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Are Kaiser Employees in Downey working on top of a Nuclear Reactor?

There is no documentation of the SRE underground at Downey ever being decommissioned and disposed of and there may even be, more than one.

Downey industrial plant
Home of the Original SRE (Sodium Reactor Experiment)

(LOS ANGELES, Calif.) - Many in Southern California are aware of those that became sickened while working at the former Downey NASA Boeing Industrial Plant.

When these illnesses were reported to all federal and local agencies, those reports went unanswered and/or flat out denied.

The Property transfer was pushed through faster than an avalanche rolling down a mountain.

For years the public has been made to think there were only 1 'SRE' (Sodium Reactor Experiment). A Nuclear Reactor built by North American Rockwell in Downey in 1955 and then located it in the hills of Simi Valley.

A partial meltdown of a few graphite rods occurred in 1959 which sent radioactive fallout through the air for almost 2 weeks before it was completely shut down.

1950 - Atomic International factory interior
Digitally reproduced by USC Digital Archive.

The Nuclear accident was kept a secret for 20 years and it may well have been another many years had it not been for some bright young college students looking through paperwork packed away in boxes inside of a warehouse.

They were looking for material to write a thesis paper on... and they found it. Page after page described the accident in great detail.

The discovery prompted a law suit and a clean-up that has been ongoing for years. Some of that radioactive waste was disposed of on the Downey Property, according to documents and a whistleblower.

Early this week I read that the Downey Industrial Plant North American Aviation employees had built an SRE and had it up and running long before they built the smaller version for Simi Valley.

Last night a discovery was made that could very well change history in the public eye.

While searching for a particular Map of the Downey Property within the Foster Wheeler Report, which was just one of many reports that had been *withheld by Philip Armstrong EPA Director of Superfund, a researcher associated with Salem-News.com made the shocking discovery of just where the 'Original' Downey SRE.......IS LOCATED.

It's no wonder that he hid the report.

There is no documentation of the SRE underground at Downey ever being decommissioned and disposed of and there may even be, more than one.

The Kaiser Employees may be working on top of a Nuclear Reactor. The reactor is creating power for the new SCE Steam Plant with 6 Turbines within the Kaiser Receiving Docks. Google Map 12214 Lakewood Blvd. Downey and take a look around.

* many documents were withheld to allow Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc. to be able to build on a Hazardous Waste Site.

1994 map

SRE Area and Underground Travel Route


Sump - SRE Location Map

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Anonymous December 24, 2012 11:31 am (Pacific time)

I lived in Norwalk Ca, a few miles east from the Downey site. My parents bought their home there in 1955. Just at the time the SRE was being built. We grew up there in our home in the late 1950s to 1970s, And I know now ,as children, we were exposed to harm. My brother is ill with a rare form of immune disease. My sister and I have thyroid problems . My younger sister has gland goiter. and further my brother has lung issues. what can we do? Im angry.

The Wife September 28, 2011 4:18 am (Pacific time)

My husband worked on this property as a propmaker for a movie for Downey Studios. It seems like daily we find out more molds, chemicals, radiation and toxins he was exposed to and brought home to me on his clothes and boots. A movie studio, a hospital and a shopping center. No human being should ever be on this property is documented. Stuart Lichter purchases toxic properties across US supposedly NOT cleans them up to build business and make his fortunes fullfilling his boyhood dream he stated is document. Are they really cleaned up- NOT! Are people sick or dead from these properties beginning with Downey old NASA property YES! Are injured workers sick and dying getting help NO! Are there CRIMINAL actions happening here? Loaded Question! Downey Landing NO NO NO Toxic ZOO sick death help help gasping for air ugh death. My husband is dying. Are you happy Lichter?

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