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What To Do? What can we as Individuals do to Free Ourselves and our Country?

Some say the word Enemy has no place in a struggle for peace... they think it is synonymous with violent resistance. That is exactly what we are supposed to believe.

Limbaugh and O'Reilly
Limbaugh and O'Reilly have helped divide Americans.

(SAN BLAS, Mexico) - One of my biggest criticisms of Neo-Con blowhards like Limbaugh and O'Reilly is that they whine and complain but offer no viable solutions. I have been guilty of the same thing. It is easy to point out glaring injustices and obvious wrongs, but then what?

Complaints without at least suggestions for solutions are a dime a dozen. The cartel of international bankers, weapons manufacturers, politicians, government "security" agencies and warmongering thieves is huge and imposing...how can individual citizens effect any kind of change or improvement? By voting?

The one-agenda-two-party Republican-Democrat charade is nothing more than that..a charade. Take turns being the "bad guys" while the looting of the country and the world goes on unhindered.

Those who would say that the ballot box is the way to effect change need look no further than the last presidential election, when a majority of Americans voted for "Change" and what did we get? Guantanamo Bay closed? Not yet. Wars ended as promised?

No... more wars than ever, more money going for war and killing than ever, more drone attacks than ever, more dead and injured civilians than ever.

The silence from the "left" when it comes to "their" president's lies and crimes is disgusting. The two party hoax has made voting insignificant and meaningless. Until enough people are willing to move beyond the two-party sham, I am afraid nothing will change. When representatives respect and fear their constituency, then the system could work.

As Jefferson put it:

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.." Which do we have ?

Do I Really Care?

This is the first question we need to ask ourselves. It is trendy to be a discontent American... maybe it assauges the guilt a bit. But do we care enough to actually take action?

My best friend in high school, Dave W. and I used to hitchhike into Portland to go to protests against the Vietnam War. Now he is a civilian contractor in Afghanistan... a war profiteer. I realize now that he went to the protests because he thought it was "cool". It was an ego thing. His ego is served much better now making big bucks supporting and working for the very forces he claimed to despise. True resistance is not always cool or praised by others or exciting. How much do you really care about people outside your sphere of family and friends?

How much empathy do you really have? What if Afghan or Pakistani drones were patrolling the skies above America, killing Americans at will...can you imagine the outrage ? Is American empathy extended to Americans only ?

Isn't it worse that American drones are the ones killing children and entire families along with the occasional "insurgent" (any adult male 15 or over who may or may not be simply defending his home and family) ? How much does it bother you ? I think these are questions we all need to ask ourselves, even if the answers are less than flattering. Consider yourself a Christian? Then you have no choice but to ACTIVELY care, or else you need to face the fact that you are Christian in name only. The question of divinity aside, Jesus was a radical and a rabble-rouser who stood up to and confronted the hierarchy of the day and got the death sentence for it. Jesus, unlike most of his current-day "followers", was not a passive, obedient sheep.

Who Exactly Is "The Enemy" ?

"Enemy" is a strong word. Many people believe it has no place in the context of a struggle for peace...too radical, too synonymous with armed confrontation and violence to have a place in a "civilized" discussion. That is exactly what we are supposed to believe.

Sure, our "representatives" appear to be self-serving and out of touch with their constituents (other than the wealthy ones), but they have our best interests at heart, right? It makes it much easier for the wolves if the sheep think that they are simply well-meaning but misguided sheep dogs. But the real problem is beyond our or anyone else's government.

I think the most any government or leader can do is choose to be an enabler and hopefully share in the spoils, but God help those governments or politicians that refuse to obey or stand in the way. The true pirates and thieves of not only our futures, but those of our children and grandchildren, are international, global and way beyond being satisfied with running just a country or two. "Conspiracy theory" ? Only if you believe that it is a conspiracy theory to think that people like money and power, and that those who have a lot usually seek to obtain more.

In the case of the now-perpetual "wars" against Third World countries poor in defense, but rich in resources, there is a simple, time honored way of discerning who the enemy is...."Quo bono ?" ... who REALLY profits ?

It certainly isn't the soldiers or their families. It isn't the civilians of either side either, unless like my one time friend, one works for an aspect of the war machine. But even good "contractor" wages are nothing compared to the real wealth changing hands and being seized one way or another. Do some research and find out who the war profiteer/cheerleaders are.

Action without knowledge is as ineffectual as knowledge without action. Did you know that G.E., whose motto is "We bring good things to life" is one of the world's largest producers of nuclear warheads ? If life on this planet ends in a nuclear holocaust, General Electric warheads will be doing much of the killing.

Does G.E. sound like an enemy of humanity to you ? They do to me. Treat them as such. They are thieves and pirates, paying zero taxes while getting rich building WMDs that could end life on Earth for all of us.

Could there be a greater enemy of mankind ?

When will we see the CEO of G.E. hanging from the gallows like Saddam Hussein, who built no WMDs?

When will the CEO of General Atomics be executed for the murder of the hundreds of children blown to shreds by their Predator and Reaper drones?

Actually, I think every person that works there should be arrested as an accessory to mass murder along with the operators/killers at Creech AFB with their "joysticks". Hold trials and remember that the "Nuremburg Defense" .."we only followed orders" was not acceptable in 1945 and should not be acceptable now. The Manson Family killers "only followed orders" too.

A true enemy seeks to hurt or kill you, take from you, lie to you, manipulate you, use you for their own purposes, cause harm to your loved ones and keep you living in fear so that you do not dare strike back. That is what we are up against.

The international bankers, weapons merchants and their enablers do not give a damn about you or your children. They do not care if their dash for cash and power results in you burying your child..no more than they care about the nine Afghan kids gathering firewood murdered by an American drone this last May. Does that sound like an enemy to you ?

I believe our enemies are as follows:

Weapons manufacturers/ industrial war profiteers who lobby (bribe) war-friendly politicians to keep the fires burning so that they can make money from suffering and death. Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, GE, United Technologies, Honeywell, to name just a handful of thousands. Find out who these vermin are, refuse to use or buy anything they sell and LET THEM KNOW in as public a forum as possible, WHY you are boycotting them. Not in the market for a cruise missile anyways so your "boycott" would be a farce? Like Honeywell and GE, many of the war profiteering companies also make products for domestic consumption. More importantly, let the stores that sell their goods know that they too are being boycotted and why. Pointless ? Maybe not... ants can kill an elephant if enough of them join in.

The power of the boycott is often under-rated. Eight years ago about three weeks before Easter, I was in the Silverton IGA grocery store. They had their usual display of pre-made Easter baskets out ..the ones where you get candy and a theme related collection of small toys inside. I saw that they had some with plastic grenades, army men, a howitzer and a plastic tank inside. I talked to the manager (in a non-confrontational manner) and told him that I did not see what war toys had to do with the resurrection of the Prince of Peace, that it seemed somewhat disrespectful and that he should hope that he sold a lot of them because my family would take our appx. $ 200 per week that we spent there and go to another store that did not sell "war baskets". I told him that I was buying my house there and expected to live at least another 30 years, so his war baskets could cost him around $200,000 in lost business over the years. I also told him that I intended to talk to others and to write an editorial regarding the war baskets, and did he want to have a quote ? He listened politely and said that they would be taken out right away and that he too, thought them inappropriate. I thanked him and told him that I would make a point to always patronize his store whenever possible..kind of a reverse boycott. Sticks and carrots. I checked back yearly and saw that he always kept his word. Did I really accomplish anything? I will never know. But the conscience-numbing jutaxpositioning of war toys and Easter baskets will not be on display at Silverton IGA.

Those who say I was overreacting would be the same ones to scream bloody murder if it were Muslims giving their children war toys on religious holidays. Like the manager of Silverton IGA, there are good, conscientious people everywhere who will do their part when valid grievances are pointed out.

International bankers / financiers / manipulators who use war and inflation/deflation as a way of transferring wealth (stealing) to themselves. The Rothschilds, Bilderberg Group, the IMF, World Bank,and here in America, the Federal Reserve (which is neither "federal" nor a "reserve").

Without money, wars cannot be fought...indeed, most all wars are fought for monetary gain, although that is never the "official" reason.. Read five-star Marine General Smedley Butler's epic piece "War is a Racket". It is pure truth related by someone who more than earned the right to say it.

US and NATO Military which not only is the number one murder organization on Earth, the number one possessor, user and builder of WMDs, but also the number one drain on the American economy. While Americans are cutting corners, eating more macaroni and cheese and fewer fresh vegetables, wondering how they will get school clothes for their kids and doing without, the Pentagon is spending more and more every day. It cannot account for TRILLIONS of dollars, but that is supposed to be OK.... just keep shoveling more billions into this black hole of waste and murderous intentions.

If the peasants get uppity, blow up a few buildings or set off a "terrorist" bomb in some hapless American city to get the peons scared and begging for protection at any cost. I would think Portland would be at the top of their list, as the city officials there recently rejected being taken over by the Federal Joint Anti/Terrorism Task Force, even after the FBI went to all that trouble to create the Christmas Tree bomb hoax.

A perfect opportunity to show the rest of the US what happens when a city refuses Federal "help", and of course immediately have plenty of "proof" that Iran or some designated enemy did it. Now I am not anti-military..I think it would be foolish for the US not to have a defensive military to protect the country. Beyond that, everything is simply waste, theft and extortion from the American people, and international piracy and murder for the rest of the world.

I am not anti-dog either, but if there is a dog in my neighborhood that is taking food from and attacking children, I am going to stop that dog. The US military has morphed into the moral equivalent of the Romans who crucified Christ. Just this last March 17 a Predator drone strike killed 40 civilians... 16 of them children. Make you proud?

The murderer was from Creech AFB in Nevada. When will we see this child-killer have his day at the gallows? The US military is making us the most hated people on the planet....and sadly, we deserve it. The US military has become the enemy of the American economy and the enemy of good decent American people.

Ever read Orwell's "Animal Farm" ? That is where we are at. Do not for one moment think that the "handlers" of the US military have not already planned "The Mother of all Wars" that will kill millions if not billions of us "useless eaters". We, the People are NOTHING to them...livestock to be used if possible and culled if necessary.

Read the "Project For A New American Century" if you think I exaggerate. Our overlords feel that things would be much better for them if 2/3 of us were gone..appx. 6 billion people. Does that sound like an enemy to you? Do you think that because you are a white American that you will suffer no effects? Americans are only 5% of the world's population.

Do you believe that the US military can kill civilians daily, flatten towns,torture routinely, assassinate "undesirables" of any nationality (usually along with their entire families) ,brutalize the world and we will not bear any consequences ?

If a Chinese drone killed my family, I would dedicate my life to revenge against the Chinese government/military. How would you react ? Would you accept an "apology" and move on with your life ? The US military is making the world a dangerous place for all of us, even as they portray themselves as our protector. At this point in time, the US military and their lapdog, NATO are enemies of you and I.

U.S. soldiers from 1st Regiment 320 Field Artillary 101st Airbourne in the
village of Tarok Kolache in southern Kandahar province

When you hear of the latest school closing down or teachers being laid off, remember that one lazer guided bomb costs around $300,000. It cost over $50,000,000..that is fifty million dollars, to bomb the tiny Afghan town of Tarok Kolache into dust http://www.inquisitr.com/96123/ever-wonder-what-25-tons-of-bombs-do-to-a-town/  That would have paid a lot of teachers.. upgraded a lot of schools. And that was a fifteen minute barrage.

The town was leveled and anyone there vaporized because there were "pockets of resistance" allegedly there. If the town is ever rebuilt, I would re-name it New Lidice. I remember in school in the seventh grade first hearing about the Czech town ofLidice and how the cowardly and inhuman Nazis wiped out and leveled the town because of "pockets of resistance". We were all appalled to think that anyone could be so blatantly and murderously inhuman, and glad that the evil Nazis were eventually defeated.

"But what about the men and women of our armed forces", you say.."Are you suggesting that they are our enemy too?" That is a tough one. I know a lot of good, awesome, consciencious people who have been in the military. My grandfather, father, stepfather and even my wife were in the military. I know some great people currently in the Oregon National Guard, not one who would have joined if they knew that somehow protecting Oregon would mean repeated year long incursions to the other side of the globe to beat down people who probably have no idea where Oregon is, nor the desire to attack it.

But, how exactly does the Pentagon carry out it's agenda? People. From Generals to Janitors, nothing happens without people. I hear people say, "Well, the individual soldiers can't be faulted..most of them are just there to have a job..because they need the money." Really? So if I rob banks and maybe even kill people in the process because I need money, because I do not have a job, the judge will let me off ? That would be morally acceptable? I can still have a clear conscience ? Bullshit !!

If invading countries that did nothing to deserve it, "clearing" houses full of sleeping children with fragmentation grenades, bombing weddings and leveling towns is acceptable "because I needed a job", then selling drugs, burglary, car theft and armed robbery should be completely acceptable also for anyone with no job.. My feeling is that anyone still in the US military now is either woefully and willfully ignorant, morally apathetic, or immorally sociopathic. The rule of thumb should be "What is my military doing NOW ?"...nothing else.

I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone say "Well, I am against the wars, but we have to support the troops.".... Really ? That makes as much sense as " Well, I am against rape, but we have to support the rapists."

That sound too extreme? I would rather have my wife raped than blown to shreds by a Predator drone...yet we are supposed to support the murderers at Creech AFB who sit in their air conditioned bunkers and kill men, women and children by remote control on a regular basis..? When does individual responsibility kick in ? My stepfather told me once to always remember that just maybe this life was nothing more than a test... a final exam of sorts.

Am I a good person ? Will I risk my reputation, wellbeing and even my life to do what is right or will I avoid doing anything as long as it does not affect me personally? Will I resist evil or turn away and pretend I didnt see it? Will I choose to be a PART of the evil in the world as long as I profit from it, like my old friend Dave? Will I be part of evil because "there are not many jobs available" ? Will I sell my soul for a few dollars ?

Back in my 20s, I used to hang out with a motorcycle "gang", the Shifters. The president, Lobo, was a good friend of mine. One day, he disbanded the club for good and even told everyone not to wear their "colors" anymore (club insignia... usually sewn on a Levi vest), because some Shifters had been comitting robberies, starting fights and dealing in meth, which was not tolerated.

He felt the well was poisoned, and the public and police would see only the Shifter patch and not realize that most all were hard-working familiy men with no criminal inclinations. He chose to end a club that had been his life for thirteen years rather than be associated with predatory and anti-social behavior. Good things can become bad and those involved need to act accordingly.

Already in the military, but think it would be too difficult, too embarassing to get out? Remember the sad legacy of Vietnam, and that even though over 55,000 Americans died there, even more than that were so damaged by the events they were thrust into that afterwards they comitted suicide. And how many did not commit suicide , but lived lives of unimaginable hell ? How many families were destroyed ?

Do you owe the billionaire industrialists that ? Do the weapons manufacturers deserve that kind of loyalty from you? Is there any shame in refusing to be part of a global piracy cabal that kills to steal ? Maybe like my friend Lobo, it is time to think about shedding your "colors".

The Bottom Line

The time has come to act. The Occupy Wall Street action is a good example, one that I hope grows and is supported. And “we the people” need to shed our aversion to violence and destruction if it stops much much greater violence and destruction. Don’t like violence and destruction? I don’t either, but it is here in many forms whether we like it or not.

The country has been taken over by sociopathic liars, torturers, thieves and people who will start wars and kill innocent people for PROFIT. Will reason work with these people? Will there be a time when they say “You know, we’ve made enough money and we don’t want to see any more people killed, American or otherwise, so we are going to just quit..” ?? I think not.

We have been kept beaten down by fear…fear of arrest, fear of ridicule, fear of being labeled one thing or another... it is time to stop being afraid and turn the tables on these evil excuses for humanity. They need to fear us. We have to stop being so goddamed NICE and patient. The biggest problem with the “peace movement” is that it is so damned peaceful!

Courtesy: cheriehillblog.blogspot.com

We are sheep trying to reason with the wolves, hoping that just maybe, they will listen to reason and stop eating us. We tolerated the wolves amongst us because they told us about dragons, who would surely come and devour all of us in a night if it were not for the protection of the wolves. They really never had proof of the dragons, but why would they lie ?

It is time to be a thorn in the side of the wolves. It is time to speak out, stand up and no longer be an enabler for the worst of humanity. Radical? No more radical that our forefathers rising up against the British. Would petitions or protests worked then? Would linking hands and singing Kumbaya have convinced the Brits to give us our freedom? The time has come for action..boycotts, strikes and occupations.

Sabotage and disruption of the machine is necessary. Do NOT support the troops that love their job and think that they are a force for good..they are fools..educate them.. Support the troops that have a conscience and leave the military death cartel. Quit treating killers like heroes and resisters like cowards. Call out, identify and harass politicians who kowtow to foreign governments at the expense and lives of Americans. Find out who the war profiteers are in your area and call them out, embarrass them, hound them and their employees. Make it difficult to do the devil’s work.

Get angry and start to do something about it, or consign yourself and your children and your children’s children to a life of slavery and war. If you are thinking of breaking the law, stay away from groups which are easily infiltrated. Think about the possible results of your actions and don’t do something stupid. For every ounce of action, there needs to be a ton of thought.

But remember, to choose to do nothing is to make a choice. What side are you on? If, like my Dad suggested, Life is a test of sorts…what will your final score be? It is not enough to be a “good” person in the usual definition of the word... meaning that I do not commit evil acts myself..Good people do not let evil prosper, good people expose and resist evil, good people do not take part in evil in any way shape or form.

Good people are not tolerant of injustice and do not have the capability to look the other way when they know it is taking place. May we all be truly good people as we battle the cancer that has invaded our country, our futures and our world.

“On some positions, Cowardice asks the question, "Is it safe?" Expediency asks the question, "Is it politic?" And Vanity comes along and asks the question, "Is it popular?" But Conscience asks the question "Is it right?" And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right “ MLK Jr.


Vic Pittman is a freelance writer from Scotts Mills, Oregon who resides in Mexico today. He is the holder of no literary awards, journalistic awards or college degrees. He has at one time or another been a honor student, inmate, biker, Christian, pothead, father, radical, pacifist, anarchist, artist, heavy metal guitarist, model citizen, lawbreaker, business owner, illegal marijuana grower, and volunteer for various causes. He is proud to be a "common man" and be among those striving to make this world a better place if at all possible. He was fortunate enough to have been raised by awesome parents who instilled what he feels to be essential values and encouraged him to feel a kinship with not just family or Oregonians or Americans or whites, but every person on Earth, and to act accordingly. He and his wife Glenda currently live in Nayarit Mexico.

You can write to Vic at this address: tropicats08@hotmail.com

End Israel's Unwarranted Murder of Kids

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svelteness69@hotmail.com March 18, 2013 10:12 am (Pacific time)

Right on article. Personally, I'd like to see every member of the US govt(and quite a few others) who are members of this group of traitors and profiteers hung from telephone poles and left to rot. It would hopefully make those that follow think twice about doing the same thing and let them know this is what happens to rats.

Anonymous October 6, 2011 7:20 am (Pacific time)

"DJ: I've long made the argument that the fundamental reason that the Nazi Holocaust occurred was because tens of thousands of ordinary German just went ahead and did their job. I refer, in particular to the men who drove the trains. They knew what was in the boxcars; they knew the fate of those people after they dropped the cars off at Dachau, Auschwitz, etc. but at the end of their run they just went home to be regular fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, etc. It is no different today." I SEE THE SAME THING IS HAPPENING IN ALBERTA WITH THE OIL SANDS AND THE DEADLY POLLUTION YOU CANADIANS ARE CREATING. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOULS, OR THOSE THAT HAVE ONE. And it is the Canadians that use energy at a far higher per capital level than we "Exceptional" Americans. God's chose people.

DJ: And if if turns out there is no god? What will you do then?

Anonymous October 5, 2011 6:05 pm (Pacific time)

Holly you wrote: "And Vic is right about Jesus - he was a resister, something most people do not seem to understand." So what would happen to Jesus today in that part of the world he was from?

James October 2, 2011 6:11 pm (Pacific time)

I have said many times in the places where I am still allowed to comment, that it is not those in DC or the CEO's of the corporations that go out and do the killing. It is your neighbor that goes to work for a paycheck that is the real murderer. Stop them and watch this whole worldwide conflict come to an end. Those in DC and those CEO's are not going to go out and do those things themselves. I look forward to the day when they are all hung in public for the world to see just who it was that brought the world to this horrible place it is in today.

DJ: I've long made the argument that the fundamental reason that the Nazi Holocaust occurred was because tens of thousands of ordinary German just went ahead and did their job. I refer, in particular to the men who drove the trains. They knew what was in the boxcars; they knew the fate of those people after they dropped the cars off at Dachau, Auschwitz, etc. but at the end of their run they just went home to be regular fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, etc. It is no different today.

Holly October 2, 2011 2:13 pm (Pacific time)

Great, thoughtful article. And Vic is right about Jesus - he was a resister, something most people do not seem to understand.

David40 October 2, 2011 1:52 pm (Pacific time)

The 2012 election boils down to two choices... the Status Quo vs. Ron Paul. Aside from not voting or leaving the country that's it, like him or not.

Vic October 2, 2011 8:20 am (Pacific time)

Couldnt agree more, Larken Rose ! It is our perception that keeps us slaves...

Larken Rose October 1, 2011 5:58 pm (Pacific time)

The solution is coming, but it has nothing to do with politics. Or rather, it is the opposite of politics. Yes, there are lots of nasty people, but ultimately, they are not the problem, and doing something to them is not the solution. Who is doing the actual killing, robbing people for the state, acting like fascists? Politicians? No. It is the "common man," who for all his life has been suffering from a common delusion: the belief in "authority." Until people stop imagining the god call "government" to be our rightful lord and master, there will be neither freedom nor justice. The problem, and the solution, is inside the heads of six billion human beings.

Mark October 1, 2011 8:36 am (Pacific time)

Vic, solutions are coming pal. They began in earnest in 2009, the 2010 elections, and did you see the recent New York congressional election that Weiner held, and Schumer before him? In fact that seat was a democrat party seat for around 90 years. Yes changes are coming, and it is not the jerks of the elite republican party, but a cross-section of all parties that lean center right. So if those blowhard pundits have done anything with their tens of millions of fans, it is that they lit a fire that has caught on and has developed into a roaring blaze that will burn away the elite leaders of both major parties. Back to the future, back to the Constitution. There are alot of very vocal people/groups out there, but a clear majority of voters are coming together which will allow those small groups to have even more power to interact with sharing their views.

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