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Palin the Wolf Killer (VIDEO)

A wildlife group is forcefully opposing efforts by Governor Palin and her Board of Game to arbitrarily kill even more wolves just to boost game populations for out-of-state hunting interests, and to shine the national spotlight on Governor Palin’s brutal wolf-killing programs and pressure her to end them.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Roger Schlickeisen (left) reintroducing wolves in Yellowstone I'm the first person to admit that numbers have to be balanced when it comes to deer and elk and other animals; otherwise we would be plowing into them with our cars and that certainly doesn't benefit anyone.

But the animal elimination taking place in Palin country, also known as Alaska, may come to represent what could be the bloodiest aerial wolf killing season yet in Alaska.

Seriously, is there some kind or accomplishment in gunning down animals from a helicopter? My dad always talked about creatures having a "fighting chance" and that is missing here.

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Coast Guard Expresses Concern Over Fishing Vessel Safety

Fishermen say tightening economic times are already strangling aspects of the fishing industry, and new demands will worsen the economic picture.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Morro Bay Harbor The Coast Guard says several problems repeatedly lead to commercial fishing as being the country's most hazardous occupation. Issues include stability and watertight integrity issues and maintenance of vessels has also been identified as a significant issue leading to vessel losses.

On March 21st, the federal government took a regulatory effort to develop amendments to Coast Guard commercial fishing industry vessel regulations a step farther.

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