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CalDesal 1st Annual Desalination Conference in Irvine CA

“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they’ve tried everything else.” Winston Churchill

(LAGUNA BEACH, CA) - Desalination I’ve intuitionally felt for quite some time the resonance of Churchill’s quote in regards to desalination in general:

We’ve drained our streams, our lakes and aquifers dry, that damned desalination is the last tool in the water supply pouch...

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Intervenor Compensation: Proposition 103 In California

Have NGOs Taken A 1988 California Insurance Revolt And Turned It Into A Cash Cow?

(LAGUNA BEACH, CA) - Rod Serling & His Staff Would Have Had A Blast With Intervenor Compensation Dynamics I’ve seen and heard a lot on my 15-year eco-watch, yet this pulling back of the drapes, this highly compensated intervention strategy kind of gave me the creeps. It has an eerie, freaky and other-worldly feeling to it.

Never having known or heard of it, maybe I could have milked the system long ago and retired to Hawai’i if I had!

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Co-locating Alternative Energy Resources

Helping To Offset Increasing Energy Demands In The Water World...

(LAGUNA BEACH, CA) - Earth calling Mrs. Sol, can sunny come out to play? Everyone knows the mantra regarding the fiscal benefits of real estate purchases: Location Location Location. All around the world, the pursuit of alternative sources is growing.

We could solve the riddle over where we’ll find the energy supplies for advanced water treatment systems (AWTS) if we recalibrate, readjust our mindset in America as they’ve done elsewhere.

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Reclaimed, Reused and Recovered Water In South OC

“You can never step in the same water twice for new water is always flowing upon you.” Heraclitus of Ephesus circa 500 B.C.

(LAGUNA BEACH, CA) - Things that make you go If you’ve ever seen that sculpture by Rodin, titled “Le Ponseur” (The Thinker) then you’re familiar with the strong depiction of a man posed in deep metaphysical contemplation….or a profoundly depressed guy who just got dumped by his S.O.

That statue in conjunction with the aforementioned quote in fact typifies a modern contradiction: Now you CAN step in the same water twice, maybe shower in it, drink it or water your garden with it twice.

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Orange County Great Park Update: Don`t Test Don`t Tell

Our OC beat reporter bangs the drum slowly... "Don't Test Don't Tell, Don't Test Don't Tell..."

(IRVINE, Calif.) - El Toro's toxic hangars Nothing but one broken promise, one bald-faced lie after another. Can the taxpayers now file for a divorce from Irvine? Haven't we had enough Agran-vation (aggravation), why not refuse to help find the funds for this LENNAR/Agran scam anymore?

As we've tried to point out, these two hangars (296 & 297) and those runways sit on some of what we believe to be the most contaminated soil on the base.

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Orange County Great Park CEO Mike Ellzey Unmasked

500 miles suddenly becomes a much shorter distance.

(IRVINE, Calif.) - Mike Ellzey The CEO of the 'Great Park" is charged with transforming a dangerous toxic Southern California military base, Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, into a park for children and families. Talk about one Hell of a job requirement.

New information about missing money, an underling serving time in San Quentin, and a trail of unanswered questions, including years of unpaid rent to the city of San Francisco, is Mike Ellzey's most recent professional legacy.

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Clean Water Never

Running Out Of Fresh Water and Arable Land, Running Out Of Time...

(LAGUNA BEACH, Calif.) - Distribution of earth's water For OMO, a pantheistic heathen and infidel, there’s only one sin: Matricide.

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Irvine Great Park CEO Michael D. Ellzey: Is This Man An Imposter?

Please forward this column to other Veteran organizations, especially USMC-related and networked ones.

(LAGUNA BEACH) - Mike Ellzey at Irvine City Council We are investigating the various claims and allegations made by Great Park CEO Michael Ellzey, most directly attributable to him in biographical interviews and press releases.

I’ll be using variations of “supposed, purported, allege and claim” a lot in this column because frankly, none of us believes his self-described history.

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`Oil, Canada`: Enbridge Sings Proudly

Canada’s Enbridge Energy Partners L.P. Is Hell-bent On Destroying Both USA and Canadian Ecosystems.

(LAGUNA BEACH) - Alberta's Energy Minister Ron (I Am Not A Criminal) Liepert Hey, hey, my, my, the rapacious and greedy search for junkie oil to satisfy the gluttony of world supplies will never die.

And that friendly, peaceable neighbor to the north, Canada, the one that keeps lecturing us how ecologically and politically correct they are?

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Irvine Great Park Inherits Contaminants Part II

Irvine City Council Great Park Update: Questions Outnumber Answers
“Nature, red in tooth and claw…Dragons of the prime that tare each other in their slime.” - Lord Tennyson

(IRVINE, Calif.) - Well folks, there was tooth, fang and claw aplenty at the September 14, 2010 Irvine City Council meeting, a hearing that more closely resembled the jostling of a mud-infused mosh pit than civil discourse.

All I got out of it was that the rehab continues to reflect guesses about the volumes, persistence and vague timelines and strategies of contaminant remediation.

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Roger Butow - USA's 'Odd Man Out'


Launched in January of 2010, Odd Man Out is the creation of Roger von Bütow and his OMO columns are written exclusively for Salem-News-com. Born and raised in the LA Harbor area, son of a German immigrant father, he's been in Orange County for 45 years and is a 38-year resident of Laguna Beach, Ca.

In 1998, he began his professional career in environmental review processes (CEQA, NEPA, MND, MND and EIR/EIS). He's a rare mix of cross-trained builder, writer and consultant as he brings his extensive construction experiences dating back to 1972 into his eco-endeavors. He helps prospective clients and their advisory team better understand regulatory compliance issues, focusing on the complexity of land use rules and potentially significant adverse ecological impacts. This in turn expedites projects by bringing them into accord with their locale's requirements. With his grass roots activist background, he also understands that side of the ecological equation and arbitration process.

He has tremendous field and technical expertise in successful watershed restorations, plus wastewater, urban runoff, water quality monitoring/improvements and hydrologic mechanisms. He's built everything from commercial spas to award-winning private residences, and provided peer review and consultant analyses for single homes, subdivisions and upscale resorts.

He's available for those who want to see every project integrate (to the maximum extent practicable) the emerging strategies and lofty goals of Green Building, especially Low Impact Development (L.I.D.). His extensive writing skills and services include technical submissions and testimonials.

Coming from an activist background (Problems) to the consultancy role (Solutions), his mission has evolved from outrage at enviro-abuse to educational and professional outreach. He also donates his personal time and services to:

(1) OC volunteer beach cleanups for the California Coastal Commission: and

(2) A Southern Cal Steelhead Trout recovery working group in the Aliso Creek Watershed:

(3) Heads up the Laguna Chapter of Keep California Beautiful:

His resumé is extensive, try an online GOOGLE search of his personal journey and historical accomplishments. His consultation fees are reasonable and if you've got a major project that alarms you, that needs creative intervention, then he's your man. His credentials and "CV" can be provided upon request.

FYI: If a project near you has some interesting enviro-aspect(s) you think is/are worthy of coverage and our readers attention, feel free to contact Roger with a very brief synopsis.

Contact him at his office: (949) 715.1912 or drop him an email:

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