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Police Brutality in America and Worldwide

"Don't threaten me under color of authority" - standard reply for any police who object to videotape.

Police abuse
This is a problem that people will not allow to continue. The problems with police abuse begin at the academy.

(SALEM, Ore.) - A rich person can buy their way out of most problems in America, after all this is a country where presidents launch unilateral wars that claim a million plus lives over bad information. But that aside, when it comes to push and shove, all of the money in the world won't necessarily get you out from under the jack boot of police brutality.

Of course the people who believe in this practice, generally redneck types in pick up trucks; they are almost never the victims of this practice. Cowardly cops who don't find brutality beneath them, generally like to attack smaller, older, more vulnerable people. They attack family men, grandmothers, they abuse children...

Police brutality. Let's face it, this is almost a standard practice in America. In defense of their actions, the officers later tend to talk about their "fear" and such things, but the video included with this article tells an entirely different story... that is of police not being the victims at all, not at all.

This week, a two-tour Marine Combat Veteran was shot in the head by cops in Oakland, we have been following that as closely as possible; it is a tragedy and one we won't forget. Occupy Wall Street-inspired police violence is a problem in many parts of the country right now and the Wall Streeters themselves are sending out press releases calling these Americans 'mobs' and really, being against the movement is being against America, people need to get that part figured out.

Bad Heading

First, let's begin at the beginning, and that is with police standards and training. This is where the stage is set for so many thousands of visible police abuse cases.

They are taught to abuse, it is policy among American police to abuse, they just find ways to justify their actions. Absolutely anything for the sake of "officer safety" flies under the wire, they just have to say the right things and cops can get away with all types of crimes against citizenry.

A great example is the Taser device that police frequently kill people with, even right here in Salem, Oregon. They employ these weapons on people for the same reason a dog licks itself, because they can. Police who came before them knew how to handle matters without these deadly heart-stopping devices. I'll never forget how one story I wrote about the new "triple shot" Taser brought a letter of wrath from the designer of the weapon, Steve Tuttle in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tuttle wrote to me, objecting to several points in the article. I hope every politician reading this article and every taxpayer for that matter, can try to imagine their father, mother, daughter or grandparent being subjected to this level of outright no-holds-barred torture.

I wrote at the time on 4 August 2011, that skateboarding on a sidewalk, being disrespectful, refusing to sign a speeding ticket; the reasons people are being tased by overzealous police today, are not worthy and do not meet the justification test.

There actually aren't words to describe how badly this device is eroding support of law enforcement in the United States. We're the YouTube generation and the controlled atmosphere of the regular media channels is slowly slipping away.

Nobody is Immune

In a nation that allows police power to escalate to the level it has, there is little safety for anyone. Because I know his former promoter Pete Bennett, and because of the heartwarming stories Pete has share with me personally about Michael Jackson, I find myself horrified to know that when he was arrested, police in Los Angeles beat the shit out of him.

Nobody is immune, nobody is safe, and it isn't the criminal that they need to fear. Even if a person has an encounter with a criminal, the problems experienced are generally short-lived, however how bad they are.

But if you raise an objection to things like police brutality, government approved racism and violations of civil and human rights, you might find yourself in a world of hurt.

Michael Jackson was a small framed man, he was a gentle soul, falsely accused of crimes that were never proven against him and in fact recanted; the soiling of his name was an extended money and bribery ploy and little else. Police abuse of him was even sicker and worse than it is in other cases, but then little kids, grandparents, war heroes, none are safe from police, who have way too much power. Their decisions today have major impact, whereas it is the courts and judges who are supposed to have the impact. Police have too much power, they need more checks and balances, and they need to be fired if ever proven to be abusive, but they typically are kept on as employees.

I've seen it so many times, I'm sick of it. Below is a series of videos that tell the story of what is happening today with police, but before this report is through, you will see a video that is epic and just, where police who abuse have a whole group turn against them over their thuggish behavior toward one man.

This one is for me, sort of the 'grand daddy' of the police abuse clips, because this woman was not sure it was a real cop, so she delayed pulling over until she was in what she believed to be, a safe spot. This takes us beyond the brutality, to the use of unmarked police cars for traffic stops. Anyone can buy an old police car and if they are a criminal, thanks to police using unmarked cars, they can just carry a red light and pull over anyone they like. Of course the criminals generally do this in unpopulated areas, and the woman driving this car was smart enough to know that. She didn't anticipate the criminal disgusting behavior of the officer though. The officer's brutal violence should be enough to get him tossed out of police work forever, though for all we know it earned him an award...

Here is a classic; an insane cop, absolutely out of his mind, threatens and attacks an ambulance driver who was pulled over while transporting a patient. The cop got five days off, that was his total punishment, then back to the road to abuse more people...

The next clip shows a man who is being arrested, and has to go to the bathroom. He tells police he has to relieve himself, he isn't unclear, but this is where police come to life, and they beat him for expressing his bodily need...

Of course nobody is surprised by cops in LA and New York beating and abusing Americans, particularly those of color, and others who police feel they have the power over. This clip is from New York...

San Jose, California is another place known for police abuse and corruption. This is a clip of a man being brutalized inside of their main jail booking area...

Human beings can easily be distraught by all kinds of things, particularly the loss of a child. However if you happen to have experienced a terrible tragedy, and you brush a cop in America the wrong way, you can be in a world of trouble a one father learned...

I don't know too much about this one, Spain is certainly known as a place with a history of violence and state terrorism, this was a home base for the fascist movement. Today police brutality appears to be a large problem...

A blind elderly woman was the victim of police brutality in this video. I have said it before and I think someday people will respond; the Taser needs to be treated just like any other deadly weapon, each time one is used an investigation should be launched. The tilted scales are where they are from years of public apathy...

Sadly, we could add a hundred similar clips to this article, there is no shortage of them, sadly. This is absolutely part of what is on the minds of Americans today who are protesting in increasingly larger numbers.

Sadly, one of the tools police use to control the exposure of their crimes is YouTube and anything police don't like they have removed. Often people republish the clips, but it is a never ending struggle to find police violence clips on YouTube last any time at all.

So praise the good police still among us and do everything you can to end the reigns of the bad ones, including the moderately bad ones. A nation where drug laws are structured to benefit Mexican drug cartels is bad enough, this treatment of Americans is unacceptable.

This final clip was shot in 2010, and is the only one like it on this page. The video won't restore balance after watching the last several videos, but it shows that there is human justice in this world. We know police frequently abuse people, and once in a while the tide turns.

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donalds December 26, 2012 1:28 pm (Pacific time)

US DoD study on random polygraphs for personnel. http://t.co/Tr7uafTd "the polygraph is the single most effective tool for finding information people were trying to hide." - DoD, NSA If officers knew that random polygraphs as a tool were in place, maybe they would think twice before breaking laws or rules of conduct. The 'code' would once and for all, break.

Anonymous January 18, 2012 2:07 am (Pacific time)

I know this will not be posted on this website, but at least you will read it.

The Portland police and the Multno0mah county sheriff's were poisoning me and other family members and my wife Joan Wagar was having an affair with a cop named Eric Carlson and he's the dude that gave my wife permission to poison me to death!

Joan Wagar recruited her daughters and her sister Vickie rosales and her coworkers at East Port Walmart and later on her coworkers at Clackamas Walmart to lie for her about her affair with a cop, Joan Wagar's daughters and coworkers pretended Eric Carlson is a Walmart employee to conceal Joan Wagar's motive for murder!

Everyone working at East Port Walmart in 2005 gave Eric Carlson the nick name Doubleclick because he is almost a twin to me and everybody was trying to hide that fact from me, and they7 were calling Joan Wagar Mrs Dash because she was poisoning me, with local law enforcements blessings!

I was not the only person being poisoned by Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar, Eric Carlson's bro's in law enforcement had me and my whole family under video survielance within our homes and they allowed Walmart employees to watch us within our homes, Walmart employees were sitting around their computers in the back of Clackamas Walmart and they watched us on a live stream authority's set up!

Eric Carlson's bro John Ray was the officer that bugged our home with hidden cameras and listening devices, and me and my family was being broadcast live over the internet via live streaming, they even spied on us in our bathrooms!

Walmart employees knew of this and was partaking in spying on our family, with Joan Wagar's blessings as well as law enforcement, they knew Joan Wagar was poisoning me and Eric Carlson and John Ray and a female officer named Erica would simply erase those parts!

This all started in early 2005, and Joan Wagar's father Virgil Minor died shortly after Joan Wagar recruited her daughters and her sister Vickie Rosales to lie for her about her new nick name Walmart employees were calling her by!

John Ray gained access to our apartment by pretending to be Arbor Glen maintenance doing so called inspections, at first, under the pretence of wanting to do painting in our apartment, John Ray made false Arbor Glen paperwork notifying us we needed to be out of our home for a 24 hour period and that Arbor Glen apartments was paying for us to have a holiday inn for the day.

That's when John Ray, Eric Carlson's partner, bugged our apartment with hidden cameras and listening devices, I was severely poisoned at this point with severe internal bleeding and severe pain, our daughters just acted like nothings wrong while Joan Wagar's f@@k buddy had his bro's bug up our apartment!

Eric Carlson's buddy's directly interfered with me getting medical treatment at my hospital by simply speaking with my doctor in the hallway, they just labeled me a bad guy, repeatedly, to my doctor, until the doctor got the hint to shut up about me being poisoned!

Shortly after John Ray bugged our apartment the Portland police had our vehicles towed away, while they were parked in our parking lot where we lived, Joan Wagar was not even bothered by this, I found out shortly afterwords her f@@k buddy's with badges were giving her rides to and from Walmart, so towing our cars only prevented me from having any way to go anywhere!

I was poisoned, in severe pain, surrounded by family members that pretended nothings wrong, no way to get help from a hospital, no phone, no cars, I was stuck and isolated from anyone that would care!

Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson and John Ray, along with other officer's in plain cloths, were "Pedofying" me in my neighborhood during this time, that's their name for their activity, they ran around calling me a pedophile and a drug attic so no one will care that I am a victim and to explain to others why I was so messed up!

I could hardly walk or talk, surrounded by family that smirked to my face, they knew I had no way to find help, and they knew they had permission to do this to me, they hinted at it the entire time, they wanted me to get angry for their hidden video cameras, they were counting on it!

After they publicly destroyed my reputation behind my back my wife kept trying to get me to go outside, at night, at a specific place, at a specific time, so her f@@k buddy's could just shoot me, I caught my wife in early March telling John Ray and Eric Carlson's brother to hide behind a dumpster while she goes and gets the dogs for a walk and that she will bring me along!

I was already outside on the far side of the parking lot waiting for my wife to return from work, as Joan Wagar walked away from them towards her apartment, I decided to walk right up to these men, knowing they are not prepared, they saw me, looked at each other, then walked away out of the area without saying a word, Joan Wagar was pissed that night!

This incident caused Joan Wagar to start writing in her diary that March, very very interesting diary, she even makes mention of the dog walking incident in her diary!

By March of 2006 Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson had so many people involved in this that they just did not care if I knew, they knew no matter what they well not be arrested, so they did not care, but Joan Wagar for some reason wanted me to trust her, so she started writing her diary, and she wrote in it in front of my face, she wanted me to secretly read it, she admits in her diary she wanted me to read it!

Joan Wagar was hiding her affair for a year by this time, and she told so many many lies she could not keep track of them all, she claims in her diary she told the truth on her lie detector test, which was 2 months prior to her writing her diary, and then like the next day she admits in her diary she lied 2 months ago, so which is it Mrs Dash?!

Joan Wagar was trying so so hard to hide the fact that she was poisoning me that she pretends to be suicidal to explain why she had antifreeze hidden in a seasoning shaker, keep in mind she did not realize I knew about her nick name at the time, for some reason she and her daughters and coworkers were tryi9ng to hide that!

Me and my wife were plasma donors, so I wonder which plasma donor she was poisoning? I was the one with internal bleeding while my wife hides her motive, an affair with a cop!

Joan Wagar admits in her diary she wants life insurance money, she admits she wants someone dead, she admits I cannot get help from the police, ( How would she know? ) she admits her boss Preston lied to me about her affair with Eric Carlson!

Joan Wagar's house of cards came collapsing down, her lies meant nothing anymore she knew I knew she's guilty, and on her last entry in her diary she admits she poisoned herself,,,,,,, a plasma donor,,,,,,, admits she is a poisoner!

I called 911, knowing this was probably another setup on my wife's part, and sure enough I was right, as the Portland police arived they imediately was viewing me as though I was some sort of criminal, they had their hands on their guns, I raised up with my arms in the air, they saw and heard that I was the 911 caller, they heard me hang up with 911, I had the phone in my hand, but they did not care, cops in uniform were now on the scene and they had a itchy trigger finger and they had it out for me!

They did not care that I called for an ambulance because Joan Wagar confessed to me she is a poisoner of a plasma donor, they were only interested looking for an excuse to beat me up, and I did not give them any excuse!

After a couple minutes the ambulance and firefighters and paramedics arrived on the scene, the paramedics treated me like any normal person would, they asked me if Joan Wagar was on any medications and such, questions you would expect emergency responders to ask, the Portland police were not happy about that, and when they got the chance to come down the stairs one of those cops charged at me, as though he was going to strike me, yelling at me over a cigarette that was in my hand!

This resulted in all of the emergency responders to ignore me from that point, Joan Wagar was taken to Portland Adventice hospital, treated and released in a couple hours, no one other than that one question from the paramedic wanted any information from me whatsoever and nmo one wanted to talk to me, the 911 caller, the man that just witnessed his wife admitting she is a serial killer, the man disabled and suffering from severe pain and internal bleeding, left standing there, just barely standing there!

Joan Wagar's brother Don Minor died shortly after this, and everyone in the family was still acting like nothings wrong, the family knew Joan Wagar was a poisoner, of a plasma donor, they knew of Joan Wagar's nick name Mrs Dash that her coworkers gave her, they knew I was ill, Joan Wagar admitted in her diary I was ill, and everyone acted like nothings wrong!

A week after Joan Wagar wrote her last entry in her diary, she, in another stupid attempt to get me to trust her, wrote a denial letter, explaining her affair with Eric Carlson and mentioning too other men of which Joan Wagar admits are Eric Carlson's coworkers, Joan Wagar even describes the dudes appearances!

Joan Wagar is blatantly lying about Eric Carlson's and his bro's Shannon's appearances, she's telling the truth about the third man's appearance, a David, because she's not actually sleeping with that dude, but our daughter Megan Wagar was sleeping with that David person and my wife and daughter were trying to hide that as well!

It is around this time I discover that too police detectives, were renting an apartment at where my oldest daughter Shawna Wagar as well as my mother in law Donna Minor lives, at Clackamas Village apartments, it's right across from Clackamas Town center, that apartment complex has since changed it's name to reflections apartments!

One of those detectives is named Brian Assmus of the Oregon state police, the other I presume to be his partner, both dressed like detectives, both dressed the same, and they were removing Shawna Wagar's garbage from the dumpster, I tried to warn Shawna, who was at this time, not around when most of this bad stuff was happening to me, but she either did not care, or was involved in this, I was undecided at the time if she was involved or not, but at least I warned her!

I was painfully aware of those nick names and what they stood for and how many people was lying for them and the fact that family members died during this, I wanted to give my daughters the benefit of the doubt and try to protect them, I knew I was being framed and I knew a lot of people knew about it at Walmart!

Joan Wagar, in another attempt to appear as though her affair was over with, transfered to Clackamas Walmart, coincidentally Joan Wagar's sister Vickie Rosales and our daughter Shawna Wagar both worked at Clackamas Walmart, and after Joan Wagar transfered there our daughter Megan Wagar, started working in the subway deli, so four family members were working at Clackamas Walmart, two of them sleeping around with cops, Megan Wagar got pregnant at this time with Davids baby!

Megan Wagar's boyfriend David, who happens to be a bro to Eric Carlson, decided he wanted to start donating plasma, even though he knew Joan Wagar was a poisoner!

Keep in mind I was very ill, severe pain, for all intense and purpose's completely disabled, not able to walk or talk very well, and everybody was acting like nothings wrong while family members were dropping like flies!

I wonder what the poisoner and the body double are framing me for? I had every reason to believe I was being framed for their crimes, which is why they poisoned me and just kept me ill and isolated, they had a willing body double they could frame me for whatever they want to!

In late 2006 Joan Wagar, for some odd reason, wanted me and her to sign up at another plasma center here in Portland Oregon, Mrs Dash wanted us to sign up at another plasma center while she hides a double of me, think about that.

I was not in a position to argue with her over this or anything else for that matter, I was too ill and at her mercy at this point, with no where to turn for help!

My wife and daughters were sleeping around with cops and they were poisoning off people and they were bragging at Clackamas Walmart!

Joan Wagar suddenly had the desire to move out of our apartment and to move us to another apartment, our new apartment was right behind an elementary school in S.E. Portland near division st.

I wonder what the photo double and the poisoner were framing me for, they have a willing photo double they could frame me for anything!

While Joan Wagar kept me ill, with what who knows, Eric Carlson and John Ray and that blond Erica lady were "Pedofying" me in that neighborhood, they walked the neighborhood telling people I was a pedophile and to watch your kids closely and stuff like that, I have reason to believe they told the school principle that I was a pedophile and to be on guard!

I was disabled, unable to get help from 911 while my wife poisoned me, and her f@@k buddy the cop Eric Carlson and his bro's were "pedofying" me behind my back while I suffered in pain, too ill to go anywhere and no one to talk to that cares!

It's at this time when Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson and his bro's were going to finish me off, they spent a lot of time and effort on this and a lot of people helped them!

On March 26th 2007 I was sleeping on the couch in the living room, I woke up at 5;55 am hearing my wife whispering to some dude, thinking I was catching my wife in her affair, I got up, put a audio recorder in my wife's purse, and laid back down on the couch and listened and waited for my wife to leave for work!

What I caught was my wife Joan Wagar, her f@@k buddy Eric Carlson, his bro John Ray, that blond lady named Erica, and a black lady named Adrian, framing me as a pedophile!

Joan Wagar opened her bedroom window for Eric Carlson and John Ray to enter our apartment secretly (Breaking and entering!) and Eric Carlson, dressed like me, went into our youngest daughters bedroom, our daughter Kayle Wagar was 17 at the time, and Eric Carlson was photographing Kayle Wagar in her sleep while Erica, standing outside our apartment, photographed Eric Carlson, and Eric Carlson had his dick out of his pants!

So a photo double of me, with a camera in his hands in front of his face to hide the fact that it's nmot me, photographed our daughter while she slept, and the female Erica was standing outside my daughters bedroom window and was photographing Eric Carlson with his dick out!

After they were done, John Ray climbed in our apartment through Joan Wagar's bedroom window and he helped Joan Wagar put copy's of Eric Carlson's photo's on our computer, and then John Ray climbed back out again through the window!

This whole time they think I am still sleeping on the couch so they are trying to be quiet, and my audio recorder is running in my wife's purse! This is how I know what happened that morning!

Then Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson walk right past me to go into the kitchen, Joan Wagar opened our patio shade so Erica can get more photo's, and Eric Carlson, still dressed like me, was putting poison in my coffee pot and in my coffee cup, Joan Wagar had to point out to him what cup was my cup, caught on the recorder!

After Eric Carlson poisoned my coffee pot and coffee cup Joan Wagar closed the patio shade, grabbed her purse, and both Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar walked out the front door and they met up with Erica and John Ray and a black lady that had just arrived their named Adrian, and they were discussing quietly what they had just done, and Adrian admitted she had the flyer already made, then they got into their vehicles and they all went to Clackamnas Walmart!

Eric Carlson road in Joan Wagar's car, she got her car back from the police a few months before this, and she didn't even have to pay a ticket, Joan Wagar admitted to Eric Carlson that he woke her up, refering to Kayle Wagar, Eric Carlson ignored her and said to Joan Wagar that he needed help with Jesica!

After that statment Joan Wagar started talking to Eric Carlson about what they were going to do when they get the arrest warrant, Joan Wagar told Eric Carlson that when he and Erica breaks into our home to arrest me that she wanted them to weait for her to be there, Joan wanted to be there for it, they were talking about me going to be arrested, and Eric Carlson and Erica were going to be the arresting officer's!

Once they got to Clackamas Walmart they were met by Joan Wagar's sister Vickie Rosales who waited for them to arrive in the Walmart parking lot, Vickie Rosales made a comment about Joan Wagar's shirt being undone, and Joan Wagar just gigled like a little girl, Vickie Rosales was not the slightest bit bothered by the fact that Mrs Dash the poisoner swears in writing that she is not seeing Eric Carlson!

Joan, Eric, and Vickie Rosale walked up to the front lobby of Clackamas Walmart when Joan Wagar asked the body double (Eric) if he was naked for it, Eric shushed her, but then answered no he was not, Joaan Wagar was typing on her cellphone during this and she called our daughter Kayle Wagar and Joan asked Kayle if I was up yet, then Joan and Eric and Vickie Rosalas walked into the front lobby!

I was awake at this time I was in the bathroom and I heard my daughters cellphone ring that morning! Kayle came out of her bedroom, saw the bathroom closed, and she went back into her bedroom!

Inside the front lobby of Clackamas Walmart they were met once again by John Ray and that blond lady Erica and by the black lady Adrian, and once again they were talking about what they just did, and they were not quiet about it this time, and they were doing a lot of laughing and joking!

My audio recorder is still running in Joan Wagar's purse!

They stood there talkinmg about this for almost twenty minutes because the store was not open yet and they needed someone to unlock the door, as other Waslmart employees walked into the lobby Adrian piped up saying "They caught him, they got pictures of his dick!" they were not trying to hide the fact from anyone that Eric Carlson was still dressed like me at that time!

After about fifteen to twenty minutes someone else in law enforcement arrived saying out loud "So,,,,you got them for us!" and the blond lady Erica spoke up saying "We got him on photogenic!' and then she said "We need to take six thirty off of her!" and the dude asking about the photo's said 'Why?" and Erica said "Because John Ray broke in there!" and John Ray himself said "Well I couldn't go through the door!" it's at this point someone opened the doors to Walmart and all of them went inside except Eric Carlson, Joan Wagar asked Eric Carlson to wait outside for about ten fifteen minutes so it looks to others that they got there separately!

Once Vickie Rosales and Joan Wagar got to the break room everyone in there was laughing about this, everyone there for the most part knew of Joan Wagar's affair with Eric Carlson and knew of his likeness to me and they were laughing about it, some of the employees were just starting to learn about it, and yes there were law officer's there in the break room acting under the pretense of an investigation!

After Eric Carlson walked into the break room, still dressed like me, Joan Wagar bolted from her seat and both Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar hugged each other, and everyone in the break room began to applaud them!

After they sat down, a employee asked Eric Carlson what his name is again, and both Eric Carlson and Vickie Rosales both said at the same time "Eric" and then Joan wagar chimed in saying "Terry" and they all got a belly laugh out of that, and the employee that asked the question then said, jokingly, "So,,,,,,you must be in incognito!" and the employee broke out laughing again!

After a while Joan Wagar and Vickie Rosales and Eric Carlson along with that Erica lady and the other lady Adrian recruited the softlines department to press false charges on me for what they were doing, and Eric Carlson, once again dressed like me, was following children around the store while employees took side shots and back shots of Eric Carlson doing this!

While that was going on inside the store, in the back of the store where only employees are allowed Joan Wagar and Adrian were printing out flyers using Walmart printers labeling me as a pedophile!

Joan Wagar's purse was in her locker at the time, audio recorder still running!

While Joan Wagar was loading the flyers into her locker Eric Carlson's boss, I presume her name is Jessica., walked up to Joan Wagar and flat out asked her if she is ready to murder her husband now!

An hour later Eric Carlson was in the back of the store, and he was talking to his boss, once again I presume her name is Jesica, and Eric Carlson bragged that he "Pedofied" me behind prison walls and he said 'He's not getting out of this one!" and that Jesica lady said "Can he walk on water!" and there was more laughter!

My audio recorder is still running in Joan Wagar's purse and it's in her locker in the back of the store near the break room!

I in the meantime, was still at home, our daughter Kayle Wagar never said a word to me that day, for me it was a typicle day, alone, ignored, in pain, needinmg to use the bathroom a lot because of the internal bleeding, and I knew I was catching something with that audio recorder, so I kept my mouth shut,and decided to wait until Joan Wagar comes home so I can get that audio recorder out of her purse!

I noticed Joan Wagar left the computer on and thought it suspicious so I did a history check on it to see what she did on it, and I found the photo's Joan Wagar planted on it, I knew I was being set up, I was in too much pain to be scared of their murder conspiracy, but I got angry!

I did not enlarge the photo's to see detail I only saw the thumb photo's and that was enough for me, I deleted their crap, formatted that stinking computer, and then boxed it up to have it ready to take back to the store, it was a brand new computer we had it for fourteen days!

Once again I bit my tongue telling myself "Wait for the audio recorder wait for the audio recorder!" and that's what I did!

At Clackamas Walmart Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar witnessed me deleting it, (They had us all under video surveillance within our home) and my audio recorder in Joan's purse caught them admitting they saw me delete it!

That afternoon when the afternoon shift came in to work Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson were in the break room recruiting employees on that shift to lie for them, and Eric Carlson hinted at the fact that they were framing me for a murder, one of the employees, I don't know who, suggested to Joan Waghar that she put the girls club phone number in my cellphone contact list!

Are you starting to understand now what they mean by the term "Pedofying"?

They are doing anything and everything they can think of to make me look like a pedophile, and they were requesting suggestions from Joan Wagar's coworkers, I would like to point out that my wife Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales worked softlines, I wonder how they recruited softlines to press false charges on me!

Authority's (John Ray) put on a show for Walmart employees saying stuff like 9We got him!" and "He's a pedophile!" while he's around Walmart employees, and I want to point out no one was angry about anything, they were all happy and laughs all around, it was like a party atmosphere in the back of that store!

When Joan Wagar came home I told her I want that computer taken back to the store, I told her we need to get our money back for it, so she loaded it up in her trunk and we took it back to the store, while I was in line at the service counter at the store to return the computer Joan Wagar left me, and she met up with what I believe to be John Ray and they talked a bit and then Joan Wagar came back to me as I was leaving customer service with the money from the computer!

On the drive back to our apartment I could not hide my anger very well, and Joan Wagar just kept pretending to be a lovinmg wife to my face, once we got home we were sitting out on the patio smoking a cigarette and I was trying to start an argument with her, but I said nothing about me knowing she had a dude in our apartment or why I took back that computer!

Joan Wagar started crying trying to convince me this is all in my head and stuff, Joan Wagar's purse was a few feet away from us at the time, my audio recorder still running!

After I stormed inside the apartment I noticed Joan Wagar lit up another cigarette so I knew this was my chance to get the audio recorder, I took it out of her purse, saw that it was still running, turned it off and put it in my pocket!

Before I could listen to it Joan Wagar poisoned me again, and I was bed ridden for 24 hours, on March 27th very late in the evening I had my chance to listen to a tiny bit of that audio recorder, and the moment I heard Eric Carlson's voice on it I turned it off, not listening to more of it, I made several copy's of that audio recording and put it on different formats and on different media, I knew I had them, I just did not realize just how many accomplice's I also caught!

The very next day I told Joan Wagar I want to be taken to my daughter Shawna Wagar's apartment, I told Joan I will not be coming back, keep in mind I am badly disabled, I was not physically able to beat the crap out of my wife even though I know no jury would ever convict me, that b!tch is so deserving of it, man I sure as hell wanted to, but I knew this was bigger than just me being a victim and I knew I needed to secure at least one copy of this recording, even I at the time did not realize yet just what I caught!

Once I was at Shawna Wagar's apartment I told her I caught Joan Wagar and Eric Carlson together at Clackamas Walmart and that everyone in that store was trying to hide it from me, I was desperate for help and I knew Shawna also worked in that store and I tried to warn her that those people are dangerous, but my daughter Shawna just acted like nothings wrong, and I was too ill and in shock over this to think clearly so I overlooked that fact that my daughter was acting like nothings wrong!

A hell of a lot of people spent a hell of a lot of time and effort into framing me, and on that audio recorder I discovered to my horror I was not just being framed as a pedophile, I was also being framed for some murders, Eric Carlson mentioned privately to Joan Wagar that he was framing me over a missing runaway and he said her name, her last name was/is Hunter, I cannot remember her first name but Eric Carlson said it and I have in on that recording and it's secured!

A reminder, John Ray was stalking me from 2005 through 2006 at Arbor Glens apartments by pretending to be maintenance there and a Brian Assmus from the Oregon state police was removing Shawna Wagar's garbage bags from her dumpster, and too family died during these circumstances, Virgil Minor and Don Minor!

This was only the beginning of local law enforcements terror they inflicted on me, because Erica and John Ray took over the apartment above Shawna Wagar's apartment three days later and they were trying to hide it, it's amazing how willing apartment managers are in helping law enforcement to murder people off, Clackamas village apartments told the tenants above us they have three days to move out for authority's to take it for their "investigation" and Clackamas village apartments used their own vehicle to help the tenants to move out, and my wife's f@@k buddy's bro's move in, and no one cares!

Authority's don't try to hide it, they don't give a damn, there's no one I can report this to that cares! authority's do this to people for sport and no one with a badge will stop them so they just don't care if I know!

Framing people is sport to Oregon law enforcement and they don't give a f@@k if anyone knows it!

I had no where to turn to for help, my daughter pretended nothings wrong, doing the same thing my other two daughters were doing, and John Ray and Erica and other plain clothed officer's ran around Clackamas village "pedofying" me to the tenants there, how do I defend myself from a bunch of plain clothed cops running around simply labeling me as a pedophile!

How can anyone defend from such tactics, they pedofy me and they poison me to cripple me and then they pedofy me again, and no one cares, how do I walk up to a stranger and explain this? I am in severe pain, can hardly walk, and then try to explain this to strangers? I cant!

I was poisoned again while living at Shawna Wagar's apartment, I was poisoned so badly I was on the floor for a week, I could not eat anything, I was dying, and when my daughter came home she said nothing to me, sat down on her chair, and played video games, I had to beg her to get me something to drink.

When Shawna Wagar was at work, at Clackamas Walmart, while I am laid out on the floor in so much pain that I could not even move, I could hear that John Ray outside talking to other tenants there and he was labeling me as a pedophile, the walls in Clackamas Village are very very thin it's easy to hear people outside if you don't have a tv on, and I could do nothing, and no one cared, I don't think Shawna told anyone how badly I was in pain, know one knew, except the poisoners, and they acted like nothings wrong while their f@@k buddy's ran around labeling me!

This is organized murder in the USA and authority's are the main ones that engage in this and they recruit others into it as well, they have lots of people to lie for them, the media turns a blinds eye, and my wife and daughters joined into this for personal reasons and for money, and no one investigates this stuff, no one, report this and authority's and their bro's at the hospital will ignore it and then label you mentally ill on their paperwork and they just don't show you the paperwork, they will hide it from you that they do this on their paperwork!

This harassment from authority's and their bro's has not stopped, they keep attacking me behind my back, turning friends, neighbors, relatives, against me, and if someone does try to speak up on my behalf authority's waste no time in ignoring what they say and they just label me as a bad guy until that person gets the hint to shut up about it!

Welcome to fascist America!

Terry Wagar

Editor: Terry, this is the only time that a comment of this length has ever been approved on Salem-News.com, remember that we are a band of volunteers and media refugees and we aren't funded and able to pursue everything we would like to.  Your persistence in leaving comments and the story you write is not missing our attention.  

Terry Wagar January 18, 2012 2:05 am (Pacific time)

Ovwer 2 hundred years ago authority's used to arrest people of being witches, someone would point a finger and say "Witch!" at someone and sure enough thjat person would be "Arrested" on the charge of being a Witch! Nowadays it's evolved into someone being a pedophile, someone will point a finger and say 'Pedophile' and the cops will arrest that person, give them a bullshit trial, label them guilty, and inprison that person, or, they will pedofy that person publicly, and that person ends up dead a few years later! Pedofying has become the new "Witch Hunt" that labeling people as witches was! Nowadays you say someone is a witch, people laugh and say "What the f@@k you talking about!?" so p[eople are not murdered anymore as witches! Call someone a pedophile and your neighbors cannot wait to spread the word to others about the accusation! People forget that our government runms our internet, it's the easiast thing for for government to remotely hack our computers to plant child porn on it! It is easy for government to frame many many people as pedophiles, just the accusation alo0ne turns many people against the governments target, including family members! If government can see what's on yopur computer, then they can accesss your hard drive, which means they can put on it whatever they want to, and give you the blame, publicly! How many people do you think your government can turn against you, behind your back, without you knowing about it, until it's too late!? Pedofying has become the new "Witch Hunt" in this country, and authority's don't give a cr@P about court, they only care about public perception! I Terry Wagar, have done the best I could to warn people, I am dieing from being poisoned by my wife's lover and he's a cop! I would use names but I am aware that if I use others names this will not be able to post on this website! Terry Wagar

Terry Wagar January 18, 2012 1:22 am (Pacific time)

Law means noting to as p[olice4 officer, only public perception is what police worry about! The Portland police do not care I caught them in a murder conspiracy, they only worry about the mases finding out about it! I did my best to prtotect innocent people from sixk pedophile cops that answer to no one, may heaven judge me mercyfully for trying to protect innocent people from p[oisoners and pedophiles. Terry Wagar

Terry Wagar January 9, 2012 1:07 pm (Pacific time)

Virgil Minor died in 2005, Don Minor died in 2006, and Donna Minor died in 2008, while my wife was using antifreeze and pills as poison and she was hiding an affair with a cop! And I was suffering from internal bleeding,severe stomach cramps, and severe head pain from being poisoned by her! The Portland police cover up my 911 calls and the OHSU hospital covered up my emergency visits to the hospital, while my wife was having an affair with a cop! My wife mentioned life insurance was promanante on her mind in her diary during her use of pills and antifreeze as poison! Nothing will get a cop to stand trial for a criminal offence in Portland Oregon because they are so currupt!

TERRY WAGAR December 26, 2011 8:36 pm (Pacific time)

I sent you by email what I could, but some video files are just too large and I don't know how to "chop" them into smaller size files, I am a disabled middle aged man with no knowledge of video editing at all.

Editor: I'll look for what you sent, thanks Terry.

TERRY WAGAR December 20, 2011 12:42 pm (Pacific time)

Hey Tim, do you want video of Portland police and Multnomah County sheriff's trafficking and exploiting children?

After the cops poisoned me they braught a group of children over to my apartment parking lot and those cops, in plain cloths, were directing the children's actions, verbally!

One of the cops told a kid to look at his dick, and a female cop was telling the kid to slap it, repeatedly!

They were doing this in front of my apartment, when the cops went into their apartment two doors down from mine the kids outside admitted amongst themselves they were being paid to make me look like a bad guy!

My camcorder caught them in the act and it caught their conversations!

My wife's lover was one of the cops!

Tim King: Terry, yes.  Send it to my email, if you can chop it down to 50 MB files, you can send it for free by using YouSendIt.com.  I sense your frustration, I know you are out there, remember that I am a one-man editor for all of these stories and my time for research is greatly limited, it is soaked up by existing research and investigations.  If you send the video I will watch it, and just send it to my regular email, tim@salem-news.com

TERRY WAGAR December 17, 2011 8:55 am (Pacific time)

The Portland police and multnomah county sheriff's are poisoners they poison off people they want dead and they cover it up at the hospital by having "Little chats" with the victims doctor in the hallway! Charge a cop with a felony, that's when you find out there is no such thing as law or due process, that's when the police make it known they don't give a damn if a cop does anything wrong, that's when the police label you mentally ill and beat you to death! My wife was hiding an affair with a cop and he gave her permission to poison me to death, I am not the only victim, my wife murdered her father, her brother, and then her mother, within a three year period! I was on the brink of death myself when my wife and her lover got permission to frame me as a pedophile, and my wife's lover acted as the photo double, and his partners were the ones taking the photo's! Hollywood is not the only profession that use's photo doubles, authority's have a lot of fun committing crimes while dressed up like someone they want dead! Authority's are so fond of framing people as pedophiles by using photo doubles that they have a name for that activity, they call it "Pedofying" meaning they "The authority's" do whatever they have to to destroy their targets reputation so no one will care if their murdered off, if you look like a bad guy then no one will care much if you died in custody! Authority's use tactics such as paying a photo double to follow children around while authority's, in plain cloths, follow the double and take side shots and back shots with a camera while the double is dressed as their target. Authority's will spend some time, a year or two, destroying their targets reputation in their neighborhood by spreading rumors, and yes authority's will break into their targets home and plant child porn in their home while they are shopping or whatever! That's when the authority's get a search warrant and kick down the door, the target, confused, tries to cooperate with authority's, knowing he is innocent, but the target don't realize just yet he's being set up by the very people that are arresting him! The authority's target is unaware at this point their reputation was destroyed like a year before in his neighborhood, the target is unaware of how much time and effort was spent by authority's to make him look like a bad guy. The target is unaware that there wont be a fair trial, and that the court will rail road him rather than to admit authority's do this to people. Authority's do this all the time, they use school flyers to warn parents of a suspected pedophile in their neighborhood, they will even give a description of the perp, what a coincidence that a cop is having an affair with the perps wife at the time. There are a lot odf people that lie for cops, all cops gotta do is label their target a bad guy and a ton of volunteers will step forward defending the cops and accusing anyone of mental illness if they say anything bad about cops. The moment you get an injury from a cop and tell a doctor that's the moment the doctor don't care about your injury's and will do whatever he/she has to to cover it up or down play the injury's. Authority's do not care about the law, if they did then they would respect a citizens right to press a felony charge on a cop, authority's don't allow people to charge cops with felony's, only civil suits are allowed, there is a big differnce between police brutality and murder! I almost died because of people like this and I lost three family members while my wife's lover the cop nick named my wife Mrs Dash in love letters that he wrote to her. I was a plasma donor at the time my wife was poisoning me. Terry Wagar

TERRY WAGAR December 16, 2011 7:24 am (Pacific time)

The Portland police murder off people for fun and they cover up the victims 911 calls and they brag on audio death threats that they place in their victims homes! There is no where where victims can turn to when authority's do this to people! People either shun the victim or think the victim is mentally ill, people don't want to accept the fact that law officer's are corrupt and murder people! Doctors will cover up poisonings for cops, cops just have a brief conversation with a doctor in the hallway at the hospital and then all the doctor will do for the victim is give a x ray and then claim they cannot find anything wrong! They wont find poison with a damn x ray and they know it! I know they do this to people I witnessed this this is how they covered up me being poisoned, they simply refused to admit I was poisoned! I was a plasma donor at the time I was being poisoned! My 911 call was covered up, the police and hospital and fire department act as though it's not reported, they smirk while they pretend!

TERRY WAGAR December 6, 2011 9:11 am (Pacific time)

How do I get a cop arrested in Portland Oregon? The Portland police cover up my 911 calls so 911 is a joke in Portland Oregon!

TERRY WAGAR November 5, 2011 10:22 pm (Pacific time)

My wife was having an affair with a cop in Portland Oregon and that cop gave my wife permission to poison me to death. While my wife kept me ill with poison her lover the cop and his bro's in blue were having fun framing me as a pedo, my wife's lover was acting as a photo double and he dressed up like me and he followed children around while his bro's took side photo's and back photo's of him doing this, and they printed out flyers in my neighborhood giving my description. After I caught my wife and her lover in the act of poisoning and framing me they bragged on a audio death threat that they publicly "pedofied" me using flyers and bragged that I cannot get help from 911 and sure enough the Portland police cover up my 911 calls and they pre-arranged in advance to deny me medical treatment.

Amanda Black October 29, 2011 2:08 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, thanks for sharing. You are "brave" to expose Police brutality in America... what every other news media "should" report, but rarely do. Take care..

Dave October 29, 2011 3:26 am (Pacific time)

Unmitigated horseshit

Editor: I know Dave, we need a sweeping change within the police ranks, thanks for your comment.

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