule of the LTTE to swallow the cyanide capsule faced with danger, instead he is begging and pleading to save his own life. The shattered remains of the suicide bombers of KP’s creation has been effectively erased from the mind of the ego centric international arms exporter of the LTTE.

The most vociferous of the Tamil Diaspora group is the Global Tamil Forum. It had recently extended an offer for talks with the government. Instead of acknowledging the offer, the government is trying to play its dirty poli-tricks to execute a terrible twist and engage with some unknown frauds in the Tamil Diaspora.

The government can reach Gopan Mahadeva likes as they have a history of working against the wider Tamil interests. The man in the 1970’s was singing for his supper with the Srimavo Bandaranayake government to emasculate the effort of the mainstream Tamil leadership to negotiate with the government. Such persons will even write poems to praise Mahinda Rajapakse for massacring the fellow Tamils to bring peace in the country. There are many such unknown potty quantities in the Tamil community whom will be provided with red carpet welcome to sell the wider Tamil interests with much publicity.

During the term of this President, many unprecedented acts of deception were perpetrated against the Tamils. Diaspora Tamils were not exempt. Kidnaps, murders, incommunicado detentions and imposing a blanket visa tax on visiting non-resident Tamils to fill the coffers of the state speaks volume of the mission of the government against Tamil minorities.

The big statement of the government of engaging with the Tamil Diaspora comes at the time when the siblings of the President is screaming at elected Tamil parliamentarians that they are not the true representatives of the Tamils and also letting loose a campaign to repeal the 13th amendment to the constitution.

The government likes to play only the one sided drum and even when two sided tapper is available, it will loudly beat the one sided bongos hits to hold on to power by trampling with the Tamil rights and existence.




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