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Sex and the Soldier, Continuation: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Modern day writers are trying to interpret events they were not present for, and they are making huge mistakes that dishonor the legacy of the U.S. Army in Europe during WWII.

(PORTLAND, OR) - An American soldier offers advice to a French woman I previously posted 'Sex and the Soldier: the Real Truth' May 24 2013 in

As a critique of the book "What Soldiers Do" by Mary Louise Roberts, she implies that American soldiers spent most of their free time raping in France, Belgium and Germany. She printed that they committed thousands of rapes.

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Sex and the Soldier: the Real Truth

Marriage, yes... Rape, not so much.

(PORTLAND, OR) - Woman during WWII Sex and the Soldier is the title of my own book on this subject and it is included in my own memoir, Gen Patton's Dogface Soldier.

In part, the book Love, Sex and War by John Costello, was the source of the information in many of own books, but I was also not only at the front as a Combat Infantryman, I also ended up as a medical statistician...

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Interview with Prof. Guenter Meyer: On Syria and way beyond

One of Europe’s most outstanding experts on the Middle East, Professor Guenter Meyer, addresses in this exclusive in-depth interview for Asia Times Online the Syrian civil war and its international dimensions.

(ROME) - Professor Dr Guenter Meyer Professor Dr Guenter Meyer has for almost 40 years carried out empirical research on the social, economic and political development in Arab countries.

He has published more than 150 books and articles, especially on Syria, Egypt, Yemen and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

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In Defense Of The Child

Parents who have their sons circumcised risk criminal prosecution in countries like Germany. Under some circumstances, religious practices aren't part of the private sphere.

(BERLIN The European) - Child being circumcised Discussions of male circumcision have been heated, and have clearly showed the vault lines between the different camps.

When worlds collide, an amicable solution that pleases all interested parties is virtually impossible.

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Jewish & Muslims Stage Circumcision March in Berlin Germany

About four million Muslims and more than 200,000 Jews live in Germany.

(BERLIN) - Around 500 mainly Jewish but some Christian and Muslim protesters gathered in Berlin Sunday to demand the right to circumcision Around 500 mainly Jewish but some Christian and Muslim protesters gathered in Berlin on Sunday to demand the right to circumcision after a disputed court ruling in Germany outlawing the rite.

Some protesters were draped in Israeli flags, others wore orthodox Jewish dress for the peaceful demonstration on Berlin's Bebelplatz.

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German Court Circumcision Ban Correct in Parochial, Social and Secular Law

If there is anything that we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves. - Carl Jung.

(MONTEREY, CA) - Image from pro-circumcision Website in Germany As socialized beings, we are often unaware why we think what we think and why we do as we do. Exploring beneath the surface, we may discover we are not who we imagine we are.

Are our subtle perversions and aberrations so different from those of the ancients, or others we label primitive?

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Ethnocentrist justice, racist justice!

"The alienated subject is mad in so far as he takes himself without mediation for what he identifies himself to."[1]

(PARIS, France) - Tools of circumcision Once again in matter of excision, a French criminal court has brought in, against a whole family since the victims did not complain, a racist, ethnocentrist, ignorant of religious and cultural realities verdict.

Both parents got five years jailing. Such a judgment imposes the Western law in the imperialist spirit inherited from colonialism.

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The German Circumcision Ruling: What About the Harm to the Child?

The majority of the world does not circumcise because of an instinctive awareness of the harm, analogous to cutting off any other healthy body part.

(BOSTON) - Jewish Circumcision Resource Center Last month a German court in Cologne ruled that circumcising young boys represents grievous "bodily harm."

Ronald Goldman, Ph.D. with the Jewish Circumcision Resource Center, suggests taking a closer look at circumcision's harm to the child.

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The Last Days of the Lilliputians

Only when we join together in solidarity will we succeed.

(OLDENBURG, Germany) - Whispering in Giant's ear In Gulliver's Travels the tiny Lilliputians attacked the much larger Gulliver while he was sleeping and tied him to the ground with thousands of threads.

In a similar way the ruling elite have tied the working class in bondage. Small in number but great in power, the elite have designed myriad mechanisms of control to hold the much larger working class down and force it to work for them.

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German Court: Religious Circumcision of Kids is a Crime

The decision sets a precedent, which may affect medical practice across the country.

(MOSCOW RTV) - Anti-circumcision laws are a trend all over the world. A German court has ruled that parents can’t have their sons circumcised on religious grounds in a move which has angered Muslim and Jewish groups in the country.

­The court decided that a legal guardian’s authority over a child does not allow them to subject them to the procedure...

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