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Salem-News.com (Jul-31-2012 19:56)

Quantum Leap

Once scientists comprehend selective attracting and repelling characteristics, most of the universe can be explained in just a few hours.

(SAN DIEGO) - Quamtum Mechanics Scientists think “the discovery of quantum mechanics has revealed a reality, our reality, that’s most shocking and thrilling brings us that much closer to fully understanding the fabric of the cosmos”.

then the application of the known and proven characteristics of magnetic field current will complete the detailed explanation of the universe.

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Salem-News.com (Jul-24-2012 12:31)

Fabric of Space

Einstein was a commendable physicist and mathematician but his concept of “The fabric of space” has resulted in a major detraction and the failure of the scientists to determine the true nature of magnetic field energy in the universe.

(SAN DIEGO) - Space fabric In a July 21, 2012 Nova program titled “What Is Space”, physicist Alex Filippenko, U.C. Berkeley said: “What is space. We still don’t really know.”

And, physicist S. James Gates, Jr, U. of Maryland, said: “It is one of the deepest mysteries in physics.”

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Salem-News.com (Jun-26-2012 15:53)

The Grease Devil Is Not Real

An old wives’ tale returns, revealing post-war Sri Lanka.

(COLOMBO Sri Lanka Guardian) - Sri Lanka coastline During my first two days on Sri Lanka’s Jaffna Peninsula, I heard about the Grease Man from everyone who spoke English.

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Salem-News.com (May-31-2012 21:19)

College Student Charged With Killing a Man and Eating His Heart and Brains

Police say they located Alexander Kinyua, who allegedly admitted that he had killed Agyei-Kodie by cutting him up with a knife.

(BALTIMORE, MD) - A Morgan State University student, told police that he ate portions of the brain of a man whose dismembered remains were found in his home.

The 37-year old man had been missing for over a week before police found his body in the apartment he shared with Kinyua.

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Salem-News.com (May-02-2012 02:57)

One of the Most Amazing UFO Stories You Probably Haven`t Seen

The real Battle for Los Angeles is a shocking story, then or now...

(SALEM) - Battle of 1942 There are an endless number of so-called 'UFO' sightings recorded throughout history, but one unidentified flying object that defies all explanation to this day, known as the 'Battle for Los Angeles' on 25 Feb 1942, represents a turning point in the discussion.

That night, in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, something was spotted in the sky that set off the nerves of a population literally on edge due to the very recent attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Salem-News.com (Jan-03-2012 03:03)

Mysteries of Unseen Force: Racetrack Playa`s Sliding Rocks & River-Curved Rifles in France

Geophysics rendezvous with aerodynamics in Death Valley, possibly solving the 'traveling rock' mystery; while recovered war relics in France defy explanation...

(SALEM) - Mysterious Roving Rocks of Racetrack Playa. What elements of nature move solid objects with invisible force?

These questions and a possible answer to the first, are the nature of this article about seemingly unnatural occurrences, at least one of which, may not be such a mystery after all.

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Salem-News.com (Dec-13-2011 03:15)

Libya: Can We Have the `Lady Be Good` Back Now Please?

Do the spoils of war include this? If so is there enough left to worry about?

(SALEM) - Lady be Good I don't think it's easy to take a single story from the pages of aviation history and call it the 'best' or 'most interesting' because the competition is fierce, but the doomed crew of the World War Two B24 Liberator 'Lady Be Good' ranks for the title if any do.

The crew became hopelessly lost and because they were flying at night, they ultimately came to believe they were over the ocean, just about to run out of fuel, and this is what led to their decision to bail out.

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Salem-News.com (Nov-11-2011 02:44)

My thing with 111111

When you contemplate this day, please remember Veterans because they are seriously not being fully considered. They need our collective help and they always will.

(SALEM, Ore.) - 11111 It's really settled down a lot over the last couple of years, but for a long time, I saw 1's everywhere I turned.

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Salem-News.com (Nov-02-2011 22:54)

Child Sacrifice for Wealth

Witchcraft has taken an insidiously dangerous proportion, leaving the future - as represented in young lives - hanging precariously on a precipice.

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Witchcraft in Africa Of recent, the mainstream media has been awash with reports of a gruesome wave of pagan impunity sweeping across the East African sub-region. Every country has had their unique cases, some of which are as peculiar as they are harrowing.

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Salem-News.com (Oct-31-2011 15:21)

Visit to Skeletonia

Barry Lee Coyne takes us on a scary journey that invokes some of the scariest images of this annual holiday that is observed around the world.

(SALEM, Ore.) - Salem-News.com It's Halloween kids, time for the spirits to come out and invade your neighborhood, seeking candy and a good time and a couple of extra thrills.

It's a time to practice safety but to also have a great time. Kids in the U.S. often 'trick or treat' by going from door to door, dressed in any number of scary and sometimes funny costumes.

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