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Defeating the Violence in Our Food and Medicine

Good physical health requires high quality air, food and (unfluoridated) water, correct posture and movement patterns, and regular exercise.

(TASMANIA, Aust.) - Frankenapple Critiques of the mainstream (allopathic) medical industry have long drawn attention to its death-dealing: See, for example, 'Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health' and 'When Doctors Strike, Fewer People Die'.

In fact, according to one heavily-researched report, 'It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States', far surpassing heart disease, cancer and shootings...

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Food & Water Watch: Now they`re engineering our apples!

Even major food companies like Gerber and McDonald's, have already said that they won't use the GE apple. We need to show the USDA that the public — that's you — overwhelmingly opposes this freakish fruit.

(WASHINGTON, DC) - GMO Apples You've seen the stories, maybe on the Internet, maybe on your local news. It's a gross curiosity: someone shows off junk food that they claim they've had for 40 years, but it looks like it was made yesterday.

These stories give us all the creeps, because it's just not natural for food not to decay. You should feel the same way about genetically engineered (GE) apples — these "Arctic" apples won't turn brown when you cut them up!

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India: Sick from Distorted Development

The inequities in health care provision represent the extreme levels of inequality and social injustice pervading the country, as the Lancet makes clear, “mainly because of insufficient government funding for health”.

(LONDON) - India's sick India has recorded two decades of around 9 per cent growth, which has produced umpteen rupee billionaires who live in decadent luxury in the cities.

Along with the government, which is seduced by all things corporate, they turn a comfortable blind eye to the hundreds of millions living in rural poverty and those in slums on the other side of town, where children play beside open sewage, where there are no functioning toilets or latrines, where child malnutrition is rife and where there are no health care facilities worthy of the name.

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Israel Found Guilty of War Crimes by Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission

"The Tribunal deplores the failure of international institutions to punish the State of Israel for its crimes and its total lack of respect of International Law and the institutions of the United Nations."

(KUALA LAMPUR) - A defiant former Israeli general, Amos Yaron A new age is dawning on the state of Israel, which for years has relied on U.S. "Super Veto" power in the United Nations to block Israel from being charged with war crimes.

Those days will soon fall into the background, as the Kuala Lampur War Crimes Tribunal "Guilty" verdict has been registered in world court against Israel. Charged with a long list of deadly violations, Israel is reacting with threats toward the Palestinian population and military posturing.

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Global Civil Society Calls for Permanent Solution to G 33 Food Security Proposal in WTO

Human Rights Ambassador, William Nicholas Gomes, joined Global civil society calling for a Permanent Solution to G 33 Food Security Proposal in WTO.

(Washington, D.C) - Today, Human Rights Ambassador for, William Nicholas Gomes, has joined a group of over 270 civil society organizations, along with a broad range of civil society groups urging Roberto Azevedo, the Director-General of the World Trade Organisation and WTO member states, to take the issue of food security in developing countries as a matter of serious and immediate concern.

They are the groups not to render the G-33 proposal on public food stockholding a travesty by asking developing countries to agree to the current text on the peace clause.

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A Petition to Butterball CEO Rod Brenneman, Kari Lindell, Director of Retail Marketing

A message from the leader of Organic Consumers Association...

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Butterball turkey Did you know that the majority of holiday turkeys destined for your table can't fly or walk because they were kept in tight spaces and continuously fed antibiotics to make them fat? Did you also know that your Butterball turkey could actually make you sick?

Scientists have determined that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in turkey feed is producing antibiotic-resistant bugs. And those bugs are turning up in turkey meat.

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Aging & Eating in Good Taste

Many retirement homes make extra efforts to serve up yummy treats. For those with disabilities and less energy, mealtime is often an important time to socialize.

(SALEM) - Healthy eating at an older age All of us have eaten countless meals in order to survive to becoming senior citizens. The lure of delicious food has satisfied our taste buds over the years. However, we must adjust to changing times.

Just as our vision often gets dimmer and our capacity for hearing decreases with age, our tongues also get older with wear and tear. It is normal to retreat to the memories of an earlier era. The reality is that we older folks simply do not register taste as we used to. Our taste buds are not quite as sharp.

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Breakfast in Restaurants and Cafés of Tehran

A sampling of Tehran's best breakfast options...

(TEHRAN) - Iranian food Most people, who have to wake up early in the morning all through the week to go to work, will probably prefer to get out of bed later on Friday mornings [which is the official holiday in Iran].

They may also want to have their breakfast, say, at 11:00 a.m., and dine on a single meal as their lunch and supper, or at least, suffice to a light lunch. Having breakfast with one’s family is one of those blessings of which most of us are deprived as a result of the new urban lifestyle that we have adopted since we began to live in the cities.

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Don`t Forget the Family Restaurant!

"There are not a lot of good pizza establishments around my way, but tonight my family and I found the best spot!"
- JB Founder of Aldin Entertainment Music Group

(N ATTLEBORO, MA) - JB with Rico's Famous Pizza & Subs crew In this era of fast-food eateries and chain restaurants, people out looking for a pleasant dinner in comfortable surroundings may find the uniformity a trifle monotonous.

Economic realities are making the old-style family restaurant an endangered species in many areas of the country, but if you take the time to look about, you might find some pleasant surprises in your own neighborhood.

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Steve King Earns Most Votes for Monsanto Minion Award

A petition to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)...

(WASHINGTON DC) - Rep Steve King Last week, the OCA sent its members a list of seven U.S. Reps and Senators who have worked hard on behalf of Monsanto. We asked consumers to vote for their favorite "Monsanto Minion." Consumers put Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), also known as the Emperor of all Morons, at the top of the list. (Click here to see how all seven ranked).

This week, the OCA joined our ally, Occupy Monsanto, to deliver the awards. Posing as lobbyists, we hand-delivered the awards.

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