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US Ranks #1 in World, Up From 5th Place in 2010

Only three countries in the top 20 have seen a decrease in their World Giving Index 2011 scores: Canada, Sri Lanka and Malta.

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - Charity The US now ranks the highest in terms of charity in a massive global survey that put the nation in fifth place in 2010, according to CAFAmerica, a member organization of the UK based Charities Aid Foundation International Network of Offices, providing charitable financial services to individuals, global corporations, charities, and foundations.

According to those surveyed, two out of three Americans said they donated money to charity (65 percent), more than two out of five volunteered their time (43 percent) and roughly three out of four helped a stranger (73 percent).

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The Arab Spring - hello or goodbye to democracy?

Netanyahu blasted Israeli and world politicians who support the demands for change in the Arab world.

(LONDON) - Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Israeli democracy fades to black (the black of the blank screen at the end of a film). That was the headline over a recent article by Lawrence Davidson, an American professor of Middle East history.

He says the suppression of the democratic rights of non-Jews in Israel is coming full circle with PM Netanyahu’s Likudniks & settlers targeting the rights of Jews.

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A Must-do Menu

The time is past due to use protest movements and social networks to educate the public. If you have a different “must-do menu” do it! Start now!

(MANAMA, Bahrain) - Must do I'm writing this for people who will never read it without prompting: members of working families who relax by watching TV after a long work day and after they put the children to bed.

People without spouses and children, including students, don't often read articles like this either.

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The Bouncer

“The need to act immediately because of a higher degree of risk,” is a spurious argument that applies to all countries.

(MANAMA, Bahrain) - Bouncer Here's a story to think about: A bouncer at a night club doesn't like the looks of one of the customers. What makes matter worse is that the customer is loud-mouthed and vilifying night club bouncers, saying that they are the ones who should be kicked out of the club.

The bouncer takes a night stick that he has for just such an occasion, walks over to the table where the noisy customer is ranting and raving.

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Palestine - What Next?

The Palestinian refugees and their descendants are an awesome tribute to the success of Zionist ethnic cleansing.

(LONDON) - Palestine kids In advance of the formal burial of the Palestinian Authority’s bid for state recognition at the UN, BBC Radio 4’s flagship Today programme was on the right track.

In his introduction to a quite revealing report, presenter John Humphrys said reporter Kevin Connolly had gone to Israel to find out “what hopes there are, if any, for the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

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Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year): Will God forgive?

Do the people who have been hurt by Jews in Zionism’s name include the Palestinians?

(LONDON) - Rosh Hashana shofar At the start of the Jewish New Year I have some questions for Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks. They are for him in particular because of what he said in a recorded message of preparation for the New Year, but they are also questions that could and should be asked of rabbis everywhere.

First here’s the complete text (quite short) of what Lord Sacks said and can be seen to be saying on You Tube.

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Ibrahim Zaza: The Gaza Boy Newspapers Omitted

Among the dead in the first wave of attacks that targeted 'militants’ were two children, one aged three and the other 13.

(LONDON) - Ibrahim Zaza "Both of Ibrahim’s arms were cut off. He had a hole in his lung. Parts of his legs were missing. His kidney was in a bad condition…we need people to stand with us." These were the words of an exhausted man as he described the condition of his dying son in an interview with The Real News, an alternative news source.

Ibrahim Zaza was merely a 12-year-old boy. He and his cousin Mohammed, 14, were hit by an Israeli missile in Gaza, fired from an unmanned drone as they played in front of their house.

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Airport Activism

This should be seen as a civic duty of all Americans.

(SACRAMENTO) - 911 Architects for Truth With the recent observation of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, we all want to make as many people aware of the demolition of the three World Trade Center buildings as possible.

In particular, though, Transportation Security Agency employees are people who especially ought to know the truth.

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9/11 Is History Now

“Believe it or not 9/11 belongs to history now and this fact is in itself even scarier than what we know happened on that awful day, or what we did not know for that matter.”

(ALEXANDRIA, Egypt) - 911 history With the world commemorating the tenth anniversary of the mysterious and horrific collapse of the New York twin towers on September 11, 2001 and as I looked back to be swept up by the endless reflections of the tragic day, I suddenly realized that my perspective of 9/11, as well as everybody else’s I guess, has changed.

Ten long years now separate us from this day.

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Children of Vietnam Provides Scholarships, Playground Improvements with Generous Grant from MoneyGram International

MoneyGram made the grant to Children of Vietnam as part of its Global Giving program.

(WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.) - Thanks to MoneyGram International, five economically disadvantaged students from central Vietnam will be able to continue their college education and kindergarten children.

It also means a rural province will be protected from harsh weather when they play outdoors.

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