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Did US Drone Attack Gaddafi Convoy After Negotiated 'White Flag' Truce?

Sources say Gaddafi was under a “White Flag” truce and that he was sodomized by rebels before he was shot.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

(BANGKOK Asian Tribune) - (Forward by editor: This report was sent to our newsroom today by Dr. Franklin Lamb, our correspondent in Tripoli. He says Gadhafi's driver, Huneish Nasr, who survived the missile attack, reportedly knew nothing about this and insists he would have...

"... but only that the departure was delayed for five hours or so due to discussions about who should go where and whether they should split up etc. Plus they had to stash certain 'papers' etc. The Gaddafi group also apparently sent three "advance cars" to test the waters so to speak and they reported back that the "coast seems clear." He claims G. wanted to leave by sea and harbor at a point on the coast to the west. Who knows the truth right now? I would put nothing past NATO or the US govt. on this.

Nothing about a negotiated "safe passage" from others here. Its not clear who else from the G. convoy is alive and in the hands of the rebels currently or has any knowledge of this.

.... the author's "sources inside Libya" is a bit vague no? I have to agree with Franklin, in that everything about this is suspicious and it also clearly is an African continent power grab. At any rate, we are not entirely sure about the validity of this report, but it seems important at this point to share the article with our readers under those conditions. - Tim King)

Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi was traveling under a negotiated “White Flag” truce last Thursday in an agreement to leave Libya. More claims from sources inside Misrata, Libya that the Libyan National Transitional Council did in fact agree to allow Gaddafi and his convoy safe passage out of Libya.

In addition rebel sources in Misrata claim US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was informed of the “White Flag” truce negotiated and agreed to by Libya’s NTC while visiting Libya Wednesday October 19.

A widely read Internet blog site Larry reveals the above information noting that the site received them from reliable sources inside Libya.

The question now emerge is whether Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engage in the firing on a White Flag convoy with the intent to assist in the capture and murder of Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi?

The web site Larry further reports: “It is our opinion that the information received from our sources inside Libya is factual. It has also been reported that journalists were not immediately allowed to report from the site of the US Drone attack on Gaddafi’s convoy until the rebels had the opportunity to dispose of any remaining evidence of the “White Flags” which were clearly connected to the convoy vehicles.”

The question today is: Was Secretary Clinton told of the “White Flag” truce giving Gaddafi safe passage out of Libya? Did Secretary Clinton use this information to prepare a US Drone attack on Gaddafi’s “White Flag” convoy? Who authorized the US Predator Drone strike on the “White Flag” convoy? Will Barack Obama be called to answer for the US firing on a “White Flag” convoy?

Wednesday October 19 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Libya meeting with the Libyan armed rebels. It has come to the attention of Larry Web Site via sources inside Libya that the Gaddafi convoy was traveling under a White Flag of truce which sources say had been negotiated with Gaddafi. If the information concerning a negotiated truce to allow Gaddafi to leave Libya is true and verifiable, and the United States was involved in or even made aware of this agreement, the US Drone strike on the convoy would be in direct violation of the Geneva Convention and a war crime.

The Asian Tribune previously reported that it was the US drone fire on Colonel Gaddafi’s convoy that led the rebels to capture and brutally assassinate the former Libyan leader.

The web site a day later confirmed that there was an agreement to allow Gaddafi convoy with white flags to proceed and that the agreement was reached between the NTC and Gaddafi representatives.

Sources inside Misrata, Libya have claimed Gaddafi’s convoy was traveling under a “White Flag” truce and also claims Gaddafi was sodomized by rebels before shot in the head.

While Obama stated back in the spring that the UN Resolution did not call for nor allow the targeting of Gaddafi, and stating the US would not target Gaddafi, last Thursday he referred to the capture & murder of Gaddafi as “we have done what we went in to do.” The claims that a truce was negotiated to allow Gaddafi to leave the country raise some serious questions as to what role Secretary of State Hillary Clinton played in the agreement. It also raises the question did Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration knowingly authorize a US Drone strike on a convoy traveling under a White Flag truce? If so, the Web Site raises, both Clinton and Obama should immediately be charged with war crimes and accessory to murder.

The web site Larry having obtained reliable information from inside Libya asks: Did Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engage in the firing on a White Flag convoy with the intent to assist in the capture and murder of Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi?

Asian Tribune media survey has shown that many political pundits and non-mainstream media have question the circumstances the Libyan leader was brutally killed.

The “White Flag” issue is sure to dominate the political talk here in the United States and among global rights organizations, Asian Tribune understands.

-Asian Tribune-

Special thanks to Daya Gamage on the Asian Tribune Foreign News Desk

Originally published here:

End Israel's Unwarranted Murder of Kids

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COLLI October 28, 2011 2:05 am (Pacific time)

This raises the question of whether Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration are simply insane or evil beyond comprehension. Regardless of which it is, their actions do not bode well for the world. Honor has ceased to exist among most of those warming the seats in Washington and we have only just begun to reap what they have sown! You can almost hear the whisper “Let them eat cake” can’t you?

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