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Road to Hope Convoy with Ken O'Keefe Approaching Gaza

More help for the people of Gaza, as long as the convoy clears the Rafah border.

New Gaza Convoy
Photos by Ken O'Keefe

(SALEM ) - On one hand it makes the world seem like a much smaller place. People concerned for the well being of Gaza's 1.5 million residents set out for Gaza from London in an overland convoy.

Ken O'Keefe, Cormac O'Daly

This type of organized operation is becoming more popular right now with each month as the truth about the horrible living conditions in Gaza, imposed by the Israeli government, move forward. writer Ken O'Keefe of, who fought Israeli commandos last May when they raided the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on the high seas, is part of this group, along with other survivors of the ship attack last May, and many other activists.

They have made good progress so far; at last count the overland convoy that set out from Europe was making its way through Libya.

Reading through blog entries about the Convoy, I see this group tried to gather items like C-arm operating equipment allows X-rays to be done during operations I think - these are urgently required but we don't have time to source or fund one to go on this convoy.

Ken O'Keefe's Photos - Road to Hope Convoy 2010 - Libya 1

At one point the convoy received a 1956 Green Goddess fire engine amongst many other vehicles for the trip. However it was decided that the rig would use too much fuel and it was liquidated to raise more cash.

"But it is going to be too expensive to run the vehicle all the way so instead it may be sold on after some publicity work. It is frustrating I still do not have a camera since Israeli forces removed such items from Mavi Marmara," this blogger wrote.

It is important to note that the Freedom Flotilla attacked on the high seas last May, which O'Keefe was aboard, was carrying over a thousand tons of relief supplies. In addition to these dedicated items being seized by Israel, the Israel Defense Forces also stole hundreds of laptop computers and cameras from the journalists and activists aboard the Mavi Marmara.

Even more troubling is the fact that well over a million dollars in cash, money gathered to give to the poor people of Gaza, was also stolen by the Israelis.

Haaretz in Israel wrote: "Military Police arrested an Israel Defense Forces officer suspected of stealing laptop computers from activists aboard the Gaza-bound aid ship raided by Israeli commandos in May and selling them to other officers."

Many of this officers underlings were also either under investigation or in custody for the crimes. Either way the intended goal was missed. This is why O'Keefe and the others are currently enroute to Gaza again.

Recent Convoy

Their overland convoy will arrive almost on the heels of the Viva Palestina convoy that reached the border crossing at Rafah in October{1}.

In his typical way, Ken O'Keefe is on the move and still communicating from the road as well as possible. One problem is that he and others who were aboard the Mavi Marmara last May are listed.

"Of extra concern apparently 5 Viva Palestina members have been arrested in Egypt upon exiting Gaza, if this be the case we all must assure their safe release. For those of us who are potential targets for arrest, especially those on the Mavi Marmara, we enter Egypt with humanity as our guide, let us hope we face no persecution, that we are all allowed to express our love and solidarity for the people of Gaza."

So for now this former Marine and others have to wonder. There are concerns.

Leave it to San Diego native Ken O'Keefe to find
beautiful hollow waves, even in places like Libia!

"We should enter Gaza in a few days, thus far the Egyptian government seems to be very agreeable. But it remains to be seen, will Egypt block those of us who were on the Mavi Marmara? There are 8 of us on the convoy, we all of course desire to enter Gaza very much, especially after being denied on the flotilla, but we... shall see..."

At last count he says the convoy is, "Making way to Egypt, Libya border, still on course to arrive in Egypt Wednesday morning. Thanks to all wishing us well, we are all feeling great."

I have to wonder how many people realize the magnitude of these Gaza operations. There is no excuse for Israel's construction of a wall around the entire non-oceanfront perimeter of Gaza. This is one of the most historic ocean cities in the world, and the people are forced to live in atrocious circumstances. They are periodically bombed into submission by Israel, and construction supplies to rebuild damaged homes are greatly restricted, if ever allowed by Israel.

The mission of the Freedom Flotilla last May led to the deaths of nine innocent activists aboard the Mavi Marmara. The act has been condemned by the UN Human Rights Commission. However, it led to Egypt's opening of the southern border of Gaza, at Rafah, which is this Convoy's destination. The lives of those nine men, most of whom were killed execution style by the Israeli commandos, were not given in vain.

{1} Oct-21-2010: Viva Palestina Convoy Breaks Siege and Engers Gaza to Jubilant Crowds -

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Anna O'Leary October 30, 2010 8:42 pm (Pacific time)

Ken O'Keefe on ROAD TO HOPE convoy posted:''We may be calling on all supporters of Palestine to put pressure on Egypt to let us through to Gaza, please be ready to help us on our mission. Thank you to everyone in advance. Hard to know when my next update will be, hope to have good news soon. '' Press SHARE and make sure EVERYONE on your friends see it and urge them to pass it on so we can have a huge impact if Ken calls his Internet Troops to help him get the aid to Gaza. also, from Saeb Shaath on the Egyptian’s Libyan borders hopping for a final answer by tomorrow from the Egyptian Borders Authority القافلة علي الحدود المصرية الليبية منذ ثلاث ايام بانتظار اذن الدخول الي الأراضي المصرية4

Uzi October 27, 2010 10:10 am (Pacific time)

This is the evidence that Gaza is a vast prison camp and its people are victims of genocide. Plus, no building materials are allowed entry.
Oops, what's a just opened luxury shopping mall doing there?

The American people are not stupid, muslims dont belong in the USA. They can never ever be real Americans, their quoran forbids them to be free not to mention democracy. Please, write something worth reading.

Tim King: These statements are ridiculous.  So you think that if they can buy an item in a store mall, that their lives are good.  Geez, remember that our readers are dialed in with this as are increasing millions of Americans.  No, they are not dumb, they are dumbed down by media fueld by Zionist ambitions, along with big pharma and insurance, and very capable of figuring out what Israel is doing to human beings with the hefty U.S. taxpayer sum that constantly flows to the Jewish state.  I know so many Muslim people who live in the US and the UK.  Being Muslim or Jewish has nothing to do with anything; the discussion is about human rights and no nation or group has a legal right to supress and /or illegally occupy another nation.  To try and pull the wool over people's eyes is wrong friend; it won't fly here.  

Amanda October 27, 2010 2:21 am (Pacific time)

Tim, there appears a Palestine Photographer on Facebook, (Mr. Alazeez Abuoday, who also displayed some videos, I send him the headline of your Gaza story, to make sure he understands, we, the people, have not forgotten the plea of the Palenstinian people. He seems to believe, we are cut off from knowing the truth.

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