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About Tangent articles (Apr-02-2014 11:21)

Driver Escapes Burning Car on I-5 South MP222 Between Tangent and Halsey

The driver rolled to a stop and exited in time, soon the car was engulfed in flames.

(TANGENT, OR) - Car fire near Tangent Oregon 4-1-14 Local officials responded to a car Fire on I-5 south bound near MP222, this is between Tangent and Halsey. It happened Tuesday at 20:55 PM 4-01-14.

Only one car was involved, according to Dennis Weis, Firefighter/Photographer with the Tangent Fire Dept. One person who was the driver, got out in time after he pulled over the side of the Freeway, Weis explained.

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Tangent Man Missing

Mr. Hultberg was reported missing by his family on May 2, 2013.

(ALBANY OR) - David Wayne Hultberg Mr. Hultberg, a resident of Tangent, was reported missing by his family on May 2, 2013 after he didn't return home.

His vehicle a 2002 Ford pickup, was located May 6, at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints parking lot in Stayton.

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Milk Truck Fire on Oregon Highway 99E

The fire was brought under control and there were no injuries.

(TANGENT, OR) - Firefighters with Tangent Fire Department responded to a milk tanker trailer fire  2 August 2012 Firefighters with Tangent Fire Department responded to a milk tanker trailer fire early this morning at 2:35 a.m. at Jim Aartman Inc., at 33923 Hwy 99E in Tangent.

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Pakistan Frees US Embassy Employee After Bullets Found in Luggage

Is US Foreign Policy that hard to sell that their “diplomats” need weapons to persuade or enforce it?

(MELBOURNE) - Consulate car leaves a Peshawar police station carrying the US embassy employee. Photograph: Mohammmad Sajjad/AP The CIA has a multitude of Ray Davises on the books and in the closets, and as long as they are not caught with smoking guns in hand and dead Pakistanis at their feet, they are impervious to and immune from Law of any sort except their own.

Just what kind of “diplomacy” it is that the USA is engaging in which requires that US Diplomatic Officers, those who qualify for “Diplomatic Immunity,” to carry arms

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3-Alarm Barn Fire in Harrisburg Will Burn All Night - INCREDIBLE PHOTOS

One man, later joined by two others, freed trapped cattle burning alive in the blaze.

(HARRISBURG, Ore.) - barn fire Firefighters are on the scene of a massive three-alarm fire that started around 7:00 p.m. in Harrisburg Oregon.

The fire broke out at the R.M. Cook Farms hay barn in Harrisburg, and required the efforts of the firefighters from six additional agencies.

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Tangent Fire Crews Rescue Waterlogged Motorist

A firefighter said the man was lucky to have his cell phone, as the outside temperature was around 37 degrees.

(TANGENT, Ore.) - Crash near Tangent Oregon 1-3-09 Tangent firefighters were called out to a report of a car in the water on Tangent Drive near Country Road, just west of Tangent Oregon tonight.

Dennis Weis with the Tangent Fire Department, says the call came through at 9:35 PM after the motorist, stuck in the half-submerged vehicle, was able to get a cell phone connection.

"The road was flooded and he lost sight of the road and ended up in the ditch about 150 yards from where he left the dry/wet road," Weis said.

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Men Arrested in Drive By Shooting Allegedly Firing at Pursuing Cars

Police say a suspect in the back of a pickup fired approximately 10 rounds at the two vehicles chasing them.

(ALBANY, Ore.) - Dylan Thomas Debutts and Bradley John Zurfluh each face six counts of Attempted Murder in Linn County, Oregon Rounds from at least one gun blazed at two pursuing vehicles following a drive by shooting in Albany that led to two men being arrested on Attempted Murder and several other charges, police there say.

Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller, says deputies are investigating an attempted murder that occurred in Albany that resulted in a car chase by the intended victims that ended in the Oakville area west of Tangent.

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11 Vehicles Smashed on Black Ice on Oregon Highway 34

Drivers are reminded to slow down and use extreme caution in the coming weeks and months as cold weather and ice make roadways hazardous.

(TANGENT, Ore.) - Crash on Oregon Highway 34, 12-30-07 Firefighters and rescue crews in Oregon have been busy throughout the night dealing with crashes from icy road conditions. Linn County and the area around the interstate freeway saw a number of fender benders and more serious crashes.

Dennis Weis with the Tangent Fire Department says his agency which is located in Linn County, responded to five crashes on Highway 34 in a two hour window that were related to the current winter conditions.

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Tangent Fire Sponsors 1st Annual `Shop with a Firefighter`

Funding for this project has been provided by generous donations to the volunteers, and fund raisers held by the volunteers.

(TANGENT, Ore.) - Tangent, Oregon Shop with a Firefighter Firefighters of Tangent Fire and Rescue sponsored its 1st annual “Shop with a Firefighter” program. Firefighters within the Fire Department volunteered their time to go shopping with two families, which were not going to have much of a Christmas, due to unfortunate financial circumstances.

Erich Schoen with Tangent Fire and Rescue says the families were taken Christmas shopping at the local Target store in Albany. The participating families were pre-screened by a local agency to insure eligibility. Each family had approximately $400 dollars to spend on each other.

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