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The Prophetic Mission of Jesus Christ, Peace Be Upon Him

Imam Khamenei speaks about Jesus Christ (PBUH) and expectations of his true followers

Imam Khamenei
Imam Khamenei

(SALEM, Ore.) - Coincided with the birth of Jesus Christ, the New Year has started with many parts of the world, particularly predominantly Muslim areas, in crisis brought upon by the Christian governments.

Indeed, if the government were familiar with the original teachings of Jesus Christ, today the world may not be experiencing such a situation! Therefore, recognition of Jesus Christ and the expectations from the true followers of Jesus Christ are issues perched for rereading of Imam Khamenei in his intellectual system.

Jesus Christ the Prophet

Jesus Christ was the Word of God (Kalimatullah), a chosen servant and His great prophet and was equipped with miracle. He was sent by the invitation of God, to rescue mankind from the darkness of ignorance and polytheism and disbelief and to transmit the light of knowledge, justice and devotion to the Lord; and in the entire duration of his stay among people, he did not hesitate for a moment in the fight against evil and to invite towards good deeds.

Prophet Jesus from the perspective of Muslims

Imam Khamenei says this about the place of Jesus Christ: The value of Jesus Christ (PBUH) to Muslims is undoubtedly not less than the value of his stature in the eyes of Christians devout to Christianity.

This great Messenger of God spent his whole life with endeavor among people so that he may resist oppression and corruption and those who rely on the power of force, chained and dragged nations into the hell of this world and the Hereafter. Tribulations that this great prophet suffered from his childhood - as God gave him prophecy from childhood- all were in this way.

Resemblance of the arrogant powers of Jesus Christ’s time with the current powers

Jesus that favorite prophet, invited people towards the way of God, the way of human happiness and warned them about following whims and contaminating the purity of the human soul with the ugliness and cruelty and depravity.

Arrogant, corrupt and bullying powers and servants of gold and force persecuted and slandered this Messenger of God. And since God embraced him and kept him in His safe place, they gave terrible tortures to his disciples and followers for years in order to eliminate his teachings against corruption, injustice, polytheism, sensuality, warfare and deceiving people.

These people who were corrupt, oppressive, swinger, warmonger and demagogues could not endure the religion of God and the Messenger of God and the followers of God. Just as today, as the powers are not willing to endure the true followers of God.

Expectation from the true followers of Christ

Imam Khamenei says the true followers of Jesus believe that they must have the features and characteristics so that they would be considered among the true Christians. Let's take a look at it.

The expectation is that the followers of Christ and all those who believe in that great personality’s grandeur and sublime spirituality commensurate with the high position should obey him in this way.

Today, human needs outweigh those teachings more than Islam, which completes the teachings of Jesus and has set inviting towards welfare, good and perfection as its agenda.

The mislead human is moving with God-gifted fathomless power of nature in the opposite direction of those positive targets and is making the duty of the followers of divine religions heavier.

Dominating powers and governments who are unaware of the behavior and teachings of Jesus Christ have tightened the living space of the oppressed nations and people in the name and cover of Christianity and do not leave any single cruelty on them.

In the current state of the world, there are many of the most catastrophic examples to be searched.


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