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Bangladesh: From Dysfunctional Democracy to a Dead Democracy

The Shahbag movement is moving towards its next victory, wherebJamaatbwill be banned from politics

(YORK, UK) - police man checks the voting slip of Bangladeshi voters With elections looming at the end of this year, escalating violence and political confrontation has left democracy in Bangladesh at a crossroads.

In truth, democracy in modern Bangladesh has always been precarious: military takeover, political violence and parliamentary boycotts have all featured throughout Bangladesh’s 42 years of existence.

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Bangladesh: Trial by Politics - The Series

A report into the alleged war crimes trials in Bangladesh.

(DHAKA, Bangladesh) - Arrest of Jamaat-e-Islam member Islam Channel TV has produced a revealing series on the problems in Bangladesh that have left more than 150 dead, and a nation on a new page.

Muslim political leaders are being tried for war crimes from more than 40 years ago, during the revolution and war against Pakistan.

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Bangladesh Govt. Liable for Violent Clashes: Stephen Lendman

Reports say home-made bombs exploded in central part of the city, where several people including protesters and security forces were injured.

(DHAKA, Bangladesh) - Protests in Bangladesh An analyst says the Bangladeshi government is responsible for the violent clashes that are breaking out in the South Asian country as it has left the people no choice but to “fight fire with fire.”

The comment comes as clashes erupted between Bangladeshi police and protesters over controversial trials of opposition politicians including leaders of the country’s Jamaat-e-Islami party.

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Attempt To Assassinate Sheikh Hasina Failed Before, Could it Happen Again?

Bangladesh has a bloody past, the father of Hasina, Mujib, was assassinated.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina The 2004 attempt to assassinate Sheikh Hasina failed; but in the midst of growing civil unrest in Bangladesh the threat remains.

In his twitter response to Sabir Mustafa, William Gomes mentioned that the last failed coup in the military and involvement of outlawed Islamist outfit Hizbut Tahri reminds us that the threat is high at this time.

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New Documentary: Bangladesh A Trial by Politics

Are the controversial war crime trials in Bangladesh fair or warranted?

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Images calling for the public execution of officials accompany the so-called Shahbag movement.'s William Nicholas Gomes, has been filing reports about the new political movement in Bangladesh that seeks to convict senior Muslim leaders for complicity in the 1971 Genocide.

The truth, as the video below reveals, is that all of the major political parties in Bangladesh have members suspected of war crimes, but only particular opposition parties are being singled out.

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Suspects with Reported Ties to Shanti Bahini, Busted Hauling Arms from Burma

A huge arms haul in Mizoram is reportedly tied to Rakhine terrorists in Burma.

(MIZORAM, Burma) - Arrest of men for shipping arms from Burma Raknines Police in India's northeastern state of Mizoram have seized a huge consignment of weapons from two hideouts.

Three tribal men arrested, are suspected to belong to the Shanti Bahini, the former military wing of the once-rebellious Parbattya Chattogram Jansanghati Samity (PCJSS) and ALP.

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William Gomes Radio Interview: Bangladesh Attempt to Ban Islam`s Largest Political Party Moves Forward

CII Broadcasting interviews Human Rights activist about big changes in Bangladesh.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - William Nicholas Gomes in front of the Bangladesh Supreme Court's William Gomes, a native of Bangladesh, has been covering the country's controversial revolution known as the Shahbaugh movement in recent weeks.

Rather than a movement of the people, Shahbaugh appears to exist to bring down once powerful elements of the country's Muslim political party, Jamaat.

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Shahbagh: What Revolution, Whose Revolution?

People in Bangladesh are politically polarized over the Shahbagh movement and its demands.

(YORK, UK) - The Shahbagh movement is leading to increased attacks and persecution of Jamaat Muslims The protests in Shahbagh erupted apparently spontaneously in response to the first verdict handed down by Bangladesh's domestic tribunal for war crimes committed during the 1971 war.

The primary demand? The death sentence.

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ERC Delegation Visits OIC Head Office in Jeddah

OIC representatives thanked ERC delegates for working for the suffering Rohingyas in this critical time.

(JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia) - ERC and KSA officials met today to discuss plight of Rohingya The ERC delegation from the KSA branch visited OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) headquarters in Jeddah today.

Delegates oriented OIC representatives on the current catastrophic situation faced by Rohingya in Arakan state of Burma and Bangladesh.

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Burmese Muslims Stateless at Home and No Refuge Elsewhere!

In Bangladesh, it is said that there are over 250,000 Rohingyas, some 35,000 of them in overcrowded camps.

(DHAKA, Bangladesh Mayu Press) - Map of Burma THEY are thought to be the world’s most persecuted refugees. It is also argued that they are one of the most forgotten too.

In Jeddah prison I saw and met hundreds of inmates from Burma.

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