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What a Way for Police to Treat an 85-Year Old Man!

Police treatment of WWII war hero shows nation's real regard for its warriors.

85-year old Norman Scarth
85-year old Norman Scarth

(SALEM / LONDON) - At we try to keep our readers updated on the plight of military veterans, who for all of the recruitment hype during time of war, are actually treated with disregard and minimal application of assets and resources after the wars are over and the troops, those who are left, finally return home.

This story is about a British World War Two hero who became a critic of his government in later life, and continues to pay the price. 85-year old Norman Scarth is in trouble with British authorities for distributing leaflets and for using a loud halier. (a portable loudspeaker having a built-in amplifier and microphone Also called a bullhorn in the US and Canada).

He was arrested by police after a deceptive act, and a source of ours in the UK who knows this legendary man, John "butlincat" Graham, told us he had just come off the telephone with Norman, who is very shaken by today's events.

Here is what happened to this Veteran campaigner:

"At 10:00 a.m. this morning, Norman Scarth (who incidentally lives in sheltered housing) answered the door to his flat with the chain on. He was greeted by a young girl who told him that her grandmother had moved into the flat next door and she needed help moving some furniture. Norman being a helpful gentleman quickly got dressed (vest top and flip flops) and went with the girl to the flat".

As it turns out, the grandma next door was simply a ruse and once into the flat he was set upon by four police officers.

"Norman was manhandled and immediately handcuffed! Is this anyway to treat an 85-year old?" our source questions.

"To trick them from their homes and assault them in this manner? Norman was arrested for 'section 2 protection from harassment' a summary offence which gives the police NO power of entry to a person's home. So the police lied to trick this man into their trap, utterly scandalous."

It reminds me of a bad vampire movie. If you just don't invite them in...

"Norman was taken to the police station and held most of the day. His arrest related to his distribution of leaflets and using a loud hailer which he was told 'upset' somebody. Norman only got back to his home (no help from the police) shortly after midnight".

Graham says he arrived he found the police had made entry to his home and removed his computer equipment and his mobile phone.

"This is the state of policing in Britain and how they'll act toward an elderly man and war hero".

We ask our readers to please forward this story, email it to friends, Twitter it, post it to your Facebook pages, promote it any possible.

Anyone who can offer support to Norman please do, his email is

The message below is from Norman Scarth:

"The mainstream media will NOT report in any way the unscrupulous disgusting methods used by the police to arrest this 85 year old British citizen the other day. It is disgusting how these authority figures abuse their office, and use our money to do it with. No wonder the streets are full of citizens protesting now about these Satanic elements in our society. The mainstream media are no better - by their silence they actively aid and abet this evil".

What say you - mainstream media?

There is only one recourse - weed them out - from the Chief Constables and Commissioners down, to their lowest lackeys and puppets - and put them where they belong and deserve - behind bars - until they become responsible members of society - if that is at all possible.

If you become a threat too much they kill you - R.I.P. David Kelly.

Our readers who don't know about David Kelly, a weapons inspector from the UK who was murdered, should.

British Member of Parliament Norman Baker, says in regard to the case, that Dr David Kelly was indeed murdered. All the indications are that he is right and if so, this is a murder of enormous ethical and political significance.

Christopher King examined the death of UK weapons inspector Dr David Kelly in 2003 and argues that, in the light of fresh analyses of the circumstances of his death, it is vital that the new British government make public Dr Kelly’s post mortem report and other documentation relating to his death. (see: Who Murdered UK Weapons Inspector Dr David Kelly?)

Background on Norman Scarth

Sharf's reward for serving his country is a pair of handcuffs

Norman Scarth is a WW2 veteran, born in 1925, who got extremely disenchanted in 1995 when he became a victim and discovered many victim stories.

The first potentially lethal terror attack on 8th August 1999 came just seventeen days after the European Court for Human Rights had ruled that I was the victim of a violation of Article 6, and JUST SIX WEEKS after I had appeared in the Civil Appeal Court, and told Lord Woolf (MR) Lord Justice Otton and LJ Ward “Her Majesty the Queen, whose courts these are, is badly served by the shysters who now infest the judiciary.

Few men of my age would not have had one or the other.  Because concerned neighbours had gathered, they did not use the battering ram that had been called for, but instead laid siege to the house for THREE HOURS, before backing off saying, “We have decided this is not a police matter – BUT WE’LL BE BACK!” All that, and much more is on tape.

In the days, weeks and months which followed, my desperate S.O.S. messages were faxed to EVERY watchdog’ in the land.  A curt brush-ff came from only two – from the rest, not even acknowledgement!

The police had licence to commit any crime against me with impunity.  For eleven months I dared leave the house only three times.  It was unlawful but very effective ‘house arrest’, imprisoned by fear – and I am NOT a timid man!

After 11 months my fears proved justified, when they DID smash into my home, and gave me a brutal kicking that put me in hospital.  There followed the malicious prosecution for a NON-EXISTENT ‘crime’, and a Kangaroo Court ‘hearing’ where I was given a sentence of six years in prison, plus four years on extended licence.

After one and a half years, the sentence was quashed, and I was carted off to Newton Lodge Gulag ‘Mental Hospital’, Wakefield, the intention being to pump me full of drugs to turn me into a zombie.  However, honest nurses would not be party to such depravity, and I escaped the fate of Andy McCardle.

So, after four months in the Nuthouse, the sentence was re-imposed, and it was back to prison again till I had served four years (2/3rds of the the six) when I was to walk free, having ‘Paid My Debt to Society’ .

Instead, I was UNLAWFULLY dragged back to the Gulag again for a further two years.  So, my actual time in custody (following the eleven months ‘house arrest’) totalled six years.  Mind you, being ‘on licence’, as I was for the next four years, is hardly ‘freedom’.  A sadistic Probation Officer – and there are quite few – only has to snap his/her fingers and you are back in prison again.

There you have the bare details of what happened between 8th August 1999 and April 2009, when my ‘Licence’ ended.

He’s no. 27 under Grouping Cases to Enforce the Bank of England Act 1694.

He introduces himself on video to our meeting at the House of Lords in March 2010.

And domestic violence and Family Court victim Sharon Ann Kilby publishes his bio and writings here.

As an exceptional paper, the Sovereign Independent has been covering Norman’s plight.

Source of background information:

Websites related to John "butlincat" Graham:


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For another similarly horrific story, please see:

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