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Jackson County Mississippi Cover-up

This story is the epitome of what is wrong with our drug laws and justice system.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Dr. David Allen Dr. David Allen is a cardiovascular surgeon who had spent his entire career saving lives.

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Missouri Amber Alert Canceled - 5 Year Old Girl - Suspect Registered Sex Offender

(POPLAR BLUFF, MO) - Amber alert The State of Missouri canceled the Amber Alert Wednesday afternoon (10-24) after the girl was found safe and the suspect arrested. No further information is available at this time.

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Bargain Basement Deals on America`s Historic Homes?

Serious pieces of American history are selling for very little cost.

(SALEM) - 1820's house with amazing history for only nine grand As the value of the American dream itself goes into mortgage, there appears an interesting value-based aspect in the historical housing market of this country.

A recent trip to Baltimore opened my eyes to the notion of a 200+ year old American city. The discovery that homes from the Colonial period were selling for so little was a real eye opener.

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Goodbye Mother`s Day: Bill Gates Wants to Stop Kids William Davies

Genetically engineered organisms might wreck the cycle of existence but they provide a synthetic cycle, not of life but of profit.

(NEW YORK ) - Bill Gates The destruction of our earth is coming from the massive industries behind fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial agriculture, extraction of natural resources, and the synthetic drug industry.

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Government Cuts to Food Assistance Programs Would Escalate Food Insecurity, Researcher Says

Expert says cuts will affect approximately 50 million Americans struggling to meet their food needs.

(COLUMBIA, MO.) - Michelle Kaiser, a doctoral candidate in the MU School of Social Work Congress currently is considering the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012, commonly known as the “farm bill,” which would cut billions of dollars to public food assistance programs.

Michelle Kaiser with the University of Missouri School of Social Work, says the cuts will affect approximately 50 million Americans struggling to meet their food needs.

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Missouri Reels in Wake of Storm, More than 120 Dead

Includes updates and helpful links for survivors.

(JOPLIN / SALEM) - More than 850 people are hospitalized in the wake of Sunday's deadly tornado that struck near Joplin, Missouri at approximately 5:41 p.m. Sunday.

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Oregon State Wrestling Gets Two Wins, Tie In Missouri

(COLUMBIA, Mo.) - Beavers logo The 17th-ranked Oregon State wrestling team traveled east to Columbia, Mo., on Sunday for a quad meet with host Missouri, Lindenwood and Hofstra.

The Beavers will be flying back to Corvallis after a big day at the quad meet, where Oregon State went 2-0-1, defeating No. 11 Missouri, rolling to a win over Lindenwood and coming from behind for a 19-19 tie with Hofstra.

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The Fire of Resistance VS Nuclear Weapons

The fire of resistance against nuclear weapons has been smoldering for three decades.

(KANSAS CITY) - Image from anti-nuke event in Kansas City. On Monday morning, August 16th, 14 nonviolent peace activists were arrested after blocking a Caterpillar truck on the site of a proposed WMD Facility in Kansas City, Missouri.

While choruses of "we shall not be moved" rose up and sunflower seeds were scattered down, citizens of all ages and shades of diversity, gathered to protest continued production of U.S. nuclear weapons, to demand a clean up of the old KC facility and they also exposed another collaboration of corporations and politicians who collude while the tax payer pays for it all.

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Here is What Marijuana Laws Mean for Americans

Cops shoot dogs and traumatize children over a few grams of marijuana in Missouri.

(COLUMBIA, Mo.) - Are you angry today? Well get ready, because here is another video showing what police are all about today, along with the country's outdated marijuana laws.

The video shows Colombia, Missouri police raiding a family's home, to serve a warrant. They are regular stormtroopers, working as a team with no chance of not succeeding.

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Missouri Medical Marijuana Bill Filed With Bi-Partisan Sponsorship

14 states stand up for medicinal use of cannabis and the other U.S. states are getting in line. Who's next?

(MISSOURI) - cannabis marijuana lemon pledge A bill to permit Missouri citizens whose doctors believe they benefit from the use of marijuana as medicine to do so without fear of criminal prosecution and imprisonment has been filed by Representative Kate Meiners of Kansas City.

The bill has more sponsors than ever before, with 16 House members signing onto the bill, including Republican Representative Robert Schaaf, a physician from St. Joseph. Fourteen states and the District of Columbia now have laws which permit patients to use marijuana as medicine with the approval of their doctors.

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