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Meredith, Unconventional Studios Announce Video Content Partnership

Nationally Syndicated Daily Entertainment Television Show will Be Featured Across Meredith Digital

(NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ ) - Mark Berryhill Unconventional Studios produces branded entertainment content and experiences for video platforms spanning digital, mobile and broadcast television, with studios in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

As part of the partnership, OK! TV will be rebranded "Celebrity Page" beginning March 28, 2016 and will feature lifestyle content from many of Meredith's most recognized brands such as Better Homes and Gardens, Shape, Parents, Martha Stewart Living and Allrecipes.

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They`re Back! DISH and Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. Finalizing Long-Term deal

Parties agree to short-term contract extension as long-term agreement is finalized.

(Englewood, Colo.) - fcc DISH Network L.L.C. and Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. have reached an agreement in principle that will form the basis of a long-term retransmission consent agreement for carriage of Sinclair’s local channels in 79 markets nationwide, including KATU in Portland.

Restoration of Sinclair signals to DISH’s system is underway.

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Watch Win at Oregon State on Fox Sports Net

(Eugene, Oregon) - Oregon Ducks University of Oregon volleyball fans can catch a replay of the No. 23 Ducks' 3-1 win over Oregon State on various Fox Sports Net stations in upcoming days.

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Television for Kids

A final reflection: efforts must be headed towards a more open, more free, and especially, a more diverse Media.

(MADRID) - Kid watching TV The social passivity that reality has created does not know how to look for other ways to spend its leisure time. This represents an empirical example of something that is not functioning well in our society.

In principle, it seems as if reading, discussions, family time, friend reunions, and studies are things of another world.

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Deaf School Haunted House Meets ABC`s Extreme Makeover

Good news in lean times about Oregon's School for the Deaf and ABC's help in rebuilding the 'Nightmare Factory' - their single largest annual fundraiser.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Ghost hunters I first experienced the Oregon School for the Deaf's Halloween 'Nightmare Factory' in Salem, when I was a fairly new staff member at KATU, the ABC station in Portland, Oregon.

I remember being so impressed with the ability of these students to overcome their disabilities, that I knew I would be a fan for life. It was great to learn that the school's special annual exhibit will be the subject of an ABC network Extreme Home Makeover episode

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Police Shoot Armed Gunman Ending Hostage Scene at Discovery Channel

James Lee's MySpace states: "It's time for REVOLUTION!!!"

(SILVER SPRINGS, Md.) - ABC image of suspect James Lee Police in Montgomery County, Maryland say an armed gunman who was holding three hostages in the channel's building in Silver Springs has been shot by police.

Police say the suspect's name is James Lee, a resident of Silver Springs. He may be an environmental activist though information is somewhat sketchy at this point. It is reported that shots were fired. Silver Springs Police say the 43-year old suspect is not unknown. Lee has reportedly been calling for protests against Discovery Channel and was arrested for disorderly conduct outside of the company's headquarters in 2008.

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The Growing Popularity of Free Local TV in Salem

A surprising number of residents get their TV from an antenna-just like in the old days. Here are some details on free television in a soft economy.

(SALEM, Ore.) - We at KWVT 17.1 & KSLM 27.1 here in Salem have had several people call asking for more information and instead of contacting each we have decided to post this information to all.

In reference to GAO-05-258T, a testimony before the Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, from that testimony we have pulled some important excerpts.

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Millionaire Preachers & Parishioners? Sure, Why Not?

This poem offers a different perspective on those who have done well for themselves while devoting their professional lives to religion.

(LOS ANGELES) - Preacher and money It is easy to come down like a ton of bricks on ministers and preachers who have worldly possessions. They are often in the spotlight for things they do and over what they may own.

But what about athletes? Some are so overpaid that it is simply ridiculous.

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The Bigot on Comedy Central: Jon Stewart
and the Crucifixion of Helen Thomas

He's no friend of veteran journalists, or the Palestinian people.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Jon Stewart the Zionist and Palestinian Genocide There is a reason Jon Stewart has such an intact comedy news throne. Right now his face keeps blurring with Ted Nugent's and the other heroes who have eventually shown their real colors.

All comedy aside, Stewart is terrible for ranking on Helen Thomas, the only real voice in her league with the guts and fortitude to tell the truth about what Israel has become.

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Infant Hours

What does too much time in front of the TV mean for kids in the long run?

(MADRID) - Kid with a TV It is not wrong to spend hours in front of the T.V. What is wrong is the social passivity that reality has created; it does not know how to look for other ways to spend its leisure time. This represents an empirical example of something that is not working. In principle, it seems as if reading, discussions, family time, friend reunions and studies are things of another world.

This issue becomes somewhat critical when the ones to be affected are children that spend too much time in front of the television.

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