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New Twist on Methane Reduction

“The work Colombia and Canada are doing, will reduce landfill gas...” - Ned Helme, president of CCAP

(TORONTO) - The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) and the Government of Canada today debuted a video [click here] about an innovative program in Colombia, South America, that reduces methane gas emissions from landfills as a way to mitigate the dangers of global climate change and showcases the collaborative work of developed and developing countries.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 100-year atmospheric lifetime.

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Oil Explorers Beware: Hackers Are Eyeing What You Know

Some companies in the industry don't even have a formal security framework in place.

(LONDON) - Oil companies hacked While most would think that the risks junior oil and gas companies are taking in exploring new frontiers as far away as the remote reaches of Africa are related to government instability and conflict, another risk they face is right at home and lies right beyond their network firewalls.

Cyber security breaches are becoming more common place as the ranks of junior companies swell and take on new exploration venues with a great deal of energy.

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Lesser Evil Defied by Pakistan

Pakistan defies US with gas pipeline to Iran Construction of pipeline, intended to help Pakistan overcome its increasing energy needs, begins despite US opposition.

(WASHINGTON DC Al-Jazeera) - The pipeline is intended to help Islamabad overcome an worsening energy shortage [EPA] Iranian and Pakistani leaders have inaugurated the construction of a much-delayed section of a $7.5bn gas pipeline linking the two neighbors, defying the threat of US sanctions.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad launched the project with Asif Ali Zardari Monday, hailing the agreement as a blow to US-led sanctions targeting his country's oil and gas sector.

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Waging War Over Natural Gas

Tracing the money trail between the proposed Afghan pipeline and Keystone XL.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - Taliban visit to Texas in 1997 Throughout the 1990's, major U.S. oil companies attempted to gain the rights to huge reserves of natural gas in Central Asia, mostly located in Kazakhstan.

In order to get the liquid natural gas from Kazakhstan, a pipeline needed to be constructed, and Unocal had the lead role. Enron was also directly involved. They proposed a 1,300 kilometre pipeline that would span from the Caspian Sea to the Arabian Sea.

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Choosing the Right Oil Company to Own in 2013

The important takeaway is again production growth.

(LONDON - World oil prices I have been making the point about crude oil production and capex absolutely CONTROLLING the energy space right now and through 2013.

This week's entry is perfect to point that out again through the released quarterly reports of EOG Resources and Pioneer Natural Resources.

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Can Leak Detection End the Pipeline Impasse? Interview with Adrian Banica

Remote-sensing technology can detect dangerous leaks in pipelines.

(LONDON - Keystone XL Pipeline Pipelines used to be things that were just built without blinking.

It is said that there are enough pipelines now in the US to encircle the Earth 25 times with enough left over to also tie a bow around it.

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Venezuela Donates Free Heating Oil to 100,000 Needy US Households

For the eighth straight year, Venezuela's state oil company is donating free heating oil to hundreds of thousands of needy Americans.

(SAN FRANCISCO Digital Journal) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez The CITGO-Venezuela Heating Oil Program has helped more than 1.7 million Americans keep warm since 2005.

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Afghanistan Continues Iran Oil Purchase Despite US Pressure

Washington has called on the Afghan government and other allies to take the US sanctions on Iran’s oil sector seriously.

(KABUL Press TV) - US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland Afghanistan says it will continue to purchase oil from Iran despite the US pressure on Kabul to stop oil deals with Tehran.

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Kenyan Oil, Hot and Getting Hotter: Interview with Taipan`s Maxwell Birley

There are risks, however, it's a place where you can work, so we're being very respectful and careful to nurture successful relationships.

(LONDON - Kenya Kenya has become the hottest oil and gas venue in East Africa since big discoveries were made in the country's virgin oilfields last April.

All eyes are on Kenya in 2013 to see how quickly--and economically they can develop those discoveries into production.

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Hacker Hits on U.S. Power and Nuclear Targets Spiked in 2012

Conducting interviews on this topic is the former security policy analyst in the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the author of the newly released book "A Nation Forsaken", F. Michael Maloof.

(CNN Money) -   The Department of Homeland Security released this map showing the locations of 7,200 key industrial control systems that appear to be directly linked to the Internet and vulnerable to attack. America's power, water, and nuclear systems are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals seeking to gain access to some of the nation's most critical infrastructure.

The number of attacks reported to a U.S. Department of Homeland Security cybersecurity response team grew by 52% in 2012, according to a recent report from the team.

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